Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What could The Shield do at Extreme Rules?

It's the middle of the week, and I spent some time chatting on GetGlue with a few of the wrestling fans I hang with online about what kind of match we think The Shield will end up in for Extreme Rules in a few weeks time.

One person said a street fight, I said I could see a cage match, someone else added a tables ladders chairs match.
Well, since they've already proved themselves few months back in a tlc match at the TLC ppv, I say skip that.

Have I mentioned lately that I really do not care for hard core matches of any kind? 

I think it would all come down to who they get pitted against for the ppv next month. The feud now seems to be building with Bryan and Kane, which would lead logically to a tag team titles match. If they go that far with the feud.  Which in that case, a TLC rematch would make perfect sense.

But say they win that, that's two belts and three men. What about the third waist?  There should be some more shinny happening there shouldn't there?  
I say, add to the pot, either put whomever by then has the NXT belt into the mix, or the United States belt.   That would make for an interesting cocktail don't you think?   (like an extra dry gin martini shaken not stirred three olives no ice)

If they continue with this feud involving the Undertaker, why not just make it a three on one handicap match, 2 out of 3 falls submission match.   That would rock! 
Yes, submission matches and 2 out of 3 falls matches are my favourite kinds okay deal with it.

That's my thoughts on it at this  point. Maybe by then, Seth Rollins will have picked one hair colour and stuck with it...I'm still partial to the dark side.

love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I would like to see on WWE

It's another Tuesday, which means it's a morning after Raw.
One of the top stories is that the Shield will be going up against Team Hell No and Undertaker next week.

Well, the way I see it, most people are banking on the Shield getting their first loss.  And given the fact the creative team doesn't seem to have any balls when it comes to making the Undertaker loose, I suppose that's what the outcome will be. 

Which will piss me off to the end of time.

Unless, the Shield manage to play a game of keep away and cause the Undertaker, and the others to be counted out.
If the Undertaker and Kane are kept out of the ring long enough by say Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, that would give Seth Rollins the chance to pin Daniel Bryan. 

I could live with that.

Or, there is the idea that Jon Cena will come running in and cause a DQ, where no one will win. And therefore, the Undertaker turning on Cena.  

I could live with that too.

If by chance, my favourite vengeance demons-vampiric werewolves (yeah I'm still in Buffy the Vampire Slayer mode) do get that pin, it would be nice to see Seth Rollins do so. 

And maybe just maybe see Rollins choose one hair colour... I don't know, I'm partial to the dark side.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I liked and hated about WM29

So, I've done two posts already about what I hoped would happen at Wrestlemaina this year, and now, here's the after show thoughts.

Well, the pre-show blew dog backwards. One full hour and it was nothing but a recap with a very sad 4 minute match between Wade Barrett and The Miz.  This should have been a star attraction match, should have been on the main show and longer.
Miz made Barrett tap to win the title.   That was a massive misplay of what should have been a big match. With a full hour, or even a half hour time limit they could have done so much more with the whole thing, like 2 out of 3 falls or something. But, no they totally mishandled it.

The Shield vs Show/Orton/Sheamus.    The Shield won!  I was enjoying that match a lot. Still, I thought it was a bit of a short match, even though it ran about 20 minutes.  Ambrose getting the pin over Orton was brilliant. I was hanging out on GetGlue throughout the night, chatting with other fans, and people were taking bets on who would make a heel turn, I really thought Sheamus was going to. (When Big Show ripped the clothes off of The Shield, straight women and gay men everywhere were cheering.)

Ryback vs Mark Henry.   Well, Henry won, but Ryback had to have the last word. One of the fans I was talking to, made the comment that Ryback's outfit made him look like an overgrown Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle...damn they said it before I could.

Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler/Big E.   Okay, I was wrong on this, Hell No won, I didn't think they would. And no one bothered to get Big E any pants or even a towel.

Fandango vs Jericho...well, this was a pointless match. We pretty much knew that Fandango was going to get this one, but it just wasn't a strong match at all.

