Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If Miz is the champ...

Does that mean that the Bore-Spore Alex Riley is the first lady?  Well, just saying, that if he's under a "personal services contract"  unless he suddenly shows up with a certificate in Butler School Charm, it sounds more like a ...well you get where my filthy mind sits.

So that was the main event this past Monday on RAW.  Sort of.
It was suppose to be Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett.  Which it was, much to the shock and horror of Barrett who thought he'd won by default after his crew, the Nexus had given Orton the five minute beat down. But Orton hobbled to the ring on his now injured right knee and still managed to slap the hair gel out of Jughead Jones... er Wade Barrett to keep the title.  Then Miz came down to cash in his Money in the Bank case for a shot, pinning Orton and becoming the new champ. 

Speaking of Barrett,  seriously dude the hair.  Fix the hair cause you're a fairly hansom slab of maleness, it's the only thing holding you back from the photo ops.

So, with Miz now in the drivers seat of RAW, what does this mean?

Will Miz be able to hold on to the belt if Barrett, who clearly is the latest flavour of the month, decides to pick on him?  Could this open up a nice secondary feud between Miz's tag partner the Bore-Spore Alex Riley and say either Husky Harris or Michel McGillicuty, who was against him in NXT season two, given that both Harris/McGillicuty are Nexus now and the Bore-Spore is Miz's unofficial tag partner?   OR could the Bore-Spore turn on Miz and go for the belt himself? 

We could see a decent feud between Miz and Sheamus for a few weeks. I just can not seem to get into the idea at all of a solid Miz/Orton feud. Lest not at this point in time. 

Does this mean we will continue to be tortured by the very annoying high pitched wail of asskissing that Michel Cole does over the Miz? Maybe the new RAW announcer CM Punk will do the rest of us a favour and rip Cole's vocal cords out though his nose with a fork. 
I feel sorry for Punk having to sit there with those two boobs every week.

Speaking of photo ops, after Sheamus had won his King of the Ring qualifying match and was hanging off the ropes on the apron and the camera zoomed up to see the smirk on his face, I was thinking that would make a great magazine cover. 
Even though the Smackdown choices have not qualified yet,  my money is on Sheamus for King of the Ring next week.  Which is a 3 hour show. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Death of the Tag Teams

Well only for WWE anyways.   It's the talk as of late for fans.  It has also been the topic of a few other spoiler sheets and pro-wrestling articles.   The end of the tag team division for the biggest company around. 
I'm not shocked either.  No one is. 

The second Nexus took the belts, the nails were charged into the coffin lid.  Now, this week's episode of Raw, saw the end of the Hart Dynasty.  Tyson Kidd walked away leaving Smith to the wolves.  Honestly, as sad as I am to see the only legit tag team in the company crumble, I'm sort of glad too.  Kidd has more talent then Smith, I don't care who his family is, Smith was the weak link.

As far as Nexus goes,  Slater is the weak link. Toss him, I'll feel better.  And talk about belts that are needing a make over. God those things are ugly. I don't care how new or expensive they are, they hurt my eyes.

Can anything save the WWE's tag division at this point?  Nothing is really coming to mind.  Team Uso might, if you gave them someone of their training to feud with.

Here's what I would do if it was me in the writing room,  wait till Evan Bourne returns from surgery in a few months and either have him join Nexus therefore replacing Slater by teaming him up with Gabriel or kick Gabriel out of Nexus letting him team with Bourne. 
And I can't stand either of those guys. I just think they would make a glueable (cohesive) team. They have the same style and speed, not too sure on their heights but Gabriel looks to be closer to Bourne's height. 

Miz and Bore-Spore Alex Riley make an impressionable image.  I would have Miz cash in his Money in the Bank contract and loose, opening the door for an official tag team with his unofficial tag partner the Bore-Spore.

Let's turn to the darkside for a moment, this new dude Tyler Reks.  I could see him teaming with Drew McIntyre and forming a solid team.

 All I can say is that I've been a tag team fan for decades and have been disappointed greatly in the last six years by WWE's tag division.  Either step it up or just drop it for a year until you get some real tag team talent.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

TNA Reaction for Nov 11th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on Nov 13th 2010

We open with the tail end of the match between Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Douglas Williams/Beer Money Inc.   Morgan won.
Jeff Hardy came out then with an attack from behind and the ugliest belt I've seen ever.  EVER! 

