Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love/Hate TLC 2014

Spudguns!...I've got nothing cute to write tonight. I'm down cause my popcorn which I like to snack on between tossing at the screen during matches I think suck, burned. Anyways on with the commentary....

Pre-show: I liked the breakdown of what the stairs weight and all that, but then again I like pointless information...
When are they going to let Micheal Cole do a whole show on his own on announce booth?
New Day vs Dust Busters. What is the point of this gimmick? The New Day, I mean? They suppose to be tv preachers or something?  The New Day got the pin for the win. Boooo!

Match#1- Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Title. Ladder match with the title hanging over the ring. Wow, the crowd for Ziggler was loud. I dont' get the eyeballs thing? What's up with that intro for Harper and the million eyes?
Ziggler was tossed face first into one of the ladders outside the ring, before being tossed into the pit. Harper started to climb a ladder, but Ziggler managed to squeeze back into the ring and knock him off. Harper then made a bridge from ring to booth, but failed to plant Ziggler.  It looked like Harper was going to start working on the knee of Ziggler for a second, but went back to the ladder climbing. Ziggler used the pants to pull Harper off the ladder, then ended up with a ladder to the skull for his efforts. Ziggler was starting to climb from the turnbuckles, but got kicked to the floor, and a large ladder tossed on top of him for good measure. Harper did a suicide dive hit the ladder and landed horribly on the floor-everyone thinking he broke his arm and damn it sure looked like it- Ziggler then climbing, but was half dragged off the ladder. Harper then pushed the ladder sending Ziggler onto the ropes. Harper then slide a ladder into the hands of Ziggler while Ziggler was face down on the mat. There was blood at a few points on both men. Ziggler with a hard dropkick to Harper, but wasn't fast enough to grab another ladder. Harper then dropped him hard onto another ladder that had been placed on the second turnbuckle. Harper needs a haircut and a new shirt...just saying. Both men climbed at the same time, trading fists, and both falling off the top of the ladder. Harper looked like he was about to vomit for a long pause, but kept it together long enough to find one of the tallest ladders. Which Ziggler used to faceplant Harper into. Ziggler was climbing once again, and got pulled off the ladder but some how turned it into a DDT. Which didn't really seem to phase Harper at all. Harper grabbed another ladder and windmilled. Only to be greeted by a mule kick from Ziggler. Harper was on the outside on the apron and Ziggler plowed him with a shorter ladder knocking Harper onto the bridge. Ziggler was a fingertip away from getting the title when Harper crawled back into the ring, toppling over the ladder sending Ziggler once again into the ropes hard. Ziggler somehow managed to skip from one ladder to the other, climbing once again only to be stopped. Harper was setting up one more ladder but Ziggler managed to get the title. Ziggler is once again the Intercontinental Champ.

Match #2- Usos vs Miz/Sandow for Tag Titles. Jay started with a side headlock on Miz, which quickly became a bunch of back and forth roll ups. Jimmy tagged in, to a houseful of chants for Sandow. jimmy had a few hard chops to Miz...lest I think it was Jimmy? Jay tagged in with a clothesline sending Miz outside the ring. He then went flying high over the top rope taking both Miz and Sandow out. Miz with a hard DDT on one of the Usos...I can't tell them apart...Miz followed up with a kick to Usos' face. More crowd cheers for Sandow, but Miz didn't seem ready to give in, the distraction gave Uso a chance to go for a pin via roll up but Miz kicked out. Enzuigiri from Uso to Miz, other Uso tagged in with some brutal clotheslines, followed by the samoan drop. Miz gave him a kick to the face going for the pin but only got a near fall. Back slide from the corner by Uso on Miz, then a flying corkscrew from the ropes, Sandow tried to get in there but failed, Uso got a version of the crab on Miz, but Miz got to the bottom rope forcing a break. Miz tried for his trademark skull crushing finally, but got a boot to the face for his trouble. Uso was on the top turnbuckle, Miz sliding out grabbing the title to run, but Uso suicide dive through the ropes knocking down both Miz and Sandow. Miz then cheating using the slammy upside the head on Uso. Usos got the win by dq but lost the chance to get the titles. 

Seth Rollins did a promo...could have picked a better topic other then the Authority to hear him ramble on about pretty much anything.

Match #3- Big Show vs Erick Rowan in a Stairs match.  Rowan got Show into the corner right off with a bunch of knees and chops. They went outside the ring, with Show slamming Rowan hard on the floor. Show then whipped him into the stairs, leaving Rowan grabbing his shoulder. Show grabbed him then by the beard tossing him back into the ring. Show started to pick up the stairs, putting them on the apron, but Rowan gave a running kick to them, sending Show flying backwards. Rowan then started to grab the next set of stairs that was placed around the ring building a fort or something. Show sent Rowan face first into the post, before dumping him back into the ring. This was followed up by a few chops by Show before throwing Rowan into the pit. The stairs then were brought into the ring and onto the announce booth sending the team running. Show then sent Rowan shoulder first into the nearest stairs while the crowd made him mad. A few jokes from the team pointing out they are the English announce booth not the Spanish and should be safe from the bad. Rowan was tossed around the ring a bit, while Show placed the stairs on the second turnbuckle, giving Rowan a chance to try to fight back. He sent a few elbows and forearms to Show's face but for not, as Show shoved Rowan more then once into the stairs in the corner on the turnbuckle. The crowd started to chant boring. More elbows and forearms from Rowan before picking up Show and slamming him on the stairs...the ones in the middle of the ring that had been sitting there for awhile...Rowan standing on second turnbuckle with a set of stairs jumping down on top of Show who was flat on the ones in the middle of the ring, but Show rolled and the corner of the ones in Rowan's hand hit Rowan in the eye. Show then speared Rowan outside the ring into the fort of stairs, hurting them both. They barely got back into the ring, when Show picked up the set from the middle of the ring, only to have Rowan kick it into Show's face. Show found the energy to choke slam Rowan into the other set of stairs and knocked him out. Show placed the last set on Rowan sitting on them getting the win.

Paul Heyman came out to stand at ringside to watch the Seth Rollins vs Cena match...

Match#4-Seth Rolins vs Cena in a Tables match. I love the whole evil gothic Spiderman thing Rollins has going on. His beard's getting a little full for my taste but... Cena threw the first punch sending Rollins into the corner then face down on the mat. Rollins quickly got back on top with a series of kicks. Rollins whipped Cena into the corner but Cena bounced out with a clothesline that turned Rollins inside out.  Then Cena grabbed the tables. Rollins fought back with more kicks, and a flying run from corner to corner squashing Cena. Rollins slipped out to the floor for another table, but Cena grabbed him by the hair tossing him into the ring. Rollins with a double axe-handle to the back of the skull on Cena. Rollins grabbed the table setting it upon the top turnbuckle. Mercury and Noble kept removing the tables no matter which of them set it up. Rollins with a DDT to Cena, then out to the floor for another table. He set it in the corner, before laying more kicks to Cena. Headbutt by Rollins, followed by elbows to the skull of Cena. Rollins tried to whip Cena into the table, but Cena gave a shoulder tackle getting the upper hand. But not for long, because M/N attacked letting Rollins once again get more kicks in. Cena fought his way out sending everyone to the floor. Rollins followed but Cena shoved him face first into a ladder before grabbing the safety rails hitting everyone with it. Cena slammed Noble on the rails, but Rollins attacked Cena again with a double axe-handle. Mercury then sent Cena back up to the ring with a series of punches. Cena was put face first into the post, as Rollins and Mercury tried to send a table at him, but Cena ducked. Mercury was sent into the pit. Rollins managed to get a slight upper hand sending Cena hard into the railing, before setting up yet another table ringside. Make that two tables side by side. Rollins was climbing on the apron, trying to lift Cena, but he blocked suplexing Rollins back into the ring. More back and forth punches, with Rollins flipping Cena. Rollins tried to irish whip Cena from corner to corner but Cena blocked sending Rollins over the top rope. Rollins grabbed the briefcase hitting Cena with it a few times. Back in the ring, another table was set up by Rollins. Anyone else notice that the bleached side of Seth Rollin's hair looks really brittle and shorter then the rest of his hair? Cena kicked Rollins in the face getting him in his AA for the table but Rollins flipped out. Rollins gave a hard kick to Cena's face sending him landing gently on the table. Climbing to the second rope, Rollins was about to put Cena through it, but Cena flipped on him sending Rollins through the table. BUT the ref did not see it, and M/N slithered in cleaning up the broken table, placing in a new one helping Rollins to his feet. The three of them were going to triple powerbomb Cena but he got out. Cena picked up but N/M and tabled both of them. Damn he's stronger then i thought. Rollins on the apron with a shoulder tackle on Cena sending him back into the ring. Then Cena climbed out on the apron, where they both traded fists, sending each other through a table at the same second. Two more refs ran out to argue the end result, before deciding needed to be restarted.
Rollins sent Cena out of the ring, then suicide dive on him. Rollins tore up the booths, but Cena picked him up shooting him onto the announce booth. Table did not break for once, but Rollins was on the floor along with the team. While Cena set up another table in the ring. Are there any tables left for the other matches? Rollins looked like he was going to puke...just as Big Show came down to the ring. Show with a few punches to Cena knocking him down. AND THEN THE CROWD WENT MAD AS ROMAN REIGNS MUSIC STARTED AND HE CAME THROUGH THE CROWD. Reigns speared Show through the table. Then a superman punch to Rollins, giving Cena the chance to pick up Rollins and put him through the table. Nice...that Reigns returned, not that Cena won.

Not that anyone should be surprised that Reigns is back given he was on the weekly shows this past week.

Match#5- Women's match...bathroom break.

Roman Reigns did a promo. He forgot his lines for a second you could tell as he looked into the camera nodding eyes wide...and he's entered into the Royal Rumble.

