Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Night of Champions love hate

Right off, I have to say I hope Roman Reigns heals fully and quickly.

I have to selfishly admit that the originally scheduled match between Reigns and Seth Rollins was the only reason I had ordered this ppv; and if I had known the situation, I would have passed on Night of Champions.

Match #1- Tag Team titles... Usos vs the Dust Busters. Star Dust and Gold Dust got the win, getting the titles.

Match #2-United States title... Sheamus vs Cesaro.  My god, I was blinded and slightly freaked out when I saw that facial scruff Sheamus is trying to pass for a beard. Gross! Shave it, damn it! Sheamus got the pin and managed to keep the title.

Match #3- I.C. title  Miz/Sandow vs Ziggler/R-Truth.  I was wondering why at first glance, Jericho and Slater were coming to ringside, then I realized it wasn't them.  And just because Sandow was dressed up like some Matrix-goth-dollie, didn't mean JBL had to compare him to Bela Lugosi... Miz got the pin with a dirty tights tug and won the title.

Seth Rollins came to the ring in his gear ready to wrestle... to "we want Ambrose" chants, and just like a few months ago at the ppv, Rollins had himself declared the winner by forfeit...(think I spelled it right this time) He then issued an open challenge, and a taxi pulled up barely getting to stop as Dean Ambrose ran out and made his way to the ring.  We had a small brawl, with Ambrose first running around jumping off of the backdrop/lighting on the stage like he usually does to the announce booths, before getting handcuffed and carried away.  Two minutes of Ambrose made up for everything else.

Match #4- Henry vs Rusev.  Rusev got a submission over Henry.

Match #5-Jericho vs Orton.  Orton got the win.

Match #6- women's match, that's bathroom break time for me.

Main Event- Cena vs Brock for the title  Seth Rollins came into the ring hitting Cena with the case. He then turned to look at Brock who was knocked out. Rollins curb stomped Brock and went to hand in his case, cashing it in. But Cena beat him up some, and Brock recovered giving Cena an F5.  Cena won by dq, but Brock still has the Heavyweight championship.

Seth Rollins still has the #1 contender's case as the match never officially started on the cash in.   That I didn't see coming. I don't think Rollins vs Brock would be a good idea at all. He should wait another few weeks/months until Cena has the title then cash in.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

night of champions pre-thoughts

Okay, so this weekend, we've got Cena vs Brock, Jericho vs Orton, Miz vs Ziggler, Usos vs Dust Busters, Henry vs Rusev, Sheamus vs Cesaro, and Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins.

Here's what I think will go down...

Orton will devour Jericho, Miz will cheat to win over Ziggler, Dust Busters will get a moonglourious win over Usos, Henry will loose to Rusev because of a disqualification, Cesaro will gain the belt off of Sheamus, Cena will beat the beast, and it will be a double disqualification on the Reigns - Rollins match.

Let's just get straight to the meat of it shall we...why on earth do I think it will be a double dq on the former Shield boys? Because I believe that  Dean Ambrose will make his return during that match. Which means, either it will just turn into a stain sending crimson droplets of hot liquid rubies everywhere, or if someone can keep them on a leash long enough, it will turn into a handicap match, or depending how Reigns feels about Ambrose peeing on his fence, it might become a triple threat. Either way, no one will be crowned the winner, and that will just leave Rollins with more to prove hence, cashing in his case on Raw the next night. 

Outside the ring, my magic mirror is saying that the new guy what's his handle will replace JBL on announce booth, giving Cole someone interesting to play off of. It's way beyond time to dump King and JBL.

stake you after the ppv
Love Ardeth Blood