Alberto Del Rio vs Swagger.  Okay, so this was a match that I'm still wondering why creative went with the whole storyline? I'm glad Del Rio won.  

CM Punk vs Undertaker... BITE ME! I was not happy with the outcome of this match. I really thought that Punk was going to win this, I really wanted Punk to win this.  So the Undertaker won and this would have been a really good point for the Shield to have run out, but no they didn't.  I was literally throwing cheesies at the tv screen. (mmmm cheesies, salty cheesy junk food-y goodness)

Brock vs Triple H.    Triple H coming out of the back, he had some sort of white stuff on him, and I'm just wondering, what was that? Baby powder? Snow? Cocaine? What the hell was that stuff?  Triple H won this, like we didn't see that coming a mile away.

Cena vs Rock.  I've stated I really don't care for either.  It was a full on split with the fans I was talking to on GetGlue, and even here in my family.  (mom was cheering for Cena) Cena got the win and the title here.  Which I'm sure is setting up for Ziggler to cash in his MIB case.

They seemed to have left out the Tensi/Clay vs Rhodes Scholars match... one fan on GetGlue brought that up about five times.  I didn't notice till they mentioned it.

Over all, I would say this really did not need to be a 4 hour show. It could have been handled better and in about 3 hours. There have actually been better episodes of Smackdown then what Wrestlemaina was tonight.

Till Later- Love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I'd like to see at Wrestlemaina part 2

Few weeks ago, I wrote a post with some of the things I would like to see happen at the ppv tomorrow night.
I guess I need to update since the schedule has been updated. 

Wade Barrett vs the Miz.... I'm going for Barrett all the way, cause everyone knows I'm a big fan of his.  Just hope he wears the red trunks, cause I like the red trunks.   Barrett needs this win, needs to keep the Intercontinental Championship for another few months.  I want to see him then go on to get the Heavyweight Championship.

the mixed tag of with The Rhodes Scholars vs Clay/Tensi.   First of all, I refuse to call Clay and Tensi by the name that they are listed as.  Normally, I would be hoping to see Rhodes Scholars come out on top, but I really don't care about this match at all.

Jericho vs Fandango... I can see Fandango getting the win here.  But this match has got me scratching my skull wondering why it's even on the list?  Why is Johnny Curtis still pulling on this character's pants?  Is it going to come out that he fell and hit his skull and is having a split personality or something? (like they are doing on Bold and the Beautiful with Caroline?)  cause that would be a good story, much better then this stupid name game thing.

Del Rio vs Swagger.   I already commented on this on the other post.

Tag Team champs, Hell No vs Ziggler/Big E.  I want to see someone give Big E a pair of pants, or a kilt or something, cause, damn there are children watching and that dude should not be running around in shorts that short.   I predict the fall of Hell No. Not because I want to see them end, but because that's what I figure will happen.

Ryback vs Mark Henry.   Again, a match I don't care about. I'm sick and tired of Ryback, so I'm going with the idea that Mark Henry will win, or better yet, the Wyatt Family from NXT will come down and disrupt it.  That would rock.

C.M Punk vs Undertaker.    I've already commented on this on the other post.

Rock vs Cena.   I've already commented on this on the other post.

Triple H vs Brock.   As I mentioned in the comment section of the other post, don't care. But I'm sure Triple H will win.

Sheamus/Orton/Show vs the Shield.  As I commented on the other post and it's comment section, this is the only reason I'm actually getting the pay-per-view tomorrow night.   I think the best thing that the Shield can do, is isolate Sheamus and Orton, not letting Big Show even get into the match.  Have Dean Ambrose square off more with Sheamus, cause we know he can handle it, and have Seth Rollins square off more with Randy Orton in submissions, and use his speed/flight ability.  Using Roman Reigns only when totally necessary.  Using sure brute force on this isn't what the Shield need to do, they need to be smarter.   The Shield need to win this ppv.

I also stated that I'd like to see some more NXT guys on the ppv. 

Okay, that's about it for the night, I'll be back after the whole thing with comments and thoughts.  Until then... Love Ardeth Blood