Match#6-Kane vs Ryback in a chairs match. Both grabbed the chairs right off the bat, swinging them like air. Neither getting far, until Kane managed to get a shot on Ryback, before setting a chair up in the corner. Too bad for him, Ryback sent Kane into the chair first, then slammed him repeatedly on the mat. Ryback lifted Kane onto his shoulder, slamming him hard on the mat,before getting up and just belly slamming from the second rope. Another chair to the back and stomach of Kane sending him rolling. Ryback set a chair on Kane's stomach climbing again to the ropes, only to have Kane raise his knees moving the position of the chair, hurting Ryback. Kane then to his feet setting another chair in the corner, bouncing Ryback's skull off it. Kane planted a few chops to Ryback before grabbing yet another set of chairs, which he used on Ryback before dropping one to the mat. This then became a series of each man blocking the other from slamming him onto it. Kane once again went for a pin but Ryback kicked out again. Ryback kicked Kane's hand just as he was swinging a chair, but Kane still managed to get the upper hand. Crowd started to chant boring. Ryback with a series of punches, but Kane countered with a kick to the face toppling Ryback over. Kane went for another pin fall but once again there was a kick out. Kane whipped Ryback into the corner, but Ryback countered with a belly to belly suplex before grabbing a chair. Kane got ahold of it and just repeatedly used it on him. It broke and Kane went hunting and gathering more fresh less broken chairs into the ring. Kane went for a choke slam but Ryback countered it, slamming Kane down through the set up of chairs, before just breaking another chair over kane. Ryback was going for a spear when he got a face full of chair, and taken down by Kane. Once more, Kane tried for a pin but Ryback kicked out. Ryback with a short clothesline, and his trademark shellshocked for the win.

Match#7-  Rusev vs Swagger for the United States Title.  Swagger started with a series of punches, but Rusev tried to counter. Swagger picked him up and tossed him hard to the mat then wrapped Rusev around the post. Outside of the ring, Swagger chased him, back in the ring, Rusev went for a clothesline but missed. Swagger bomb in the corner but Rusev rolled out of the way. Rusev went for a kick, but was caught by Swagger and he began his ankle lock. Rusev got out of it, slapping on his camel clutch, but Swagger broke it getting to the bottom rope. Rusev slapped it on again, putting Swagger to sleep. Or so everyone thought. Swagger fought out of it, getting to his knees, holding Rusev on his back, just long enough to roll and put the ankle lock back on Rusev.  Rusev broke out of it by kicking Swagger in the jaw. Swagger ended up on the floor outside, after another kick to the face sent his skull bouncing off the apron. getting back into the ring, Rusev slapped his camel clutch once more, really sitting on Swagger. Rusev got the win by submission.

Main Event- Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt in a Tables Ladders Chairs match.   Ambrose brought his own ladder to the ring then danced around in the ring like he was going to start belly dancing or in a shaman's trance. Cool. Still amazed at the sight of how many lights in the audience for Wyatt. Double cool. Ambrose tossed his ladder at Wyatt before he could even get into the ring, then just started to pound on each other back up the ramp. A series of punches from Ambrose, sending Wyatt back to the ring, which he rolled out of. Ambrose ran in and suicide dive onto him. Ambrose then did his trademark run across the announce booth onto Wyatt, leading him through the crowds panting like a dog. Wyatt sent Ambrose into the rails, and made the mistake of turning his back on Ambrose who just ran full steam at him. Back at the booth, Ambrose kicked him in the stomach, sending Wyatt into the post. And Ambrose got the rest of the chairs slamming them hard on Wyatt. Tossing chairs into the ring then followed up with many many headbutts to Wyatt's forehead. Then the tables were brought into the mix. Ambrose found a few kindo sticks, using them on Wyatt who finally was in the ring. In all this I failed to mention the spiffy leather vest Wyatt was wearing. Ambrose got to the top of the turnbuckles with a chair and just slammed down on Wyatt after gloating. Ambrose was totally in control, with yet another kindo stick to the throat of Wyatt. Ambrose then went to the ropes again, only to be tossed outside through a table by Wyatt. Wyatt then outside the ring, throwing Ambrose hard into the rails. Back into the ring, Wyatt went for a pin but Ambrose kicked out. Wyatt with the stick on Ambrose, many many times. Wyatt stuck the stick into the turnbuckle sending Ambrose eyes first into it. Ambrose was then down on the mat his eye looking a little pun Wyatt laid boots to him. Followed by a ladder. Wyatt was in complete control as he used an upper cut sending Ambrose back first on the ladder, and slamming down on him with a senton. Wyatt grabbed the stick putting it in Ambrose's mouth pulling...then set up another ladder whipping Ambrose into it hard in the corner. Wyatt charged trying to splat him, but Ambrose moved. Center of the ring, and Ambrose was dancing again before driving Wyatt into the ladder. Ambrose with a running bulldog on Wyatt, before grabbing the ladder again setting it up on the top turnbuckle, using it as a springboard landing on Wyatt. Ambrose went for a pin but Wyatt kicked out. Wyatt was caught up in the ropes, and Ambrose with his trademark run from wall to wall kicking Wyatt. Another pin attempt by Ambrose that didn't make it. They spent the next few seconds each countering the other's finishers, before Wyatt got Ambrose with a brutal clothesline. Ambrose rolled out of the ring, only to get kicked by Wyatt and tossed back in. Ambrose slithered down returning the clothesline. Both on the floor, moving up the ramp trading punches. Ambrose set up another table and a few ladders, climbing up to the top and delivered a mean elbow to him breaking the table and his elbow. Ambrose having the upper hand, tried it again. Damn, he can't have any bones left unbroken. Ambrose picked up Wyatt like a rag doll and tossed him back into the ring, but Ambrose was barely able to get up into the ring himself. Wyatt pulled his finisher sister Abigail out of nowhere but Ambrose kicked out! Damn I knew I liked Dean Ambrose for a reason. And then the exorcist- sort of, as Wyatt went again for his finisher, but Ambrose got his DDT on him. About to pin Wyatt, but Wyatt kicked out, leaving Ambrose stunned. Both outside the ring, and Ambrose found a working tv screen...which gave him the idea to go to the large tron...laughing like he's on something, grabbing the biggest ladder he could carry. Wyatt was out cold on the floor, I think bleeding...while Ambrose tore up the second announce booth. Wyatt with a chair on Ambrose, before headbutting him a few times. Wyatt was going again for the same move with the chair to the neck from last week, but Ambrose turned it around doing that to Wyatt. Right before climbing the uber tall ladder and jumping onto Wyatt's body on the announce booth. Both men down in the fetal position barely breathing. Ambrose kissed Wyatt, who then headbutted him which led to Ambrose punching Wyatt repeatedly. Ambrose then got Wyatt back to the ring, crawling in himself. Ambrose was going to use the tv screen but it was plugged in, and that backfired blinding him. Wyatt slapped sister Abigail on him getting the win.
Okay, so I know I've been grumbly about this match/storyline, but I have to admit, Ambrose managed to keep me laughing through most of it. Yeah, as brutal as it was, I found the facials and gestures and just the generalness of Dean Ambrose entertaining and loved it.

Obviously folks, I couldn't keep up with every single move because it was a live show. When I used to do my reviews like this few years ago, I would tape shows and pause/rewind to get every move.
The kiss-headbutt-punches had me laughing. Totally reminded me of when a dog gets pissed off and bites...

Love Ardeth Blood

Friday, December 5, 2014

pre-thoughts TLCS what?

So, we are a week away from the ppv Tables Ladders Chairs, and this year it's listed right now on the website as TLCS...what? No, I didn't misspell something for once, TLCS, tables ladders chairs stairs. Okay not feeling the desperation at all.  Anyways, as of right now (noon:30 EST Friday Dec 5th before Smackdown airs) here's the line up as listed on the WWE website...  Ambrose vs Wyatt, Rollins vs Cena, Kane vs Ryback, Miz/Sandow vs Usos, Show vs Rowan.

Big Show vs Erick Rowan...I get it. Rowan is having his babyface moment. I just hope that means he gets to upgrade to a new outfit cause the overalls made sense when he was suppose to be the third creepy guy of the Wyatts, but if he's getting the push it looks like he will, new outfit needed.  This is a no brainer, Rowan will win this by a landslide.

Miz/Sandow vs Usos...for the tag titles. I don't know if I personally I do know full well that the added storyline of Miz getting the one Usos pissed off by talking to his wife was just not needed. Stay focused on the tag titles, and maybe the realization that Sandow is a better wrestler then Miz. I see in the magick mirror that Sandow will get the pin, and then get kicked by Miz who will storm out like a spoiled brat breaking up the team, leading to their feud over who really deserves to have the titles, each trying to find a new partner to help defend their half of the tag team titles...ran out of breath on that run on sentence.

Kane vs Ryback...another 30 second match that will leave nothing accomplished. Storyline was given a small set up few episodes ago, when Ryback made fun of Kane being sent out to the food court. Okay, understood, Kane needs a feud.  They seem to be pushing Ryback for whatever reason, which means he'll get the win over Kane.

Cena vs Rollins. As much as I hate to say it, this makes sense. Lots of sense. They are the faces of the company right now for very different reasons. Cena is well Cena. And Seth Rollins is one of the best things to happen to wrestling in a long while. And they have history, Cena has been on more then a few beat downs from Rollins in the last few years. This should be a good show, going from every corner of the gambit from mat work to old fashioned cruiser weight moves to the intended tables. I just can't see Seth Rollins loosing this. Even with the idea that Roman Reigns could be making a run in/five minute beat down on Rollins; I can't see this not being Rollins to win. In fact, there's your ppv plot twist, Reigns coming in and accidentally spearing Cena into a table or powerbombing Rollins causing a dq for Cena...then we could pick up on Raw the next night with Cena vs Reigns story starting...I'm putting a lot into the idea that Roman Reigns is returning next week at this TLC ppv.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt...again. God I really hate x-mas, hate everything about it. But one thing I'd like to get for a gift would be some barbed wire in this match. That would be spiffy. And add something interesting to the plot.  Or you could do something out of left field and go the whole match not bringing in any tables, ladders or chairs till the last few seconds, you know go acoustic with just oh I don't know, old fashioned mat wrestling. What a surprise that would be, and I think worth it. Like the new Headstones album which is acoustic. At first you don't think it will sound right but after a few minutes you realize dude, it's hotter then grilled chillies.  As I said few weeks ago about this storyline, I desperately wanted it last March, but now, it's just been too long getting to it and the novelty has so worn off. The shinny all gone. This is how I would have broken up the Shield, I would have had Ambrose become obsessed with Wyatt last Feb-March when they had them feuding at the ppv, becoming more and more distant from Rollins and Reigns. But no, creative did what they did and now this is what we have. A feud that is trying to make itself have a plot but just seems to be missing something. It has no soul.  I see Wyatt getting the win on this. I still think he's going to be the doorway for the Ascension crossing over to the main roster. 

