Sunday, October 26, 2014

loved hated Hell in Cell 2014

My Spudguns! I missed saying that. Well, it's that time of the month night. That Sunday when you are allowed to sit right in front of the screen, scream at a bunch of guys as they do something stupid you want to slap them for while throwing food at the screen...okay only if it's like popcorn or something dry and crunchy that can be vacuumed up. And this would be my blog post of what happened, peppered heavily with my rude self absorbed thoughts. 

Pre-show : The Miz tv segment with Sandow just blew man. Hate
Paul Heyman's reaction to the fact shucky-ducky-quack-quack was the twitter trend, was the best part of the pre-show. 
Mark Henry vs Bo Dallas.  Henry got the pin in 30 seconds. Shocker for ya Eh?

Match #1-Cesao vs Dolph Ziggler. This is a two out of three falls match for the Intercontinental title. I loved this! If you've been reading my stuff much at all, you know that I'm always begging for 2/3 falls matches.
Ziggler got the first fall.
Ziggler got the second fall. winning and keeping his title.  Damn, Cesaro didn't get a fall at all, though he was close with about ten near falls, but he seemed to injure his arm near the beginning of the match and just didn't seem to be able to hold on to some of the moves. 

Match #2-women' know I never watch the women's matches...I went to make nachos...

Match #3-Usos vs Dust Busters for the Tag Team titles. I mean seriously, I speak bizarreness but even I don't understand Star Dust. I keep waiting for him to scream out moonglourious... Dust Busters got the pin, keeping their titles.

Match #4-Cena vs Orton Hell in a Cell match.  This is listed as the second of the main events, and to be honest I thought it would be the main event tonight, given it's Cena and Orton. Cena got the win after roughly 40 minutes. Of course he did.

Match #5-Sheamus vs Miz for the U.S. title. I loved that Cole and the rest of the announce booth were going on about Vodun (voodoo), just got my attention loud. Love that the crowd were cheering for Sandow and not Miz. Sheamus won with a pin, keeping the U.S. title.  Sheamus had them dancing the YMCA like puppets, dude that was cool.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Stephanie's theme song? Seriously, you would think that someone who's character is this larger then life character, would have something a little Every time I hear her theme song I just think of a bunch of bad music videos from 1998. Almost every RnB/Rap song from like 1998/1999 had the female singer/group on dirt bikes in the desert or drag racing or something, and that's what her theme song reminds me of. I just think it's time for her to update her song. Something more intimidating the way Triple H has the Motorhead song. It fits his character. I think her character has evolved and the music should too.

Match #6- Big Show vs Rusav. Big Show managed to get him tied up like a knot but Rusav grabbed the ropes breaking the hold. Mark Henry came down to the ring and I started wondering if he was going to run in...but Rusav got the win by submission. Show tapped out.

Dean Ambrose's promo was...totally missed by me cause I started laughing when I heard the Dracula line...

Match #7- women' time for me.

Main Event-  Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in the second Hell in a Cell match... I'm hoping for barbed wire, I like barbed wire it's tragic and wicked and the metal version of thorns...but Ambrose didn't pack any with the tables, chairs, sticks. as he screamed "we're all going to die tonight" then climbed the cage from the outside.  Rollins brought back up with Noble and Mercury.
From the Shield to the Authority to his back up, Rollins has been part of a trio the whole 2 years he's been a main character.
First half was on top of the cage, as Rollins climbed up after him. And the cameraman was at a view point where you could see their footshelves, just before they fell almost 20 feet down onto the announce booth. Rollins was injured, having landed wrong, while Ambrose barely moving.
Ambrose then jumped up and attacked Rollins, throwing him into the cage, locking it. The match then officially began. Damn! 
Kane ran in with a fire extinguisher spraying Ambrose.
Then the lights went out, we heard Bray Wyatt chanting, then he torn into the cage, giving Ambrose a DDT, letting Rollins score the win.

Okay...I need another coffee.
till next time  Love Ardeth Blood

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