Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What would I like to see on NXT

I'm digging on this Kassius Ohno.
I just wish someone would take a pair of clippers to his hair and beard.

I'd like to see Seth Rollins keep this belt for awhile.  Let's see if he can make it at lest till the end of February before someone takes it from him.

And, I'd like to know who the fan in the chicken head is?  Seriously, for something like 5 episodes in a row there was a fan sitting ring side in the right hand corner of the screen in a chicken head.  
Did they wander in on their lunch break from a KFC or something?  Are they a school mascot from some local place where the show is taped?  Is it another wrestler who doesn't want to be recognized? Dude, I need to know the mystery here. It's distracting me from paying attention to the tag matches, and WWE NXT is the only decent show WWE has lately for tag teams.  I mean serious tag teams.

Now, while I'm here, let me just add a quick note about the new kid's show WWE Saturday Morning Slam.... I checked out two weeks worth of it and am really disappointed.  I know, it's geared for little kids, but it's just missing something.  

And I'd like to comment on that new one that started this week  Main Event... only that channel is not available in my area.  I was hoping it would be carried on our sports channel like all the other WWE stuff, but it's not.