I was going to do this as a whole different post but since I'm in here...The Shield and The Wyatts were needed to shake things up and they did it beautifully. But now, we're left with two big gaps that really need filling.  Three man teams randomly brought in -New Day, I'm pointing the finger at you- isn't the answer. Rethinking the weekly episodes format is something that needs to be done. I still think 3 hours for Raw every week is overkill. The pay-per-views run just at the 3 hour mark, and Raw usually runs 3 hours and 15 minutes, (at lest that's how it airs here) which means, the ppvs don't even feel "special". They just feel like an episode of Raw.
I miss the cruiser weight division. Let's rebuild that. Let's put some tag teams together that actually work well and make sense. Drop some of the gimmicks and let the guys just wrestle. People wonder why I was strictly a TNA fan for years, it was because at the time it was more about the things the wrestlers could do in the ring, less about the glitter. WWE needs to drop the bunny, push Cesaro and bring some major focus back to just straight up mat work. 

Till later,
Love Ardeth Blood.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Survivor Series Love Hated

Spudguns! it's your favourite fang-girl with the results to tonight's ppv all covered in coffee stains and cherry pie um just go with it...

Pre-show:First off...Alex Riley needs to lay off the tanning. Dude...hate.
Justin Gabriel vs Fandango...I like the skeleton bottoms and gloves Gabriel was wearing... Fandango got the pin.
Really, really, really sick of the whole stunt double crap. Get over it!
The return of Wade it! Good to see him back.  The idea he might be the new boss is a rocking good one.
I don't know about anyone else, but watching the preshow on the WWE website, it kept freezing up on me tonight. 
Cesaro came to the ring, to monolog, and Swagger then came out. Short match, but I'm glad they decided to put a second match in the pre-show. You've got the time, use it properly. Swagger got the win.

I'm really hoping that win or loose for Seth Rollins, he trims the beard. Hot hot guy, but the lumberjack/jesus christ look is starting to wear on my nerves.  

Match #1- Tag Team fatal four way.  Usos vs Dust Busters vs Miz/Sandow vs Los Matadores.
I liked the Papa Shango comment...good times with the vodun, try some red brick powder and holy water there Sandow or call a Grimm...loved the fact the crowd went nuts for Sandow. He was a favourite of mine for a long time, until he started dressing up in stupid costumes every week, then I sort of gave up on him...Sandow got the pin, winning the tag belts for him and Miz

Match #2-women's match...made coffee checked emails didn't watch

Match #3-Dean Ambrose vs Wyatt. I'm surprised this was as early in the night as it was. I was thinking this would have been just before the main event, given how big both stars are. Ambrose was biting at one point, but got smashed a few times right off his feet. That was followed up by both men giving running clotheslines outside the ring, barely making the 9 count back in. Ambrose's version of the exorcist was funny.  The announce booth were talking about them not being normal...theyy are both normal damn it! Normal to me... There were many many near falls for both men, and a good fifteen minutes before Wyatt used the stairs turning this into a bit of a hardcore scene.  But, it was Ambrose who used a chair and got himself dq, giving Wyatt the win.
Ambrose then dragged out all the tables, ladders and chairs from the arena, prelude to a rematch next month I'm guessing...I'm disappointed there was no barbed wire damn it!

Then Rollins came on camera and what do you know, the beard was trimmed. That's it, Rollins must be peeking at my script... chapter six scene fourteen.

Match #4-Adam Rose/Bunny vs Slater/Titus  and the Bunny got the pin...hunt the bunny, kill the bunny, make stew out of the bunny... anyone else feel like listening to Once More With Feeling from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show... bunnies it must be bunnies or maybe midgets....

And then Roman Reigns was on...sssshhh he's just standing there looking seriously serious, back in black. Did he borrow Dean Ambrose's jacket and hoodie? He gave notice that he's got about three weeks left before he's due back in ring...hum...I've said it once before elsewhere, I don't think that man is capable of having a bad hair day. I keep expecting to walk into a book store and see his photo on covers of romance novels or something...just saying...

Match #5- another women's match....bathroom break

And just as I thought a half hour ago, Ambrose vs Wyatt rematch at TLC next month.

Main Event...Team Cena : Cena/Ryback/Big Show/Ziggler/Erick Rowan  vs Team Authority : Seth Rollins/Rusev/Luke Harper/Mark Henry/Kane. 
Mark Henry was the first eliminated in the first 30 seconds. Making it 5 on 4
Oddly, Rollins took a lot of punishment during the beginning of this match. I thought they would keep him on the side till the very end.
Ryback was the second to be eliminated.  This made it 4 on 4.
Anyone bother to notice that other then Rusev, everyone else in this match has been beat by Seth Rollins...just pointing out...
Rusev was the third to be eliminated by a count out. This makes it 4 on 3.  I found the santa claus and clown in the first row to be disturbing....I don't like either...
Erick Rowan was fourth eliminated.  This made it 3 on 3. Show turned on Cena...
Cena was fifth to be eliminated...This made it 2 on officially.  But Show walked away. Leaving it down to 1 on 3.  Cena being eliminated, I didn't see that coming.
So this leaves Dolph Ziggler the only one left on Cena's Team. We're down to Kane/Rollins/Harper on Team Authority.
Kane was sixth to be eliminated. This made it 1 on 2.  And Harper suicide dive through the ropes at lightening
Harper was seventh to be eliminated. Making it 1 on 1.  Rollins vs Ziggler...I wanted that! Actually, I want anything that puts Rollins in the spotlight.  And Seth Rollins was more then planted hard into the mat, how is that boy alive? I swear he's got magick powers to live through some of the hits he takes.
Triple H pulled the ref out just as Ziggler was about to get the win...then Mercury and Noble gave Ziggler the five minute beat down, only he fought out of it.  Triple H took out the second ref...Ziggler should have won twice in the span of a minute and a half.  And just as a third ref was called out by Triple H,  Sting came out.  Blah, so not a fan of his...which if you've read my TNA posts over the years, you'd know that. I always preferred Vampiro... Well, at lest Sting will be an improvement over some of the other that have been kicking around...
Ziggler got the win with the help of Sting...shocker for ya eh?

Okay, so I had hoped - in my last post- that it would come down in the end to Rollins vs Ziggler, and glad to see the creative team thought that was a smashing idea.  I'm guessing this means that Sting is now the authority...could be an interesting move, to see who might get a push and who might get snuffed off the tv? Question, do they teach how to scream yourself horse in wrestling school?

Okay, that about covers it on my end.
Till next time, love Ardeth Blood.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pre-thoughts Survivor Series 2014

For anyone who forgot over the years what I look like...

Okay, so this is ppv weekend. And normally, I try to get this set of postings done much earlier then this, but I wasn't sure I was going to give up the thought patterns this time around.
Survivor Series, has always been the ppv favourite of mine, but after last year, I'm just slugging along.
And I have to admit, I'm in an area that you have to order the ppv and shell out nearly $60 Canadian for it. (no, the Network is not available where I live and honestly, from the line up of shows I'm not missing a thing. Except for NXT which no longer airs in Canada. I miss that.)

I'm a traditional-ish person. So Survivor Series traditional matches are always fun to watch. At this point in time (Thursday Nov 20th 2014 10am EST) we've got  a Tag Team Fatal 4-Way with Dust Busters, Miz/Sandow, Usos and Los Matadores.  Team Cena vs Team Authority, and Ambrose vs Wyatt.

The Fatal 4-Way... this will come down to Star Dust vs Sandow. Why do I think that? Well, it's just the craziest thing we could end up seeing. A current fan favourite in Sandow and Star Dust is just always able to deliver a sound match. And lets not forget that they were once a team. It will be interesting to see how they deal with their new alter egos when left alone. 
I know everyone expects it to come down to Usos vs Dust Busters, but that just won't be as much fun to watch.
I see Sandow getting the victory lap here. 

Team Cena vs Team Authority... I guess the big question here is, who will actually make it to the ppv on Cena's side, and not turn on him?  With Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry and Luke Harper on the Authority's side, and currently, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback on Cena's side, this is a jumbled mess.  Which is exactly what a real Survivor Series traditional match should look like.  Guys you'd never think to toss together, being added to a team. The last few years things have gotten so generic, so predictable that it was beyond boring.  This is not boring.
Now, on paper, you would expect to see the final two being Rollins and Cena. Makes sense right? I don't think it will play that way. I see it being down to Ziggler and Rollins. And I'm saying that because that would be an awesome one on one match.
I also don't see someone in this line up making it down the ramp to begin with. Big Show or Ryback will be removed somehow just as the match begins. Either Show will be given the five minute beat down by Henry and Rusev taking him out, or Ryback will turn on the team just bailing.
What do I think will happen then?  Either Orton or Roman Reigns will magically appear.  Orton makes sense given he was sent out by a few curb stomps the other week, and well Reigns returning speaks for itself. (if he's medically able yet. I might be giving his healing abilities too much too soon in real life)
Which of course, would change the last two to Rollins vs Orton OR Rollins vs Reigns. Now, that would be a spiffy one on one match. When Reigns does return, the world will go crazy for that match up.
I see Rollins being the top dog no matter what. 

