Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I loved and hated about Payback 2013

In the plus side- the started right off with the match between Sheamus and Sandow. Really great back and forth for over 15 minutes, with a beauty of a move by Sandow putting Sheamus into the corner in a combo of a reverse neck-breaker-tree of woe.  Both men got a few near falls, but the win went to Sheamus. I like that fact. If you've read some of my previous ppv recaps, you know in the past they have wasted way too much time with talk and crap with little to no time for a proper match.

The first match of the main ppv- was the Intercontinental Championship between Wade Barrett, Miz, and Curtis Axel.  This was an obvious triple threat match. Barrett wore the blue and not the red like I had asked in the last post. Axel pinned Barrett's shoulders, but Miz had Barrett in the figure four at the same time. Interesting. Does that mean Axel actually beat both men? I'm not too happy about this outcome. I wanted Barrett to keep for another few months. Damn it!  Barrett shouldn't have worn the blue all I'm saying.

Second- women's match. I didn't bother to watch this match. Someone I was chatting with on GetGlue told me that Dolph's manager won the belt.

I lost about 4 minutes here, as we had a thunder storm and the power went out.

Third- Shield member Dean Ambrose vs Kane for the U.S. title. And Ambrose kept the title, by a count out. You know I love that. That was beauty. 

Fourth- Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler. for the Heavyweight title. Damn, Ziggler took a bunch of strikes to the skull. The match should have been stopped at lest twice but never was. Del Rio got the win and the belt. But, you know, this was a sour win for me. I really hope Ziggler hasn't done real damage to himself with this match.  It should never have gone on as long as it did.

Fifth- Jericho vs CM Punk.  Punk looked like Wolverine. Not sure I like it on him, but it does make him look about ten years younger.  And with two GTS Punk won.  Seriously, did anyone have any doubts?  No. I mean, how often do you see someone loose in their big return? or at their hometown for that matter? Never.

Sixth- Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Bryan and Orton for the Tag Team belts.  One move that Seth Rollins does that I love is that second-shelf-sudden-stop. I love watching Rollins do just about anything.   And Rollins got the pin to win and kept the belts. I'm very happy. Very happy very happy, very. I've said it a few times before that I think Rollins has some bat in him, the way he just seems to fly around the ring, and the heights he gets when he does anything. Love it! 

So yes, very happy all three members of the Shield won their matches and kept their belts!

Main event - Cena vs Ryback in a 3 stages of hell match. First part, a lumberjack match. And as the lumberjacks were coming out to the ring, I was thinking, half of those guys would have made a much better filler match then having wasted time on the women.
So round one went to Ryback.
Round two went to Cena. The tables round.
And winner is Cena. He managed to get Ryback into the ambulance. Giving him two wins out of three and managed to keep his belt.

So I spent my evening, chatting with other wrestling fans on GetGlue, and to say that many of the topics were divided is an understatement.  Just the main event alone caused so much heat and havoc, that you would think it was life and death for some people.

Obviously, for me, the highlights of the night were the Shield matches.   The low point, finding out that RVD is returning to WWE at the next ppv Money In The Bank.  That news just right off ruined next month's ppv for me. Ruined!
But that's another rant for another ppv.

Love Ardeth Blood.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can we see this at Payback?

Spudguns!  (you haven't been called that in a long time on this blog eh? I know, I'm pulling out all the old catch phrases this week)  I'm thinking, and I'm chatting with the um other so called wrestling fans, and I'm thinking some more, cause that's what I do most.

I think.  And then I over think, then I have a coffee and over think some more.

What I would like to see happen at WWE Payback next week... uh huh. To be honest, not sure. But, I thought I'd come in here and slatter on a bit.

Well, I know that Wade Barrett has a match for his Intercontinental Championship in a three way vs Miz and Fandango.   Notice I highlighted Mr. Barrett, that's cause he's the only important one in this match. I hope he hangs on to this belt till Summer Slam. Just cause. And wears the red.

The Tag Team belts  currently held by part of the Shield Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. We know they are setting up to have them defend their titles, the question is, will it be against the members of Team Hell No- Bryan and Kane, or will it be against Bryan and someone new?  That's a tough one? They are starting to show us that there are more tag teams in the company then we original were aware of. The Usos, Prime Time Players, Wyatt Family... personally, I'd like to see Shield in a six man with Dean Ambrose who is the current United States champion, against Hell No and Orton. And let the other listed tag teams battle it out in a Number #1 contenders match.  I know that the Usos are looking to be the next in line, but really I'm loving Husky um I mean Bray Wyatt and his Wyatt Family. (if you haven't been watching NXT, you'll understand when they jump over)  But, getting back to the Shield, can we make that a six man 2/3 falls submissions match....PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I keep begging every ppv I keep begging.

And just keeping inline with my desire to see NXT guys get a better push, would love to see Brad Maddox calling some of the matches at the ppv.  Or whomever the current NXT Tag Champs are by then maybe sitting at ringside just observing the Shield...that's what I want.

Till Later, Love Ardeth Blood