Monday, March 31, 2014

Pre-thoughts on WM30

Again, I ask, give me a reason to care about the big ppv this weekend.  I am sure it's not just me, but since there is a ppv every month pretty much, Wrestlemaina just doesn't have that glowing warmth it used to.  And given I'm in Canada, and we still don't have the WWE Network available to us (as of this posting) we -fans outside of the United States- still have to pay close to $75 (Canadian) for this ppv.

This year's card has so far at the time of this posting ... The 30 man Andre the Giant battle royal, a women's battle royal, Triple H vs Daniel Bryan, Batista vs Orton vs the winner of the Bryan vs Triple H, Cena vs Bray Wyatt, Undertaker vs Brock,  a tag team titles 4 way, and Shield vs Kane/Outlaws.

Normally, anything with the Shield has me ordering the show, but right now, that match up is leaving a dirty taste in my mouth.

Half this line up of matches just feels like re-used scripts. Do we really need to see someone trying to break the Undertaker's streak yet again? Not really.  Do we really need to have Brock show up for a few weeks and take off till next year? No not at all.  And what on earth were they thinking even bringing Batista back for? I guess someone had to fill the empty spot CM Punk left.

Even the Andre the Giant battle royal is looking lack luster. Just seems like a really poor reason to A) add his name to something and B) give everyone screen time who we might have forgotten even works for the company.

How would this be better for me personally?   If the Shield run in and disrupt everything, and if NXT stars like Corey Graves, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn were to have a three way match. Now, there's someone you could have had against the Shield...that would be interesting.  

While I'm at the NXT part of things...would someone please give Mason Ryan a shave and haircut, he looks filthy.

Till Later
-Ardeth Blood

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22nd 2014

I loved the Leo Kruger character on NXT, I hate to the point of wanting to throw the tv out the window, the Adam Rose character the wrestler is now doing.
"Leo Kruger" was one of the main reasons I watched NXT.  Now, this rock star Russell Brand wanna be gimmick is vomit worthy.  There was nothing wrong with the character before, I don't understand why WWE felt the need to change it?  Were they not making their quota with the silly three ring circus acts? Cause that's all I can think of for them stooping so low.
If by chance, the wrestler himself choose this direction, then dude, that feels like a desperate move. Sorry, but I just don't understand why - and I'm saying this as a fan- why you would want to go from an unstoppable force to a hip swinging hair flicker?

Wrestlemaina 30...I'm waiting to be interested. So far, nothing on the short list of matches has any value to me. 
And if they end up putting the Shield in a 6 man tag against Kane and the New Age Outlaws, which is where it looks like it's headed, then I will throw the tv out the window. That would be such a waste of the Shield. Waste!  The Shield deserve better.

Yes, this is a rant. 

Shield as ultimate untouchables = glued to the tv,  Shield having vulnerabilities = not happy me.

Yes, totally get that not everyone can win all the time, and all the characters have to swing from heel to face and back every so often, but after having them just begin to feud with the Wyatts, then downgrade them like that...dude, why?  The Shield vs the Wyatts has so much more potential.
I also get that the Shield are being put in a position to be the good guys, which on one level is great. Fans love them, I frealing love them to the point I want to see them on Smackdown for the whole 2 hours every week. Hell, they could stand there with nothing but the announce booth headsets reading the scripts, flipping the pages and it would still be killer. But I was liking their return to destroying everyone. I fully expected to start seeing them digging graves and building coffins or something for their opponents.

Moral of this story, fix Leo Kruger, and give the Shield someone worthy to destroy. And maybe get Seth Rollins to dye his hair one colour....

love Ardeth Blood.