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt... Months ago, I wanted to see this. Now, I really couldn't care less. Two of my personal favourite wrestlers right now, and it's leaving me wanting to roll my eyes. For me personally, they just took too long to get to this storyline. This would have been exciting back last spring, but now it's needing something.  Like...barbed wire I hope. Or tombstones and coffins or something really shacked up.
This could be an excellent 2/3 falls match, if they decide to go a more traditional route, which both men are more then capable of doing. Both are talented and skilled without having to lean on the extreme. But, since the extreme is where they seem to be planted in their characters; I can see this being a bloody fight. I feel Ambrose will be crimsoned by the end of the match.
Wyatt will have some sort of new back up. I'm still think when the Ascension crosses over to the main roster from NXT, they will align themselves with Wyatt. What better timing then to introduce them at a ppv.  I really want to give this to Dean Ambrose, but I just can't.
I see Wyatt hunched over Ambrose's broken bones like Raven used to over Dreamer's.

The bonus if WWE is smart, is giving us another traditional match with NXT guys, Cassady/Enzo/Breeze/Graves/Zayn  vs Adam Rose/Kidd/Bo Dallas/Neville/LeFort

And on the off chance that the Authority looses their jobs...I see Brad Maddox replacing them.

Till later Love Ardeth Blood
See you after the ppv.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random wrestling thoughts

Dear Ardeth:  You being a self proclaimed wrestling psychic, you would of course know why Smackdown sucks dog balls lately? And who should we the fans be loving next?
Sincerely Michael Cole's evil twin 

Dear evil twin:  I have gazed into the looking glass and seen that the main reason Smackdown is blowing up chunks lately, is that they keep having an hour's worth of Raw Rewind and under an hour's worth of matches. And as far as who the next big crush should be, go with the new announce booth dude. 

Well, obviously not a real letter, I haven't gotten an Ask-Ardeth email in about four years, but I thought that it would be a good way to introduce the topic at hand, and have some fun.

Smackdown has been the superior show for the last few years, but lately, it's just fallen under the wheels man. I don't know if the whole anniversary thing has gotten the creative team sitting back taking a nap, or what the deal is, but spending half the episode every week now just replaying full matches from Raw, not a good way to keep the ratings.  Bad move.

Smackdown doesn't really have a solid "lead" right now either. I get that the roster for the main shows has dropped by half in the last few months, and all the wrestlers are doing triple the work, but the storylines are starting to show the wear and tear.

I saw what looks like a glimmer of a decent story/lead with Adam Rose this week on Smackdown (the November 7th 2014 episode)  Now, for anyone who's been reading my stuff in the last year and a half, knows that when he was doing the Leo Kruger character, didn't say much and just got the job done; I was loving every second of him. But, personally I just don't like this Adam Rose character.  I've also stated that I'm hoping it ends up being a split personality storyline and that he brings back that wild hunter side. He can start by getting rid of the bunny and the lame extras. (Oh yeah I'm the biggest lemon drop out there.)  Leo Kruger/Adam Rose is better than the gimmick he's in, and would make for a solid "lead" for Smackdown every week.

And I still don't understand why Corey Graves and Tyler Breeze haven't been bumped up to Smackdown yet?  What's the hold up?

I'm wondering if going back to the format of having separate "rosters" and "stories" for Raw and Smackdown would help for awhile? Even just till Wrestlemaina next spring?

Anyways, my Spudguns! that's my thoughts for today on the topic of Smackdown.
Love Ardeth Blood.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

loved hated Hell in Cell 2014

My Spudguns! I missed saying that. Well, it's that time of the month night. That Sunday when you are allowed to sit right in front of the screen, scream at a bunch of guys as they do something stupid you want to slap them for while throwing food at the screen...okay only if it's like popcorn or something dry and crunchy that can be vacuumed up. And this would be my blog post of what happened, peppered heavily with my rude self absorbed thoughts. 

Pre-show : The Miz tv segment with Sandow just blew man. Hate
Paul Heyman's reaction to the fact shucky-ducky-quack-quack was the twitter trend, was the best part of the pre-show. 
Mark Henry vs Bo Dallas.  Henry got the pin in 30 seconds. Shocker for ya Eh?

Match #1-Cesao vs Dolph Ziggler. This is a two out of three falls match for the Intercontinental title. I loved this! If you've been reading my stuff much at all, you know that I'm always begging for 2/3 falls matches.
Ziggler got the first fall.
Ziggler got the second fall. winning and keeping his title.  Damn, Cesaro didn't get a fall at all, though he was close with about ten near falls, but he seemed to injure his arm near the beginning of the match and just didn't seem to be able to hold on to some of the moves. 

Match #2-women' know I never watch the women's matches...I went to make nachos...

Match #3-Usos vs Dust Busters for the Tag Team titles. I mean seriously, I speak bizarreness but even I don't understand Star Dust. I keep waiting for him to scream out moonglourious... Dust Busters got the pin, keeping their titles.

Match #4-Cena vs Orton Hell in a Cell match.  This is listed as the second of the main events, and to be honest I thought it would be the main event tonight, given it's Cena and Orton. Cena got the win after roughly 40 minutes. Of course he did.

Match #5-Sheamus vs Miz for the U.S. title. I loved that Cole and the rest of the announce booth were going on about Vodun (voodoo), just got my attention loud. Love that the crowd were cheering for Sandow and not Miz. Sheamus won with a pin, keeping the U.S. title.  Sheamus had them dancing the YMCA like puppets, dude that was cool.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Stephanie's theme song? Seriously, you would think that someone who's character is this larger then life character, would have something a little Every time I hear her theme song I just think of a bunch of bad music videos from 1998. Almost every RnB/Rap song from like 1998/1999 had the female singer/group on dirt bikes in the desert or drag racing or something, and that's what her theme song reminds me of. I just think it's time for her to update her song. Something more intimidating the way Triple H has the Motorhead song. It fits his character. I think her character has evolved and the music should too.

Match #6- Big Show vs Rusav. Big Show managed to get him tied up like a knot but Rusav grabbed the ropes breaking the hold. Mark Henry came down to the ring and I started wondering if he was going to run in...but Rusav got the win by submission. Show tapped out.

Dean Ambrose's promo was...totally missed by me cause I started laughing when I heard the Dracula line...

Match #7- women' time for me.

Main Event-  Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in the second Hell in a Cell match... I'm hoping for barbed wire, I like barbed wire it's tragic and wicked and the metal version of thorns...but Ambrose didn't pack any with the tables, chairs, sticks. as he screamed "we're all going to die tonight" then climbed the cage from the outside.  Rollins brought back up with Noble and Mercury.
From the Shield to the Authority to his back up, Rollins has been part of a trio the whole 2 years he's been a main character.
First half was on top of the cage, as Rollins climbed up after him. And the cameraman was at a view point where you could see their footshelves, just before they fell almost 20 feet down onto the announce booth. Rollins was injured, having landed wrong, while Ambrose barely moving.
Ambrose then jumped up and attacked Rollins, throwing him into the cage, locking it. The match then officially began. Damn! 
Kane ran in with a fire extinguisher spraying Ambrose.
Then the lights went out, we heard Bray Wyatt chanting, then he torn into the cage, giving Ambrose a DDT, letting Rollins score the win.

Okay...I need another coffee.
till next time  Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pre-thoughts Hell in Cell

We are one week away from the 2014 Hell in a Cell, and as of this posting (10:42 am EST) this is the line up... Cena vs Orton, Big Show vs Rusev, Sheamus vs Miz, and Ambrose vs Rollins.

Sheamus vs Miz. Should be one of the more entertaining matches. Will be wondering if Sandow will be used in any proper way, or if he's just going to be a bad mime through the whole thing. I say make it a handi-cap match.  Miz will win.

Show vs Rusev.  Short, snoozevile. I've said it before, I don't understand why they are doing this whole America vs Russia thing; yeah it worked in the 80's, but dude really now?    Big Show has this in under two minutes.

Cena vs Orton.  In a cage. So it's the looser takes all sort of thing huh?  The second we heard that they were going to put Cena and Ambrose in a match to see who would get Rollins, we knew Cena would loose and end up needing a hug. Which in this case is going to be many RKOs.  I'm giving this to Orton simply because he's been looking sluggish lately. Time to reinforce the fact he's the constant. His back up team members, will find away to interfere. Cage or no cage.

And of course, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins.  The match everyone is both salivating for and not wanting just yet. The time has come, for Ambrose to prove he's the alpha male in that relationship...or is it?  Fans want to see these two really take a few pounds of flesh from each other, but it will be split down the middle on who people want or think will win.
Why do I say that? Well, the crowd loves Ambrose, but then what?  He gets the ever so needed win over Rollins and ends up walking into bad storylines? Same with Rollins. If he wins, he's got the briefcase to keep him in at lest one important storyline for the next few months, but after will be nothing but matches against Cena for months to come. Snooze.
Honestly, things won't pick up for these two till Roman Reigns returns, and either becomes part of the title hunt or the Shield gets over their lovers spat and reform.
So what do I think will happen?   Ambrose will make puppy chow out of Rollins leaving him looking like something from a Freddy Kruger movie, which will lead to Rollins demanding a rematch. Or send Rollins out to use his case cashing in on the title because he's got something major to prove. Which I've been saying for a while now.
What I would like to see happen? Ambrose making puppy chow out of Rollins leaving him looking like something from a Freddy Kruger movie, only to have the Ascension swoop in like demonic leeches, forcing Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to reunite. 

See you after the ppv
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Night of Champions love hate

Right off, I have to say I hope Roman Reigns heals fully and quickly.

I have to selfishly admit that the originally scheduled match between Reigns and Seth Rollins was the only reason I had ordered this ppv; and if I had known the situation, I would have passed on Night of Champions.

Match #1- Tag Team titles... Usos vs the Dust Busters. Star Dust and Gold Dust got the win, getting the titles.

