Monday, May 28, 2012

Highlights for WWE Raw for May 28th 2012

We open with Big Show coming to the ring. It's official, he's gone Heel.
He ranted for the whole time he was out there about Cena and how he's got him in his view finder.
First match was between Albert Del Rio and Santino.  This has more to do with getting the ring announcer out of that role and into the role of an active wrestler.   This was over in thirty seconds, with Del Rio slapping on his arm breaker.

We then went backstage and saw Alex Riley for the first time in months. Too bad he got shoved into the brick wall by Big Show.

The second match of the night was a tag team match for the belts.  Kofi/R-Truth vs Swagger/Ziggler.  This wasn't much of a match either, R-Truth got the pin over Swagger and got the win, keeping the belts.
Could this be the long awaited end of Ziggler and Swagger?

Then more of Big Show beating up the guys in the back...

Then Laranutis Lauranitus Larunatis John what's his face was trying to say he has become the most popular wrestler in the company now.  CM Punk then came out to inform the crowd he's the new face of the WWE 13 videogame.
Punk had a match against Daniel Byran. and in the middle of it, Daniels' ex girlfriend came out to the ring dressed in Punk's gear... oh god do they really need to write that storyline?  Bryan got the win sort of with a bit of a cheat because he used the exposed turnbuckle.  Then Kane came down and used a steel chair on Bryan. Then Punk got his hands on a chair and used it on Kane.

Next match, Christian vs Miz.  Cody Rhodes was on commentary for this. Christian got the win.
Miz was still standing in the ring nearly five minutes later after the commercial break, ranting about how he's been dumbed down from A-Card to D-Card, but was interrupted by Orton who took him out with one hit.

Then to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie in the backstage area watching Orton on the monitor saying he wants out of the tag division.

The next match was Otunga vs Sheamus. You know, I've said more then once over the last three and a half years, that Sheamus has a great smile that just brightens up the room. Sheamus got the win.

The main event was Brodus Clay vs Big Show.  Now, I would have thought that either Sheamus or Punk whom are the two title holders would have been the main event, but that would make sense. Big Show made the comments about how Clay's gimmick being crap then speared Clay outside of the ring. I don't think the bell even rang, as they never got into the ring.  R-Truth and Kofi came to the ring to help Clay but Big Show just swatted them away like flys before destroying the announce booth. He used the side of the booth as a weapon then.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week of May 12 2012 - Highlights and Thoughts

This is a bit of a quickie for the two  major companies for the week.

Start with WWE Raw-  The return of Paul Heyman was cool, but the fact he was there to represent Lesnar, not a happy.  I think I know where they are heading with this storyline and it gets a major thumbs down from me.

 CM Punk and Laurinaitis... they work well off each other. This is a feud that has many more months of promise for it.  Not too sure why they decided to thrown in Cena?

Smackdown-  The whole Sheamus vs Orton vs Del Rio vs Jericho... what do I think about that?  I think that there are too many players in this game.  Jericho and Orton should be off in another round and let Sheamus vs Del Rio hold the hour.   But that didn't happen, instead all the ingredients were tossed into the pot together.  Now, at their next ppv it's going to be a big 4 way match.   Dude, that is just too predictable and not necessary.   You all know this means that Orton will get the win over someone and take the belt.  And no I don't think that it would lead to a very interesting feud between Orton and Sheamus down the line, I think it would be a mistake.

Now, on to TNA Impact...  Where do I start?  I've been covering TNA on my personal blog most the time, but felt I would add just a snapshot of thought on it here...  I feel like they are grasping at straws right now.   Teasing the fans for the last 4 and a half months with a major life altering issue with A. J. Styles only to have it be what they showed this past week; too much like a bad soap opera and I know bad soap operas...

I really hate the fact that the main events are being given to RVD and Hardy over and over and over.  It's just old news on a deja vu loop.

I am loving the push that Austin Aries has had.  He's a lighthouse in the fog.  I was a big fan of his few years back when he made his other runs in TNA, and think that now he's finally getting the respect he deserves.

I just wish that this Zema Ion character would go away.  That or upgrade his gimmick, cause he's doing nothing to keep my attention.

And that's the view from my sofa this week.
Love Ardeth Blood