Cut to camera 1, Bishoff and Hogan talking about the new direction and the new ugly belt.

Cut to camera 2, Matt Morgan the evil druid talking about how the ref did a bad job at the ppv.

Cut to camera 3, Jeff Hardy talking about a rematch with Morgan.

Cut to camera 4, Brother Devon talking about Brother Ray and the turn.

Cut to camera 5, RVD and Tommy Dreamer talking about the screw job by EV2's Rhino

Cut to camera 3 again, Hardy promo. Giving a bit more on his new view of the world. There is a reason he's got the black and purple going for anyone who's not into the occult... I'll leave it at that.

Cut to camera 1 again, Hogan yammering on about how the business needed a twisting up. And Bishoff talking about the need to strip it all down and rebuild.  That would be the Death and Tower cards in tarot.

THEN THE VIDEO PLAYER CRAPPED OUT!   this is on the Spike official site.  I don't know if it's the video player you guys are using, or if there was tech issues with the tape the other night, or if it's where there is so many people logging on to watch that it caused a traffic jam but there was about 6minutes of footage that just stayed paused on Hardy's close up but the clock was still counting down that it should be playing. 

Cut to camera 2 again, Morgan talking about the ref being a rookie, this would be at the 15minute mark of the show on the site.

Cut to camera 6, Robert Roode discussing the handicap match he was part of earlier in the night.

Cut to camera 7, Kaz talking about how Douglas Williams lost the match earlier.

Cut to camera 4, back to Brother Devon talking about getting knocked out by Ray.

Cut to camera 8, we see Brother Ray start to beat the crap out of the interviewer... seriously? That guy is back in the wrestling business?  That dude from Wonder Years... isn't he part of the reason WCW went under?

Cut to camera 6 again, Beer Money Inc giving their point of view on the end of Team 3D.... how much trouble would I get if I asked James Storm to cut his hair like an inch?  Beautiful man too long hair.

Cut to camera 5 again, RVD on trust. then Tommy Dreamer showed off his scares

Cut to camera 9, Jay Lethal talking about how Cookie is the issue not Robbie. This could be a very interesting feud.

Cut to camera 10 Robbie and Cookie talking like ....
Then Another tech issue where it skipped a good five minutes worth.  Dude, I must have reloaded the damned page 6 times and it still jumped to the end segment.
Cut to camera 11 Rhino talking about Sabu.
Cut to camera 6 again, brief bit of Beer Money Inc, before jumping into Abyss talking about the end of an era.  Jump to Kaz and A.J. Styles being uber angry.

Not too bad an episode this week, minus all the tech issues. Seriously, it's a 42minute show; it should not take me 2 hours to watch because of all the tech issues.

No I did not do a post for Impact this week cause once again, I thought Impact blew goat.

Reaction gets a C

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raw for the week of Nov 8th 2010-Highlights

We opened with Cena reading an intro for Wade Barrett. Then the camera swung around to the announce booth and we see Josh Mathews on the mic.  THANK GOD! finally someone who is worthy to listen to. Barrett needs to do something about that Jughead Jones slicked back comic book hair. I mean seriously, how much gel is in that? I always find it funny when you hear cheers for someone who most of the time is booed. But, given they were in England, it made for an interesting noise to hear half the crowd cheering Barrett.
Can I have your attention please I received an email from somebody of no importance  and I quote... this gimmick is tired and boring. Just expose the general manager already. 

The Hart Dynasty vs Usos.  Usos win.  
Goldust vs DiBiase. Goldust won.
Cena vs David Otunga. Cena won 
Tea Party with Santino and Sheamus. Which turned into a match.  Sheamus won by a dq when Santino went for a low blow.
Team Orton (Randy Orton/Miz/R-Truth/Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry) with the Bore-Spore Alex Riley in their corner  vs Team Nexus. (Husky Harris/McGillicuty/Slater/Gabreille/Barrett) and Cena as the special ref.  Otunga came down mid match for Nexus corner.  Barrett's team got the win because Miz and the Bore-Spore Alex Riley turned on Orton.