Match #2-United States title... Sheamus vs Cesaro.  My god, I was blinded and slightly freaked out when I saw that facial scruff Sheamus is trying to pass for a beard. Gross! Shave it, damn it! Sheamus got the pin and managed to keep the title.

Match #3- I.C. title  Miz/Sandow vs Ziggler/R-Truth.  I was wondering why at first glance, Jericho and Slater were coming to ringside, then I realized it wasn't them.  And just because Sandow was dressed up like some Matrix-goth-dollie, didn't mean JBL had to compare him to Bela Lugosi... Miz got the pin with a dirty tights tug and won the title.

Seth Rollins came to the ring in his gear ready to wrestle... to "we want Ambrose" chants, and just like a few months ago at the ppv, Rollins had himself declared the winner by forfeit...(think I spelled it right this time) He then issued an open challenge, and a taxi pulled up barely getting to stop as Dean Ambrose ran out and made his way to the ring.  We had a small brawl, with Ambrose first running around jumping off of the backdrop/lighting on the stage like he usually does to the announce booths, before getting handcuffed and carried away.  Two minutes of Ambrose made up for everything else.

Match #4- Henry vs Rusev.  Rusev got a submission over Henry.

Match #5-Jericho vs Orton.  Orton got the win.

Match #6- women's match, that's bathroom break time for me.

Main Event- Cena vs Brock for the title  Seth Rollins came into the ring hitting Cena with the case. He then turned to look at Brock who was knocked out. Rollins curb stomped Brock and went to hand in his case, cashing it in. But Cena beat him up some, and Brock recovered giving Cena an F5.  Cena won by dq, but Brock still has the Heavyweight championship.

Seth Rollins still has the #1 contender's case as the match never officially started on the cash in.   That I didn't see coming. I don't think Rollins vs Brock would be a good idea at all. He should wait another few weeks/months until Cena has the title then cash in.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

night of champions pre-thoughts

Okay, so this weekend, we've got Cena vs Brock, Jericho vs Orton, Miz vs Ziggler, Usos vs Dust Busters, Henry vs Rusev, Sheamus vs Cesaro, and Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins.

Here's what I think will go down...

Orton will devour Jericho, Miz will cheat to win over Ziggler, Dust Busters will get a moonglourious win over Usos, Henry will loose to Rusev because of a disqualification, Cesaro will gain the belt off of Sheamus, Cena will beat the beast, and it will be a double disqualification on the Reigns - Rollins match.

Let's just get straight to the meat of it shall we...why on earth do I think it will be a double dq on the former Shield boys? Because I believe that  Dean Ambrose will make his return during that match. Which means, either it will just turn into a stain sending crimson droplets of hot liquid rubies everywhere, or if someone can keep them on a leash long enough, it will turn into a handicap match, or depending how Reigns feels about Ambrose peeing on his fence, it might become a triple threat. Either way, no one will be crowned the winner, and that will just leave Rollins with more to prove hence, cashing in his case on Raw the next night. 

Outside the ring, my magic mirror is saying that the new guy what's his handle will replace JBL on announce booth, giving Cole someone interesting to play off of. It's way beyond time to dump King and JBL.

stake you after the ppv
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summerslam loved hated

Pre-show: RVD vs Cesaro.  Now, I like Cesaro, I don't understand why he's not seriously in the title hunt?  Unfortunately, RVD got the win.

Match #1- Miz vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title.  Ziggler got the win and the title.  Not bad match, roughly ten minutes.

Match #2- women's match. didn't pay attention.

Match #3- Swagger vs Rusev. This was a flag match, winner has his flag raised.  Rusev got the win by making Swagger pass out cold.

Match#4-Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in a lumberjack match. Rollins cheated to win by hitting Ambrose with the money in the bank case. Damn it! Okay, so this match was a bit short for my taste, and there wasn't as much mat wrestling as I was expecting. There was however, a really great facial expression by Ambrose at one point when he hit Rollins with the curb-stomp; Rollins's own move. It was as if Ambrose was about to cry. 
The lumberjacks were in on the action, kicking them, kicking each other, until Kane got in the ring hitting Ambrose, where upon Golddust got into Kane's face and that was the distraction Rollins needed to get the briefcase. 
This was the main reason I got the ppv, so for me this was a bit of a let down. I was really hoping this match would run a lot longer with some more technical moves in the middle of the ring, but it was all about running around the building. 
The new hoodie Ambrose scored with his initials was cute, not great but new.

Match#5-Jericho vs Bray Wyatt.  Wyatt got the win.

Match#6- Stephine vs Brie.  Stephanie won with a cheat help by both Triple H and Nikki. Normally, I don't watch women's matches, but...I didn't have anything else to do for that few minutes.

Match#7-Orton vs Roman Reigns.  Reigns got the win out of nowhere after almost 20 minutes of brutal near falls. The length of this match was good, it was non stop within the ring, each guy pulling out their trademark moves over and over, always shocked they didn't nail it right away. The hardedge samoan drop off the turnbuckle was like a flat out backwards belly flop, which looked like it did the damage to both men. (was that David Arquette at ringside? Loved him as Bennie in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie)

Main Event- Cena vs Brock.  Brock won and got the Heavyweight titles. 

Well, I guess it's a safe bet to say that Seth Rollins will be hanging on to his money in the bank case for a few months, if you know he's got half a brain cause I just don't think cashing it in anytime soon with Brock would be smart. Yes Mr. Rollins, just keep that number one contenders contract a few months, you're a favourite and I'd like to see you live.

Till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SummerSlam 2014 prethoughts

Summerslam is this I have any thoughts?

Well, as of right now, we've got Cena vs Brock, Swagger vs Rusev, Jericho vs Bray Wyatt, Miz vs Dolph, Reigns vs Orton, and Rollins vs Ambrose.

Well...Cena vs Brock. I don't care for either of them, so...let's have a surprise run in to ruin it all, like say...I haven't got a clue. Cena is going to win by a hair.

Swagger vs Rusev. Ugh! Why are you even putting us through this?  Rusev will get the win just because I think they don't know what else to do with the character so they're just going to have him and Swagger go back and forth for the next six months.

Jericho vs Bray. This is another one of those storylines that makes me raise an eyebrow...if I could physically do so but I'm not that talented...Bray Wyatt is going to win this just to keep the creep factor up.

Miz vs Dolph Ziggler. Anyone else feel like this storyline is just a stop gap bus wait while Barrett heals? Miz will cheat his way to winning and keeping Barrett's title.

Reigns vs Orton.  Roman Reigns all the way. And I'm not just saying that cause he's one of my favourites. As I look at the magick mirror and the crystal ball...okay I don't actually have a crystal ball, cause those things aren't cheap...I say Reigns will win because it's time to put him in the main title hunt.

Rollins vs Ambrose.  Dean Ambrose will do something fabulous in the middle of the ring, dead center, maybe with some barbed-wire and a submissions move or ten, to win. This will make Seth Rollins angry enough that he's going to have something to prove and decide to cash in his empty pop sticky popcorn salted briefcase...any Twizzlers in that thing?...

So, I see Summerslam ending with Cena winning, but just barely alive, and Seth Rollins angrier then a killer tomato in a blender cashing in his case to get the title, which of course is when Roman Reigns will be added sincerely to the title hunt. Which means the next ppv in September will be Reigns vs Rollins for the title.  That's what the giant ouija tells me today.

See you after the weekend.
Love Ardeth Blood.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Battleground 2014

This is my loved/hated/recap of the ppv.

Pre-show : There were two matches, one was Adam Rose vs Fandango and was over in one minute. Rose got the pin.
The second was a woman's match and you know I didn't pay attention. 
I have to say, I like that it was shown on the WWE Website, and they used the time wisely giving two short matches in the half hour time frame.

Match #1- Usos vs Wyatt Family for the Tag titles.  This was a 2 out of 3 pinfall match.  Ran for about twenty minutes. Wyatts got the first pinfall, Usos got the second pinfall, and Usos got the third pinfall.  The Usos managed to keep their tag titles.

Match #2- Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins.  Sort of.  Ambrose jumped Rollins backstage and was kicked out of the building...damn it janet! This was the only reason I got the pay per view, to see them wrestle. What's going on there?  Anyone else feel like their wallet was raped?  Damn it!
Rollins came out later in the night to have the ref announce him winner by for-fit. Ambrose then jumped Rollins and the two semi-brawled. Triple H then appeared and physically pushed Ambrose out. Rollins wouldn't let them though, grabbing repeatedly at Ambrose.  
Rollins was leaving the arena after the Jericho/Wyatt match and got jumped once again by Ambrose in the parking lot. Ambrose had been hiding in the trunk of  a car. Okay, I thought for sure it was going to be the ambulance but...

Match #3- womens' match. - Didn't watch,  I was getting a coffee and bitching about the fact Lifetime Canada website hasn't posted the last two episodes of Witches of East End.

Match #4-Rusev vs Swagger.  Rusev won by count out  Anyone else feel this whole storyline is just...a rerun from the 1980's ? I keep thinking of the Chevy Case movie Spies Like Us, whenever I see this type of storyline...

Match #5- Bray Wyatt vs Jericho.  Jericho got the win with his trademark code-breaker.

Match #6- Battle royal for the empty Intercontinental title.   Big E, Cesaro, R-Truth, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Titus O'neil, Shandow,  Slater, Del Rio, Diego, Sin Cara, Woods, Khali, Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, Sheamus,

Woods first out
Ryder second out
Khali then tossed out
Sin Cara tossed
Truth tossed
Axel tossed
Sandow then tossed,
Diego tossed
Ryback tossed
Titus gone
Del Rio gone,
Big E gone,
Kofi tossed,
Cesaro tossed  -that sucked, he was my pick for this.
Slater tossed,
Dallas gone,
Sheamus tossed,
Ziggler tossed by Miz.  Miz is now the I.C.

