Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Good news, bad news, maybe news?

So by the state of this blog, my faithful Spudguns!, you have guessed that the last few months my disgust with WWE has led me to stop following wrestling for the moment.

Which is why I'm like the last person to find out about things. Like the fact Global Force Wrestling exists.

I've seen the logo for GFW on youtube but haven't bothered to look into it...till today.  Let me backtrack just an inch...

Back in the day, I was a massive WCW fan. When TNA started on Spike TV, I was glued, didn't miss an episode until Spike stopped carrying it last December (2014). Then, just found trying to hunt it down online too much of a hassle cause I would get a lot of "sorry that video is not available in your country"  crap.  So whoa is me my life is so complex.  Needless to say, I was forced in a backass sort of way to give up on my beloved TNA.

Right. Fast forward to the last week. Specifically the last 72 hours. Every time I refresh the page on youtube, I get a bunch of these "we think you'll like this" recommendations for GFW.  So, I finally clicked on it to see if that would make the recommendation change.  And learned Jeff Jarrett has created a new wrestling company.

Yes, I know for so many this is not just old news but ancient news. Well, for me it's new news so just...anyways, checked out the roaster and am pleased to find out Chris Sabin is part of the company.  Yay! happy dance...then five minutes later learn he's re-injured himself...sad standing still pouting.
See the chattery comments suggesting that Alex Shelley will be taking his place. Massive happy dance...then see chattery comments about Shelley having injured himself recently...extreme sad standing still pouting with a side of slouched shoulders.

With the injury reports and fan surmising aside, all I want to know is will Global Force Wrestling be airing on television in general cause I didn't see anything on their wikipedia page or official youtube or website saying if it was going to be or just online; and if so, will it air on Canadian television? Cause we seem to get arse jacked a lot as of late with the whole not available in Canada; be it online or otherwise.  Has to be my biggest pet peeve when I go to watch a website like WB or NBC or Hallmark or something only to get a video of snow that has that "this content is not available in your country".

And...will the MotorCityMachine Guns! ever get back together?  That is if Sabin ever wrestles again?

Love Ardeth Blood