Your Match of the night.... isn't really a match. It's the Tea Party with Sheamus.  I wonder how long they thought about the ginger tea joke, which got a smirk out of Sheamus. When the camera swung around to get the close up, it looked like Sheamus was trying not to laugh. Of course, all the jokes were about his skin tone and hair colour. Then of course, Santino spilled the tea on Sheamus, well more like tossed the tea pot at 90 miles an hour. Now, I have to admit, Sheamus holding up the hem of his shirt to show us his belly had my attention. 
Now, if you've been reading me this last year throughout the internet, you know I've been very vocal about liking Sheamus.  I think he's beautiful as well as being talented. So few weeks ago when they started the feud between Sheamus and Santino, my reaction was oh god who did the poor guy piss off behind the scenes to be dumbed down to mid-card status  Then I remembered having seen old footage of Sheamus in his indie days, and the humour that he laced the footage with.  But, it seems to be more of a set up for a feud with John Morrison and Sheamus.  I don't understand why they have to go through all this extra crap with Santino if it's going to lead to a Sheamus vs Morrison in time?  Why not just skip on to Morrison vs Sheamus? 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

TNA Reaction for Nov 4th 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Nov 6th 2010

I took a four day weekend last week from any kind of reviews (wrestling and book) because it was Hallowe'en.  With that said...

We open Reaction with Matt Morgan the evil druid, having just pinned Bishoff and signing a contract to be in the ppv this weekend against Jeff Hardy.  Interesting switch up there and I have to say not a bad move at all.

Cut to camera 1, Jeff Hardy giving us an English lesson of sorts with what he believes Immortal stands for.

Cut to camera 2, Bishoff telling us why he fired a ref earlier in the night.

Cut to camera 3, Matt Morgan telling us why he has turned on Fortune.

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talks about how he did not sell out.

Cut to camera 5, Samoa Joe talked about not having any true friends in the company.

Cut to camera 1, more with Hardy discussing Jeff Jarrett and his part in the latest twist. One thing, do we really need to see Hardy licking the belt all the time?  No no we do not. Icky.

Cut to camera 6, Rhino talking about the fact that at the ppv this weekend, someone in their group will get fired if they loose.

Cut to camera 7, Stevie Richards adding to the pot about how they all know it's coming.

Cut to camera 8, Raven giving his take on this issue as well, and might I add looking as only Raven can look.

Cut to camera 9, Tommy Dreamer adding his take on this EV2/RVD issue.

Cut to camera 10 Full Shot of EV2 (everything has been in medium close ups to this point... sorry I miss working in tv)  talking about the issue, tossing out questions the way the fans do when hanging in forums.  Which was a cool.

Cut to camera 11, Douglas Williams and Kazarian talking about the match they had earlier in the night, against each other.  Bit of mess dripping into Fortune, will Williams be the next out of the gang? and by the by Flair on Impact earlier had called Williams ugly... shame on you! Douglas Williams is a million times sexier then you.

Cut to camera 12,  Pope talking about his new feud with Abyss.  I do like the demon/saint theory that's always an interesting way to roll even when it's just sort of metaphorically being used for a chat.

Cut to camera 13, Abyss with his reply to Pope's challenge about a lumber jack match at the ppv. A lumber jack match that will contain members of the crowd if I understand proper?  Should be interesting.

Cut to camera 14, Chris Sabin talking about their match against the Team 3D at the ppv, the retirement match.  Zoom out to see Alex Shelley who made the comment about how Team 3D is the last of a dying breed as far as great teams go.

Cut to camera 15, and we get Team 3D's take on their choice to ask the MMG for this match.

Cut back to camera 14, Sabin again giving respect to Team 3D,

I still would like to know what happens to the belts if 3D win; will new belts be issued for the MMG? Will a tournament be held? Cause if the MMG loose to Team 3D and they retire, then wouldn't Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin still actually be the champs or just the number one contenders? See this is too much for my zombie brain to compute.
The last few minutes of the show was a montage of snips from everything.

I have to say, it's good to see someone finally listened to the Fans as far as the Spike site goes, as the MMG blog, Impact and Reaction were all up on time this week. Huge thanks for that.

No, I did not do a review for Impact this week because I was disappointed by this week's Impact.  I thought it sucked.  Reaction however,  I was very impressed with.

This week's episode of Reaction gets a B+