Main Event- Cena vs Orton vs Kane vs Roman Reigns for the title.  Cena got the win, keeping the title.  Well that sucks

Okay, so I'm unhappy about the fact Reigns lost the main event, and I'm not happy that Ambrose vs Rollins didn't truly happen, but I'm glad that both of them had the kind of air time they did.

till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, July 13, 2014

pre thoughts Battleground

Next week is the ppv Battleground, and at the time of this posting, here is the line up.

4 way for the title with Roman Reigns vs Cena vs Orton vs Kane, Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose, Usos vs Wyatts, Jericho vs Bray Wyatt, and the Battle Royal.

The Battle Royal is for the empty Intercontinental Championship. These things are always sort of a crap shoot. You never know just who will be added to make up the head count, and with the recent number of talent having been let go from the company, you have to ask the question, do they have enough guys to make up a decent size battle royal?  I say, bring up some of the NXT guys. I'd love to see Tyler Breeze or Corey Graves or either member of the Ascension or for that matter, Enzo Amore holding that title while Barrett is out on injury.

Usos vs Wyatts. This is starting to bore me. We need a new tag team to throw at the Usos.

Jericho vs Bray Wyatt. I just don't care. There's no spark in this dark at all. 

The 4 way for the title.  I see two outcomes for this. 1) Reigns winning. or 2) Orton winning. The way I'd write this storyline out if I were in creative is to have Rollins hang on tight to the #1 contender's case only if Reigns wins, and the next night on Raw cash in only if Orton wins, therefore getting the title and having the Shield reform stating it was their plan all along.

Any storyline that has the Shield getting back together with titles is a perfect storyline in my world.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins.  I'm torn on this. I actually hope it ends in a tie. As much as I want to see Ambrose win, I don't want to see Rollins loose. This feud is a perfect match - no pun intended- for these two personalities. I love watching these guys in any capacity. Together as a team or on opposite sides of the ring, there is a chemistry that even the best buddy movies don't always nail.  

The question was always simmering between fans since day one with the Shield,  "who will you believe in if they split?"   The answer for me has been to cheer for them all. I can't say I don't have a favourite, but at the same time even as a villain, I still find myself cheering for Rollins on as much an equal level as I do Reigns or Ambrose.

For me, what would make this ppv really great? The Shield getting back together.

Till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Loved hated Money in the Bank 2014

Match #1- Usos vs Wyatt Family.   Usos got the win, and managed to keep the tag team titles.

Match #2- women's match didnt' watch

Match #3- Sandow vs Adam Rose.  Rose got the win.

Match #4- The number one contenders ladder match. Barrett was originally meant to be part of this, but wasn't because of an arm injury. This left Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Swagger, RVD.  Mid-way, Ambrose DDTed someone (think it was Swagger) off the ladder and dislocated his left shoulder. It looked like he was going to be out of the rest of the match. But, Ambrose returned, just in time to have Kane run out messing it up for him. Rollins got the case. 

Match #5- Curtis Axel/ Ryback vs Rhodes Brothers aka Dust Busters. Cody aka Stardust got the win.

Match #6- Rusev vs Big E.   Rusev got the win by tap out.

Match #7- second women's match didn't watch.

Main Event- Heavyweight ladder match.  Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Cesaro and Roman Reigns.  Well, Cena got this one yet again. Boo.

I would have liked to have seen more of Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Was really expecting Rollins to come down at the end and keep Reigns from winning, but Kane and Orton seemed to have that job.

I keep waiting for this new character of Cody Rhodes to say "moonglorious" as a nod to Violent J's space character wrestler...

There were gaps for me tonight. Too many commercials and backstage stuff.  I loved the promo they gave Dean Ambrose though earlier in the night.

love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pre-Thoughts Money in the Bank 2014

It's a Thursday, and I thought I'd come in here and give my thoughts about next week's ppv while I had the chance.

As of right now (7:30pm EST) there are three matches listed for the ppv next week.  Usos vs Wyatts for the tag team belts, the Heavyweight ladder match for the title, and the normal ladder match for the number one contender.

I hate to say it, but I think the Usos' run at being tag team champs is going to come to an end.  The Wyatts are going to wrap this one up in a dirty black torn grass stained ribbon.

The Heavyweight ladder match, which at this point is listed as having Cesaro, Cena, Sheamus, Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Orton and Roman Reigns.  This could go either way, anyone's trophy.  Of course I want Reigns to get this no question about it, but for the sake of the storyline, I think it's going to go to either Cena or Orton.  I would love to say that Cesaro is going to get this, but no matter how great he is, or how much he deserves it, I can't see creative letting it go to him that easily with Cena and Orton in the match.  And let's face it, letting Reigns have it right out of the box, would be too easy. Unless, they plan on pulling the same sort of storyline they have been for the last year with Daniel Bryan, letting him have it and taking it from him etc.

The traditional number one contenders match. At this moment, Seth Rollins is the only one listed as being in this match.  So who do I see being added to it?  Adam Rose (still hate that rock star gimmick please go back to being Leo Kruger) Dolph Ziggler, Barrett, Sandow, Curtis Axel and Sin Cara.
Do I think that Rollins will win? Yes, of course, if Dean Ambrose doesn't disrupt the match.

To be honest, I was really expecting to see a singles match between Rollins and Ambrose, given the feud they have started with them.  But then again, I'm still hoping that this storyline ends up being that the Shield is setting up to destroy The Authority from the inside out, and that they never truly broke up.
If by chance, creative refuses to write me my happy ending, then they can at lest give both Reigns and Rollins the wins for their matches, forcing them to then have to battle each other. I have been saying for awhile now that I want to see that Heavyweight title on Rollins. (I also want to see him dye his hair one colour, too.)
So where does this leave Ambrose if he's not entered into the ladder match?  Some would argue because he had been part of last year's match that turn about is fair play, but damn it Janet! I want to see all three of the Shield on the ppv.  (I don't care I'm not ready for this split, not too mention the questionable choice of new shirt Ambrose has picked for his "latest" ring gear. Yeah, I'm not digging the hustler undershirt)

And just because it did not happen at the last ppv, I want to see a ladder match for Brad Maddox giving him a chance to win back his job. Against anyone. Kane, Bo Dallas, Zack Ryder, anyone. I am just not liking the lack of Maddox. Storyline or real life, doesn't matter, I want to see him back on this ppv.  I'm greedy that way.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, June 1, 2014

loved hated Payback 2014

Match #1- Sheamus vs Cesaro.  This was for the United States Title.  Sheamus managed to win and keep his title.

Match #2- Rhodes Brothers vs Axel/Ryback.  Ryback pinned Cody for the win. Cody then walked off seeming like he was done with tag teaming.

Match #3- Rusev vs Big E.  Rusev got this by making Big E tap

Match #4- Kofi vs Bo Dallas... not really. Kane came out and beat Kofi, I think before the bell even rang, keeping the match from actually happening. But not from Bo grabbing the mic.

Match #5- RVD vs Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett won, keeping his title.  I just wish he'd trim that beard just an inch.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring with his wife, and she refused to let him hand over the title, quitting before she could be fired.

Match #6- Cena vs Wyatt. This was the last man standing match.  It had a decent length clocking in at 30 minutes. Cena got this one by trapping Bray Wyatt in an equipment box like a coffin.

Match#7- women's match -  didn't watch. Like Wyatt, I had a coffin break.

Main Event- No Holds Barred Elimination match, Shield vs Evolution.  This is the only reason I got the ppv. Chaos right off the bat, with Dean Ambrose ending up in the pit, where he instantly ran his fingers through his hair. Um dude, fixing it means from front to back smoothing down not back to front messing it up.  Seth Rollins climbed to the top of the wide screen, and jumped onto everyone, which did trump his dive from last ppv, but did in deed nearly kill him. I was waiting for him to puke on everyone but he didn't. Roman Reigns had his shirt ripped off to the joy and cheers of all straight women and gay men over the world. Nice! Much better to see the welts and cuts on his body from the brutal hits by steel chairs, stairs and wooden sticks. 
Batista was the first to be eliminated by Rollins, 
Orton then was eliminated by Ambrose,  and wait for it
Triple H was eliminated by Reigns.   
Shield won standing  tall, okay limping hunched over in pain, but you get the idea.

So for me, the main event was a highlight, it rang in at 45 minutes, going right to the last minute for the scheduled time. Have I mentioned yet this week how much I love the Shield...just let me say in case I forgot....I love the Shield!

till later
love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

pre thoughts Payback

So this weekend, we have the ppv Payback. Which at this point in time, has a line up of...  The Shield vs Evolution again, Barrett vs RVD again, Hornswaggle vs Torito again, Cena vs Wyatt again, Sheamus vs Cesaro... I get that this is called payback, but...

First off, let me talk about yesterday's Monday Night Raw.  Very unhappy about the idea of Brad Maddox being "fired" as Raw GM.
So let's look at it from my point of view, and my point of view my lovely Spudguns! always has a bit of magic mirror quality to it.   Let's say this is for real and not storyline. That would be a sad thing in deed, if Brad Maddox is no longer with the company, but my magic mirror has an alternate reality and I think it's a perfect launching pad for bringing Mr. Maddox into the ring or as a commentator full time. He's a wrestler, he's proven he's a good ref, and I've heard him do commentary on my magic mirror the ppv on Sunday Mr. Maddox will be given a chance to "win his job back" in a match with Kane.  A ladder match with a contract hanging over it.

I have gone on record stating that I hate the Adam Rose gimmick. I loved him as Leo Kruger, a ruthless no-nonsense character. I'm really hoping that in the end, this bad rockstar crap turns out to be a split personality or something. But, in the mean time, this lemon-drop would like to see Rose vs Swagger in a hair vs mustache match at the ppv. If Rose wins, Zeb has to shave or at the very lest cut his mustache.

