Sunday, November 24, 2013

Loved and Hated Survivor Series 2013

Once again, here's what I loved and hated about the ppv tonight...

Pre-show: Miz vs Kofi Kingston.  Well, it took way too long to actually get to the match. Under 15 minutes in the countdown pre-show, and they still hadn't started the match.  Miz got the win.

First match- Traditional 5 on 5 match. Rey Mysterio/Usos/Rhodes brothers vs Shield/the Real Americans.   Sitting here hoping that the Shield turn on the Authority tonight.   Dean Ambrose was the first to be eliminated by Cody Rhodes.  That put me in a crap mood.  Swagger was eliminated, but I didn't see by who. Cesaro was eliminated by Cody.  This left it a 5 on 2 -Rollins and Reigns were left on the Shield's team. Jimmy Uso was eliminated by Reigns. Cody was eliminated by Reigns. Jay Uso was eliminated by Rollins. This left it as a two on two.  Seth Rollins was eliminated by Mysterio. This left it a two on one- Golddust and Mysterio vs Roman Reigns. Golddust was eliminated by Reigns. This became a one on one. With Roman Reigns getting the win.  Glad to see at lest someone from the Shield survived. Would have liked to see Ambrose and Rollins come back out to celebrate, but...

Second match- Intercontinental championship match.  Curtis Axel vs Big E.  Big E got the win. Crap! I was screaming at the tv for Axel to cheat if he had to to get the title back. Damn it! Not happy.

Third match- women's - didn't watch.

Fourth match- Ryback vs Mark Henry.  This went to Henry.

Fifth match- Cena vs Del Rio. Cena got the pin and kept his Heavyweight title.

Sixth match- Wyatt Family vs C.M. Punk/Daniel Bryan.  Punk managed to get the pin.

Main event-  Orton vs Big Show.  Orton got the win and keeps his WWE title.

Okay, so what would I like to see become the fall out of this ppv?   I would like to see Rollins and Reigns get their tag titles back, Axel get the Intercontinental championship back, the Shield turn on the Authority, and Cesaro to split from Swagger.  I think that Cesaro is the one man who could give Dean Ambrose a wicked feud.
Everyone has their favourites, and right now most of mine- besides the Shield- are in NXT.(at the time of this posting, Corey Graves, Leo Kruger, Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore, Tyler Breeze)  I think I said it once before, but it would be cool to see NXT get their own ppv, or at lest a few matches on one of the ppvs.   As I said in my last post the other day, this ppv could have been a great chance to have had some of the NXT guys in a traditional Survivor Series match. I think it was a mistake not going that route.
Really hated the "backstage" crap. Would like to have one ppv where there is no backstage crap.

till later
love Ardeth Blood.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Survivor Series pre thoughts

The day before the yearly Survivor Series pay-per-view.   What do I have to say about it? Not much.

Let's see, we've got the typical players... Cena vs Del Rio, Orton vs Big Show, C.M.Punk and Daniel Bryan - who are going against the Wyatts.   Curtis Axel vs Big E,  the Miz vs Kofi, and a big traditional match with all the tag teams.

So what do I think will happen?   Cena will win, Big Show will win, the Wyatts will win, Axel will win, Kofi will win, and the Shield will be left standing on their team's side.

What would I like to see happen?

I'd like to see all three members of the Shield standing tall at the end of the traditional match.  I would also like to see some other NXT guys invade the show.  This could have been a perfect chance to bring in some of the NXT wrestlers as a traditional team.  If this was me planning the show, I would have had Leo Kruger, Corey Graves, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Enzo Amore as team NXT vs the Shield, Cesaro and Punk as team WWE. 

And what happened to Kassius Ohno?   Little pissed to hear he isn't in the company anymore.

Till after the ppv,
love Ardeth Blood.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random talking about...

Tag Teams.

Survivor Series is this weekend, and with all the talk about teams, I got thinking about tag teams in general.
In the last year and a half, the tag team divisions in the two biggest companies WWE and TNA, have gone through some major ups and downs.  Here's my personal list of current top 5 tag teams in the two companies.

1. Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.  (WWE)

2. Eric Young and Joseph Park (TNA)

3. Bad Influence : Kaz and Christopher Daniels (TNA)

4. The Usos (WWE)

5. Cesaro and Swagger (WWE)

I love Eric Young. I think he doesn't get enough air time, and pairing him up with Park, you get the perfect balance of talent and comedy.  They know how to work well together and how to keep the story going even when there really isn't much of a story for them to work with.

Bad Influence... one of the few tag teams on television that seems to have a real chemistry. You know when they are in a match, you're in for pure wrestling.

The Real Americans...okay they are on this list for one reason and one reason only. CESARO! 

The Usos. I have to admit, it's taken a really long time for me to get into these guys.  For all the talent they have, there is still something missing for me.

Rollins and Reigns.  WHY HAVEN'T THEY GOTTEN THEIR BELTS BACK?  Top of my list, and you would think the easiest to talk about given they are my favourites, but as I sit here all I can think is why don't these two have gold at the moment?  Possibly one of the best tag teams in the last five years, they surprised me.  In the beginning, when the Shield came on the scene, I thought they were going to section Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as tag partners for the titles, giving Roman Reigns the United States title, but in a very brilliant turn, they partnered Rollins and Reigns and not only does it work completely, it makes sense.  Between the cruiser weight style and ability of Rollins, and the grounded strength of Reigns, you've got the entire system from back to front.  Before anything else happens to the Shield, Rollins and Reigns need to hold tag gold once more.

And just for the hell of it...

Two tag teams I would love to see get back together for one more match against each other, are TNA's MotorCityMachine Guns! and Beer Money.   I think when you mention tag teams of the last decade, both those teams come screaming to mind.

love Ardeth Blood.