Sunday, July 14, 2013

Money in the Bank 2013 Love and Hated

Sunday night. Interior, mother's, situation - tried to order ppv and three times message flashed on the screen telling me that the other shows in the dvr had to be removed.  They were mom's shows, I took them out and ordered the ppv.  Mom's not happy. But oh well on with the blog post...

The pre-show.... First of all, good to see Vickie as part of the announce group.   Usos vs Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. This is for the tag team belts. They went to a commercial in the middle of the match. Dude really?  The Shield won and kept their titles.  Yes, very happy. Love that!

World Heavyweight ladder match... Shield member Dean Ambrose got a large cheer from the crowd when he was introduced. Fandango, Swagger, Cesaro, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and Wade Barrett where then introduced. Wade wore the blue, never a good sign.  Ambrose ended up between the ladder more then once, using it to his advantage with skill, and  put a wicked DDT from the middle of the ladder on Swagger.  The other members of the Shield came out to help Ambrose, then the Usos came out to get revenge, stupid letting Sandow get the sneak in there.  NOT happy. Damn it! I wanted Ambrose to get the case. Now I'm pissed off.

Brad Maddox made an appearance... I like the Brad Maddox.

the Miz vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship.  Heyman was sent to the back, but the crowd right off started to chant that they want Heyman.  Well, our household was split on this one, I was cheering for Axel, mom was cheering for Miz.  Axel got the win and kept his title.

Jericho vs Ryback... I really thought that Vickie was going to make her return by being his manager, but with her on announce team, seems I was wrong...for now. Ryback won.

I'm still pissed about Ambrose not getting the case. Will be for a very long time.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight title...and it went to Del Rio by dq and he keeps the belt.

Cena vs Mark Henry for the WWE championship... Cena came out to nearly a full house of boos. Haha!  And after countless tries, Cena was able to get Henry up for his trademark slam, but Henry kicked out. Cena managed to get him in a submissions in the middle of the ring, and Henry had to tap. He TAPPED!.

Where are the Wyatts in all this?  Okay, no sooner did I type that sentence then they did a promo of the Wyatts...

The all star ladder match... RVD, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Orton, Sheamus, CM Punk.   There was one point where it looked like Orton had frealed up his knee, after having landed funny from falling off the ladder. Sheamus took a horrible fall hurting himself, looked like his arm. Curtis Axel came running in, demolishing Bryan until Punk gave Axel a GTS. Heyman came out yelling at Axel. And the crowd screaming full on we want Heyman. Then Heyman beat up Punk with a ladder...Orton RKO'ed RVD thank god!  Orton got the case.  Thank frealing god it was not RVD.

Still pissed off about Ambrose not getting the case. Still!

Okay, so half the show didn't turn out like I wanted, but things will be shaken up a little, and we can look forward to new storylines and feuds over the next few months...and yes still unhappy about Ambrose not getting the case.

Love Ardeth Blood.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What do I think the fallout of Money in the Bank will be?

So yet another ppv this weekend, and as always, I've got thoughts on it.  I know I said few weeks ago, that it was already ruined for me with the fact RVD is returning via the ppv. I do not like RVD.  I think he's part of what was the downfall for TNA... but anyways, here's what I think will happen this weekend at the ppv.

Pre-show: I want the Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to keep their titles. I think they will end up loosing to the Usos.  I want Rollins/Reigns to stay on top no matter what it takes, any means necessary.

Jerico vs Ryback : I think Vickie will make a big return by being Ryback's manager.

Miz vs Curtis Axel : I think Axel will keep his Intercontinental Championship.

World Heavyweight contract money in the bank match: I want and think Shield member Dean Ambrose is going to have this one. 

All Stars Money in the Bank match: I want CM Punk to win, I think RVD is going to be handed the damn thing.

Dolph Ziggler vs Del Rio: World Heavyweight Championship, I think it's going to go to Ziggler. 

Cena vs Mark Henry: I think Cena is going to win, and keep the belt. 

Why I think all this, let's start with the obvious feuds that will come out after the weekend. 

1) RVD or Punk getting the All Star briefcase, will lead to a typical feud with Cena. Makes sense, could lead to some interesting back and forth over the next two months. Not too mention, a great three way storyline- Cena/Punk/RVD- with Heyman dead center.

2) There is already a decent feud started between Ambrose and Christian. I can see Ambrose holding on to his title with Christian challenging him for either the U.S. belt or his briefcase for a shot at ...

3) Ziggler.  Christian vs Ziggler for the title or Ambrose vs Ziggler for the title at say Survivor Series would make for a great match. And yeah, I'm still begging for the Shield to some how at some point be in a six man 2/3 falls submission match. I'll keep nagging and begging till I see it.

4) Wyatt Family.   I've gone on record on GetGlue saying that I think the Wyatt's are either going to be connected to Brad Maddox or the Shield.  I'm really leaning now to a story where Brad Maddox is a member of the Wyatt Family all this time, and would love love love to see a big feud form for the tag belts between the Shield and the Wyatt's. 

Okay, that's how I see this weekend's ppv turning out, and the next few months. 

Love Ardeth Blood. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's talk a bit about Seth Rollins

By now, you've heard me talk about how I chat with other fans on GetGlue.
Some of it's good, some not so much. Always interesting.   Someone asked me earlier what it is that I like about Seth Rollins ?  (aka Tyler Black)  The guy in question was ranting about the whole Shield in general...and well you know me by now.

So my answer to him was that Seth Rollins could have a match against a sofa pillow and still make it seem like the greatest thing in decades, he's that damned good.  That talented.

I've commented before countless of times, how I'm always in awe when I watch his matches, with the way he flies around the ring, the heights he manages, the skill he shows at submission matches.

I could go on like that for awhile.  I can't say enough good stuff about him. (yeah bit of a fang-girl fan-girl)  He needs more gold. 

I like this dude, and was fairly pissed off when he lost the NXT title few months back.  I like that currently, he's part of the tag champs (at the time of this posting)  and that he's got a fairly large storyline.  I just wish he'd do something about that hair. (yeah, the only bad thing I have to say about him is that I hate that half blonde half dark thing)

So, as I'm sitting here tonight chatting with people about wrestling, I just thought I would post about the hot topic.

I want to see Seth Rollins take over the show.

Love Ardeth Blood.