Speaking of someone who needs a haircut...Bo Dallas. I get the gimmick is meant to be both up lifting with the stay positive no matter what and totally annoying because he refuses to listen. I think he's an excellent wrestler, I just want to see him cut his hair soon. Those who didn't watch NXT for the last year, might not realize that they brought him up a year and a half ago for a short month long feud with Barrett and didn't seem to grab people's attention, and therefore was dumped back down to NXT where he suddenly became this...whatever he's suppose to be. I am mentioning him because I think he'll be tossed in as a surprise match.

Now, for the "official" listing...Cena will get the win this time around. He will be the last man standing, which I'm sure will put him firmly in the top three spots for the Number One contenders place behind Orton and...hhmmm not sure who the third would be now?
Sheamus will lose to Cesaro...this might be what the creative have planed, which would put Sheamus as the third in the running for Bryan's soon to be empty title. Though personally, I think a month long tournament should be the thing to do. Imagine Bryan's title on Seth Rollins...
Barrett vs RVD. Tough call. I'm a Barrett fan 100%, so of course I want the beautiful Brit to win.
Hornswaggle vs El Torito...I'm not even concerned with it, given it's only going to be available if you live in the United States and only on the Network. Being a Canadian, I'm little pissed off still that the pre-show is only available that way. You frealing call me when the Network becomes available in Canada then we'll talk.

And finally, the Shield vs Evolution.  Shield will win. Why do I say that, because Orton can't and won't stay out of the title hunt much longer. That, and I just love the Shield.
A no holds barred match.  This is asking for my magic mirror to look deep into the darkness and say firmly that I worship their shadows. (anyone else remember the tv show Lexx? and the line "I worship his shadow" ?)
The question is, how can they top Rollins' dive from the balcony from last ppv? I mean that in all seriousness. How can the Shield present any kind of new moves into the match that's that impressive without killing themselves in the process?  I was beyond impressed and wondering if they were alive after that last ppv.  Seth Rollins not only proved he should be in a title hunt, he's set the bar so high for himself now, that I don't even think he can sky dive over it?
And can I say how much I loved last week when Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns took over the announce booth on Raw. I do believe that the only time we the tv fans ever get proper moves called in a match anymore, is when Ambrose has the headset on. We need more of that.

So that's my thoughts this Tuesday evening before a ppv.
Catch you after Payback
love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Extreme Rules loves and hates

Let me once again complain about the fact that if you are outside of the United States, like I am, you miss out on the Pre-Show now.  The pre-show tonight was listed as having the WeeLC match between Hornswaggle and El Torito.
Not getting to see the pre-show anymore since it was taken to the Network is a hate. 

Match #1- RVD vs Cesaro Vs Swagger. This was a triple threat elimination match.
RVD eliminated Swagger with a pinfall.
Cesaro eliminated RVD with a pinfall, winning the match.

Match#2- Rusev vs Woods/Truth.
Woods was taken out of the match right off the bat before the bell, leaving this to be a singles match. Rusev then got the win by a tap out.

Match#3- Barrett vs Big E.  This was for the Intercontinental Championship.
Barrett had to survive a tournament over the last few weeks to get to this match, and he got the pin becoming the I.C. champ once more.

Match#4- Evolution vs Shield.
Roman Reigns got the win over Batista with a spear, giving this to the Shield. But, the cost was both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose getting crushed from a very ECW like move, when Rollins dove off the balcony onto Triple H, Orton and his own partner Ambrose. (wasn't that something New Jack did way back in the day?) 
This was a great length match, at roughly 25 minutes, with a lot of suicide dives from Rollins, and more then a few times it looked like Ambrose was about to pass out, while Reigns had a few moments of his own where it seemed he was toaster caked. There was an impressive run on the table tops by Ambrose, which I honestly thought he was going to trip as he ran from the one announce booth to the second one and then leaped over the guard rail into the pit. 

Match #5- Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a steel cage.
After many attempts to get out of the cage, it looked like Cena was about to make it out, when the lights went off and a creepy little kid appeared lip syncing into a microphone a slowed down version of Wyatt's song.  Children are creepy by default.... This gave Wyatt the chance to knock out Cena and escape the cage himself for the win. 

Match #6- women's match. I didn't pay attention.

Match #7-  The Main Event, Daniel Bryan vs Kane for the Heavyweight title.
This was an Extreme Rules match. 
At one point, Bryan had Kane out in the back of the building, and used a forklift to bring him back in to the ring. Impressive.
Kane brought out the tables and fire cans, but he himself ended up going through it. This gave Bryan a chance to get the win and keep his title.

You would think by this point, the announce team would just come out and sit hunched over a small bon fire or something instead of using the booth on a ppv, given every single time their booth get's flattened.
And by now, you know with me It's All About The Shield! So their win was a loved moment.

Till later
love Ardeth Blood

Monday, April 28, 2014

pre-thoughts of Extreme Rules

We've got another WWE ppv this weekend. So that means, it's time for me to come in and blah blah blah some bat droppings into your ear, on your shoulder and let it all splat on the tip of your shoe.
At the time of this posting (8:30 pm on Monday, Raw just started) this is what's right now on the schedule.

Cena vs Bray Wyatt, Shield vs Evolution, Bryan vs Kane, Big E vs either Barrett or RVD, and R-Truth/Woods vs Rusev, 

Okay, so I had enough to say, none of which was nice, last month for the whole Wrestlemaina 30 situation pre-and post. And I'm not going to apologize for it either. It just didn't feel like it lived up to what it was designed to be.
Extreme Rules now is the beginning of the "new season" so to speak, and will pretty much pave the way for the storylines for the next five months.

What do I think will happen?  I think Cena will get the win, Bryan will keep the title, RVD will loose to Big E, and Rusev will smash.

What do I want to happen?  I want Bray Wyatt to clean house, for Bryan to dig something up to overcome Kane, for Bad News Barrett to win the I.C. championship, and for Woods to not only get the pin over Rusev but to dump Truth.

Notice I didn't even deal with the Shield match yet...okay, so this can go either way. Really depends on how far they want to take the story and if it's just a stop gap for Orton before putting him back in the title run? 
If this is just a stop gap for Orton, then yes the Shield will mop the floor with Evolution, giving them the boost they deserve.  If it's a storyline they plan on turning into something for the summer, then Evolution will leave my favourites fangless.
Obviously, I want the Shield to win. Last month I said the match they had them in was a waste of the Shield's time, and I still feel this to be true having them against Evolution. Mostly because I don't care for anyone in Evolution. Though I am dripping with coffee flavoured anticipation on the idea of Roman Reigns pulverizing Batista.
Granted, this is still the same storyline, as it's my favourite demonic superheroes (like a demonic version of Spider Man, Superman and Batman) against yet more members of Triple H's background noise.
I have said more then once that I love the Shield like this, against everyone else. Biting, clawing and snarling their way through everyone.

Okay, till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loved and Hated WM30

Pre-show: The first hour sucked, just blew dog my usual examples just won't work tonight for that just was ugh.

The 2nd hour...I have no idea given I live in Canada, and we didn't get the second hour. How rude. However, there was a pretty purple logo flashing at me for ten minutes on the WWE website before it was shut off, music sucked....I really frealing hate Eminem...
Anyways, this is a major HATED IT, simply because those of us outside of the U.S.A., did NOT get to see the Fatal Four Way match for the Tag Team Titles.  Which sort of pisses me off, given this was one of two matches that I had wanted to see.

Have I mentioned yet this week how much I really hate Hogan?  He was the reason I stopped watching TNA for a while there, but I digress...
For me, this opening 20 minutes was a waste. I would have liked to have seen the tag match here instead of all that talking.

Match #1- Triple H vs Daniel Bryan for the #1 contenders spot later in the night.  Oh my god, what the hell was Stephanie wearing? Did she raid Vickie's closet? Lest her hair was out of her face.  Daniel Bryan got the win. This was a decent length match, at about 40 minutes. Then Triple H smashed Bryan's shoulder with a chair against the post.

Match #2- Shield vs New Age Outlaws/Kane. This was less then four minutes...dude, really? The Shield came out with a semi-new look, masks and no shirts under their vests...nice! Shield won, just wish they had had more air time, given this was the main reason I ordered the ppv.  I loved that they won, I hated that it was a blink of an eye match. That was like a tease more then a match.

Match #3- Battle Royal- Brad Maddox was in there...dude, didn't even see him in there till he was tossed out.  I couldn't tell who was in this one, there was just too many bodies crammed into the space. Cesaro got Big Show up by himself over the ropes and won the first Andre the Giant battle royal. I'm uber impressed.

Match #4- Cena vs Bray Wyatt- The Wyatts came out to the live band that sings their It was interesting to see the crowd swaying and singing for Bray. I guess, if Bray Wyatt ever decides to stop being a wrestler, he could teach horr-oga (horror film yoga) Cena got this one.

Match #5- Undertaker vs Brock.  Brock won. I don't care for either of them, but it was about time to see someone beat Undertaker.

Match #6- womens match...didn't watch.

Main Event- Orton vs Batista vs Bryan.  Orton came out to a live band who sings his theme. Bryan got the win with a tap out, and got the belt.
Honestly, I thought they were going to continue with the "Tommy Dreamer" storyline for god knows how long. Sort of glad they decided to just give him the win.

So, for me this wasn't half as good as it should have been. Lots of wasted time, and slightly pissed off that the tag team match wasn't aired in Canada, and that the Shield match was so damned short. Loved the skeleton-wolf masks though.

Till next time
love Ardeth Blood.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pre-thoughts on WM30

Again, I ask, give me a reason to care about the big ppv this weekend.  I am sure it's not just me, but since there is a ppv every month pretty much, Wrestlemaina just doesn't have that glowing warmth it used to.  And given I'm in Canada, and we still don't have the WWE Network available to us (as of this posting) we -fans outside of the United States- still have to pay close to $75 (Canadian) for this ppv.

