Thursday, November 29, 2012

My thoughts for the week of Nov 29th 2012

Well, maybe someone at WWE was reading me few hours before the Survivor Series (see my last post) because, it would seem that they decided to do a few of the things on my wish list.
They let CM Punk keep his title, they added an extra traditional match and they had Seth Rollins on the ppv.

Of course, they didn't do it the way I was thinking but, still I think the fans got the better end of things.

And if they didn't read me before hand, then I must be becoming semi-psychic. Which would be cool in itself.

So what do I think of the show in the last few weeks?

Plus side- Wade Barrett has been on announce team a few matches, we need more of that. MORE! and he does look damn fine doing so. (then again I've been saying for how long I think he's good looking and talented. More so since getting the hair cut and short beard)

Minus side- The AJ/Cena story.  God get over it! That's all they've had her do in the last year is tag along with the men, copying them.  Daniel Bryan, then Kane, then CM Punk now Cena, and she just copies their look and mannerisms.  Seriously, dude it's just annoying to see her stand there doing their speech patterns, delivering her lines like they do.  Get the whole thing over, it's like a bad deja vu.

Speaking of which, why are we seeing this again this  year in wrestling anyways?  TNA already did a crazied "non-affair" at the beginning of the year with their own AJ Styles.  Of which Mr. Styles commented on in a recent TNA Impact episode.

Dude, have we really become that out of ideas that the raping of Shakespeare is being done so close to each other ? (I explained the term back here) 

And the Aces and Eights story over on TNA.  Dude, bored now.  Didn't they try starting this a few years ago when Samoa Joe was mysteriously taken in a van and a video was sent saying simply that "they're coming"  and then the story was totally dropped... nothing said again. 
Then suddenly we have this which has been dragging on for months and it's just pointless now.

What I would like to see happen on TNA is Aries get the title back, Styles slip back into the X-Division, and for the return properly of Abyss. At lest explain why Abyss has the personality issue.

love Ardeth Blood 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

If the WWE is smart....

For me getting a ppv now a-days is a rare thing.  Tonight is WWE's Survivor Series, and I'm weighing the pros and cons about ordering it tonight.

This included going to the WWE website and checking the line up for tonight.  And to be honest, I'm really not sure how 5 matches will translate into a 3 hour show?
6 matches if you include the online preshow, but I don't so...

If WWE is smart, they will grab a few of their NXT guys and have a couple of extra matches or a traditional survivor series match with them.
Think about it, what better way to promote someone like Seth Rollins who happens to be the NXT champ right now, then to put him up on a ppv?

Makes sense wouldn't it?

Or to add some speed to the feud that has been building lately on NXT (which we get Friday supper time where I am just before Smackdown)  between Kassius Ohno and well... everyone.

It would be smart too, letting CM Punk keep the title for another few days, giving him a title reign that goes over the 365 day mark.