Saturday, March 26, 2011

The match of the week

It has been months since I felt that there was a match worthy of being the match of the week. I also realized how rusty I am at this so....

Smackdown from March 25th 2011
Christian vs Albetro Del Rio

They started with a collar tie up, which Del Rio broke by using a high knee to the chest of Christian. Then followed it up with a hard elbow to the back of his neck. Del Rio in control with a headlock on Christian which Christian broke by backing them into the ropes.
Christian then took control of things with a running shoulder block sending Del Rio to the mat. He tried for a cover but only got a two count. Christian still in control with another side headlock.  Del Rio pushed him then into the corner, getting a break on the hold and delivering a high kick to the ribs of Christian. He followed this by a hard right hand to the side of the skull and a kick.
Christian was down at this point, in the corner. Del Rio then whipped him into the far corner, going full steam at him but Christian flipped him out of the ring. Christian followed this up with a flying cross body.  Both men were then on the floor outside of the ring.
Back in the ring, Christian was in the corner, as Del Rio charged but was met with a mule kick. Christian then managed to get a flying sunset flip off the turnbuckle on Del Rio. He got only a two count.
Del Rio turned all this around for about a second with a tree chop before getting sent back outside of the ring by a short clothesline. Christian followed him with a baseball slide, but missed as Del Rio took him by the left arm, slamming him hard into the stairs.
Back in the ring, and Del Rio went for a cover but only got a near fall. He turned this smoothly into his armbar, working once more on the left side of Christian.
Trying to fight out of it, Christian got a headbutt from Del Rio. Del Rio then stomped on Christian before heading up to the second turnbuckle. He used a flying centon landing hard on the shoulder of Christian. He went again for the cover but Christian kicked out.
Del Rio followed all this up with a series of punches and a sharp kick to the side of the skull on Christian. This was the set up again for his armbar. Christian tried to fight out again, but just couldn't.
Bouncing off the ropes, Del Rio delievered another kick to Christian's side, then once more headed to the turnbuckle, but Christian managed to up end him, with a hard punch before delievering a hurricanrana. Christian tried for a cover but only gained himself a near fall.
Both got to their feet, with Christian landing a series of punches to Del Rio, following it with a running clothesline before going outside for his trademark slap -which I'm now calling the Trade Up-
Christian was heading for another cross body but missed as Del Rio rolled out of the way. Del Rio then with a full on running enzuigiri but missed. Then Christian off the second turnbuckle with a DDT and went once more for the cover but only got a two count as Del Rio's assistant got his leg on the rope.
Del Rio went for his cross armbreaker, but was countered by Christian who was going for his trademark killswitch. BUT this too was countered by Del Rio flipping him over.
Del Rio responded with another standing enzuigiri, going again for the cover but Christian rolled out.
Del Rio then managed to lock on his cross armbreaker, thinking he had it, until Christian got to the ropes breaking the hold.
Both men then to their feet and both went for a running clothesline and both ended up on their backs.
Outside the ring, Edge and Brodus Clay were causing a distraction.
Del Rio then with another kick to the left arm of Christian, but Christian managed to use the distraction outside the ring to slap on his killswitch and get the win.

* why is Brodus Clay around constantly when Johnny Curtis won their Season of NXT and we've yet to see Curtis on either Smackdown or Raw?*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Question for TNA

Are there any TNA wrestlers left in TNA? 
The injuries and contracts that are done have piled up.  What's happening over there in the Impact Zone?

Why do I ask?
Well, because the last thing I heard was that the injury A.J. Styles suffered from on the March 17th 2011 episode was the real deal.  And that he's out; maybe for good.   Which is a shame.  

I live in a place where Xplosion does not air, so I have no idea who of the X-Division is working on that show.   And what the hell happened to our tag teams?
Just a few weeks ago we were all praising TNA for their tag division, now we have what?... 2 teams left?  Beer Money and that Gunner/Murphy.   What the freal?  What are Beer Money suppose to do?

I am so disappointed with what has transpired the last while. 
It was only little over a month ago I saw a glimmer of hope in a new positive direction for TNA, but that got squashed too quickly.

Ardeth Blood has left the zone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lest we got a new belt

 Originally posted on my main blog on March 20th 2011

I used screen capture for this post.

Okay, my TNA Spudguns, you all know I barely watch the show anymore, I fast forward through 90% of it.  But I did bother to watch the first two minutes of the beginning and the last seven minutes of the end.
Why did I bother even doing that?  I got distracted by the shinny.

They finally listened to us screaming fans it would seem, and did something about the ugly belt that they have been waving around for the last 6 months.    Sting has the title now, and even though it looks much better, it's still... well BEDAZZLED!   I'm not kidding.  I could not get a decent close up but, it's got little rhinestones all around it like someone went Martha Stewart on it's little body.
So, I'm guessing that they are going to match the belt to the champ for a while now?

And the end of the show... what do I say on that?  What should I say on that?  There was a time I used to be able to tell a scripted injury from a real one, but since wrestling scripts injuries all the time now, it's an extremely blurred line.
I will say this; if A.J. Styles' injury was just scripted, they did a good job at selling it.  If it was a stunt gone horribly wrong, they should be ashamed for keeping the camera rolling. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

NXT for March 3rd 2011

This was the season 4 finale.

Really, I suppose I should not find it a surprise at all that Johnny Curtis and Brodus Clay were the last two standing, as they have been building a feud between them since day one.

We open with a recap of the full season.  Hey, is Conor O'Brian still under the ring? When he got eliminated he went under the ring....
Then both our remaining Rookies had a bit of a face to face in the ring. And I have to say that Clay's mic skills have improved greatly since the first episode.

This lead right into the first match of the night. Brodus Clay got the win.

Josh Mathews said that Derrick Bateman would be on the show later... Why? He got tossed this is not Top Chef, contestants are not suppose to come back once they are tossed.
Bateman was part of a Rookie Reunion Tag Match... I was shaking my head on this one until.... the return of Conor O'Brian   okay that answered my question from twenty minutes ago and made me happy.

So Match #2 was between Derrick Bateman/Conor O'Brian  vs Jacob Novak/Byron Saxton.   Novak bailed leaving his partner to the wolves and Bateman got the win.

The Winner for Season 4 of NXT = Johnny Curtis. 

Next week Season 5 starts, and all the announce team said was it will be different from what we've seen so far.  I'm thinking, since so many of the superstars as of late have been "fired" that maybe they are going to make them fight for their jobs back?  Settle down, I'm just guessing here. 

Looks like the Score here in Canada will be airing Season 5 once again on Thursday nights at 9pm EST

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TNA .... WHY?

I'm catching up on a few episodes and I am seeing one theme here.... TNA is building all the current storylines around .... ego trips.   Yeah,  all of them. ALL.

Um... why?

Are the members of creative on holiday? 

Wouldn't a storyline around say revenge or the belts make more sense then one for more tv time?  At lest, space them out a bit.

And here I was few weeks ago, getting slightly excited thinking we had new members on the creative team, but it seems it was only for that one week.

Please, hire new writers... Please!