This year's card has so far at the time of this posting ... The 30 man Andre the Giant battle royal, a women's battle royal, Triple H vs Daniel Bryan, Batista vs Orton vs the winner of the Bryan vs Triple H, Cena vs Bray Wyatt, Undertaker vs Brock,  a tag team titles 4 way, and Shield vs Kane/Outlaws.

Normally, anything with the Shield has me ordering the show, but right now, that match up is leaving a dirty taste in my mouth.

Half this line up of matches just feels like re-used scripts. Do we really need to see someone trying to break the Undertaker's streak yet again? Not really.  Do we really need to have Brock show up for a few weeks and take off till next year? No not at all.  And what on earth were they thinking even bringing Batista back for? I guess someone had to fill the empty spot CM Punk left.

Even the Andre the Giant battle royal is looking lack luster. Just seems like a really poor reason to A) add his name to something and B) give everyone screen time who we might have forgotten even works for the company.

How would this be better for me personally?   If the Shield run in and disrupt everything, and if NXT stars like Corey Graves, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn were to have a three way match. Now, there's someone you could have had against the Shield...that would be interesting.  

While I'm at the NXT part of things...would someone please give Mason Ryan a shave and haircut, he looks filthy.

Till Later
-Ardeth Blood

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22nd 2014

I loved the Leo Kruger character on NXT, I hate to the point of wanting to throw the tv out the window, the Adam Rose character the wrestler is now doing.
"Leo Kruger" was one of the main reasons I watched NXT.  Now, this rock star Russell Brand wanna be gimmick is vomit worthy.  There was nothing wrong with the character before, I don't understand why WWE felt the need to change it?  Were they not making their quota with the silly three ring circus acts? Cause that's all I can think of for them stooping so low.
If by chance, the wrestler himself choose this direction, then dude, that feels like a desperate move. Sorry, but I just don't understand why - and I'm saying this as a fan- why you would want to go from an unstoppable force to a hip swinging hair flicker?

Wrestlemaina 30...I'm waiting to be interested. So far, nothing on the short list of matches has any value to me. 
And if they end up putting the Shield in a 6 man tag against Kane and the New Age Outlaws, which is where it looks like it's headed, then I will throw the tv out the window. That would be such a waste of the Shield. Waste!  The Shield deserve better.

Yes, this is a rant. 

Shield as ultimate untouchables = glued to the tv,  Shield having vulnerabilities = not happy me.

Yes, totally get that not everyone can win all the time, and all the characters have to swing from heel to face and back every so often, but after having them just begin to feud with the Wyatts, then downgrade them like that...dude, why?  The Shield vs the Wyatts has so much more potential.
I also get that the Shield are being put in a position to be the good guys, which on one level is great. Fans love them, I frealing love them to the point I want to see them on Smackdown for the whole 2 hours every week. Hell, they could stand there with nothing but the announce booth headsets reading the scripts, flipping the pages and it would still be killer. But I was liking their return to destroying everyone. I fully expected to start seeing them digging graves and building coffins or something for their opponents.

Moral of this story, fix Leo Kruger, and give the Shield someone worthy to destroy. And maybe get Seth Rollins to dye his hair one colour....

love Ardeth Blood.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

loved and hated about Elmination Chamber

Pre-show: was the Rhodes Brothers vs Ryback/Curtis Axel.   Cody got the pin.

Match#1: Big E vs Swagger for the Intercontinental title.  Big E got the pin and kept his belt

Match#2: Usos vs New Age Outlaws for the Tag Titles. Outlaws got the pin and kept their belts

Match#3: Titus O'Neil vs Darren Young.  Titus got the pin.

Match#4 : Shield vs Wyatts. Bray got the pin over Reigns.  Damn it! 
This was a really nice length, at 30 minutes, and had some amazingly brilliant moves by Seth Rollins. There was one point where I was literally wondering how he still had a leg when he flipped and landed on his feet after being thrown off the top turnbuckle. Dean Ambrose was sent off into the crowd by Bray Wyatt at one point as well, and seemed to get lost out in the darkness, while Rollins was put through the announce booth. This left Roman Reigns alone in the ring and the victim of all three Wyatts. 
This match was definitely worth the money for the pay-per-view. (I'm going to have to get the dvd just for this match!) None of the Shield were left standing, which sucks, and more then once all of them looked vomit worthy. As much as I screamed at the tv when Reigns got pinned, I still loved this match. Listening to the crowd throughout the whole time going back and forth with their chants, half for the Shield, half for the Wyatts; you could tell in the first few seconds this was going to be something to remember. (they hadn't even entered the ring yet when the crowd started to chant "this is awesome" )
The very beginning of this match, all six men were just slamming each other with punches, kicks, Ambrose twitching like a little kid off his meds with Rollins having to tell him to settle down, handfuls of blonde streaked hair nearly became a trophy for Luke Harper more then once as he continued to toss Rollins around by it. 
I do believe - no pun intended- that this was the first ppv loss for the Shield as a group? I'm eager to see what kind of feud will be embraced now because of this? As I've stated in my last post, I would love to see Ambrose vs Bray over the next few weeks, as well as more 3 on 3 matches come about between these teams.  
I know Reigns is being given the spotlight for a WWE Heavyweight title match in the coming months, but I have said it before and will say it again, Seth Rollins should be given the spotlight for the chance as well. The fact he had the NXT title should be carrying more weight on the topic than it has been.

Match #5: women's didn't watch

Match#6: Batista vs Del Rio. He got it with a pin.

Main Event: Chamber match - Cena vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Orton vs Bryan vs Sheamus
Sheamus and Cesaro started it, next in was Bryan, next in was Christian, next Cena then Orton.
First elimination was Sheamus by Christian
Second elimination Christian by Bryan
Third elimination was Cesaro by Cena - That sucked massive-
Then the Wyatts  popped into the chamber causing chaos. This led to Cena being eliminated by Orton. This is like the third time in a row over the last few weeks the Wyatts have helped Orton.
This left Bryan and Orton in a one on one match  Kane came out, but got a few kicks to the face for his trouble. Both Orton and Bryan had a bunch of near falls before Kane helped once more giving Orton the chance to get a second RKO on Byran for the win. 
Orton kept his title. Damn it!

I loved that Cesaro was in the main event, I hate the fact he was eliminated, he was my pick for this match.
I loved that the Wyatts had some extra air time, but hate the fact they helped Orton.

For me, the two best matches were the Shield vs Wyatts and the main event. Good to see Cesaro being given the spotlight. I would have liked to see some NXT guys have had a match.

Till next time,
Love Ardeth Blood.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pre-Elimination Chamber thoughts

This weekend is WWE's ppv the Elimination Chamber.  Usually, this is one of two ppvs that I sit out just on the fact that I personally can't afford every ppv.    BUT...I'm weaker then I like to admit and because two of my favourite teams The Shield and the Wyatt Family, are not just in it but in a match against each other.... here's what I think about this weekend's ppv.

Del Rio vs Batista.... My vote is for Del Rio all the way. This is who I want to win.  Who I think the winner will be sadly is Batista. Sill pissed the Shield never got rid of him...

Curtis Axel/Ryback vs the Rhodes Brothers.   I think the Rhodes Brothers will get this, and it will finally smarten Curtis Axel up and have him toss Ryback. That's what I hope happens in this pre-show match.

New Age Outlaws vs the Usos... for the Tag Team titles.  Usos all the way! It's about time they had the gold.

Darren Young vs Titus O'Neil... I would like to see this be Young's big overthrow, but I think the direction this will be taken is O'Neil getting the win.

Swagger vs Big E for the Intercontinental...I don't care. If it's a clean match, then I'd like to see Swagger get this, if Zeb finds a way to help him cheat, I could see this being a dq and Big E keeping it. In fact, whomever gets this belt should have to face Roman Reigns Monday on Raw for it.  That's what I want.

World Heavyweight match with Sheamus, Cena, Orton, Christian, Cesaro, Bryan.   I know everyone is expecting this to be Bryan's big date. But, my vote, my money is on Cesaro. The second he was announced as one of the guys in this match, my little zombied brain started to see all sorts of possible storylines for him with that title leading up to Wrestlemaina.  He's going to shock a few people here.

The Shield vs the Wyatts... Oh My God!   Do I even have to say it....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHIELD!    I know that creative is ready to snap them apart like legos on a playground, but I'm not ready for that just yet. Well, I'm not. This match is the only reason I'm even considering getting this ppv.  The Wyatts vs the Shield.  The Shield vs the Wyatts. Whatever way you say it, it's got instant classic written all over it. Will the chamber be enough to ground Seth Rollins from some of his more cruiser weight style moves? How much blood can Dean Ambrose create with the cage walls?  I'm assuming it would be in a cage? If I'm wrong... then we'll go with this little fantasy....the idea of Roman Reigns hitting not one, not two, but all three of the Wyatts with his flying-reclining dropkick, the submissions that Rollins will be able to pull out of thin air or the pockets of his combat pants will they be enough to stun the already not-quite there Rowan into a tap? Will Ambrose be slippery enough when it counts to get out of the gator-roll that's dizzied up all of Harper's victims in the past? 
Recently, on both Raw and Smackdown, when the six have faced to faced in the darkness of the arena, Reigns and Bray have taken the leading roles for their sides, but with this match, I'm eager to see what kind of chaos Bray and Ambrose can create. That's got potential to be a massive side feud if the Shield can keep the fur from flying before Wrestlemaina.
I want the Shield still the Shield going into Wrestlemaina. I want to see what kind of story can be built from more Wyatts vs Shield matches over the next month leading into WM. My dream match would be for this to turn into a 2 out of 3 falls submissions match...(I know I know I can't leave that alone.)   Oh, what would happen if Rollins pulls a pair of shears/scissors out of his pockets and off with their beards? And if it's not in a cage, will Ambrose take a chill-out in the middle of it to join the announce booth on headset, causing Reigns to growl? There's so many little things that could happen here. With these six characters in that ring, it's a writer's morbid candyland. (Okay this writer's morbid candyland.) 

I'll catch you on the B-side of the ppv.
love Ardeth Blood