Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's put that on a sticker

By now, you know that I love the social site GetGlue. I've talked about it more then a few times. I've talked about the interaction with other fans of not just wrestling,but everything. I've also talked about which wrestlers I'd like to see get their face on a sticker. (Right here)

And guess what...I have no clue if anyone actually listened to me, but Wade Barrett and the Shield have been given stickers...yay.

So why the silly post today?  Why not?
The big "topic" or gimmick as it were depending on whom you're talking to, is the whole "but you're pretty" thing that WWE is pulling right now with Bryan vs Orton.

I'm not kidding. More people I've talked to in the last week and a half have talked about nothing but. Now, if you've read me at all over the years, you know I'm not silent about who I think in the business is good looking. (total understatement)

I get that with Cena and Sheamus out at the moment with injuries, and Kane doing a movie, someone had to get the push to keep a storyline going with Bryan. Orton does seem the logical given he had the money in the bank case.
But pretty?  Maybe.

Storyline aside, here's who I'd love to see on the next ppv poster (which is always the biggest sticker on GetGlue that everyone and their dog's grandmother wants.)

-Seth Rollins -

Yeah, I know, he has a sticker (with Roman Reigns as tag champs) for the Night of Champions series, but I'm talking the poster sticker.  But wait, I have a real point my mind it's a real point...who really says the face of wrestling in the last few years?

I get why they would be using Orton, for the simple fact that he fits the storyline, and he's been in the business long enough that even the casual viewer can see his picture and say "right wrestling."

But what about the rest of us? 
To me Randy Orton does not say  the identifying factor that is wrestling.  I personally would much rather see a ppv poster sporting Corey Graves, Leo Kruger, Kassius Ohno, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro... do you see where I'm going with this?

and Seth Rollins is ...pretty.

Love Ardeth Blood.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random wrestling thoughts for Aug 15th


Blah. I literally spent 3 days on a power binge watching three months worth of TNA Impact episodes on Spike website, in order to catch up.

First item. HAIL SABIN!  I can not say how happy I was to see that Heavyweight belt finally on Mr. Sabin. Let's hope he's allowed to keep it for awhile.

Second,  the X-Division getting the big push in the last few months. That brought a smile to my face too. Everyone knows that the X-Division is the direction I think wrestling should be heading.

Third, bringing back the Main Event Mafia...ugh! Too predictable. And with that said, it's so beyond time to loose the Aces and Eights. 

Fourth, The Bound For Glory series.  Love this time of year,  hate with a passion the idea of Magnus being in the lead.  My personal dream match for the belt would be Sabin vs Styles or Sabin vs Aries.


Summer Slam is this weekend. Not really caring to tell you the truth. Already ruined for me.  You've got RVD going for Dean Ambrose's United States title. Not happy about that.
The pre-show hasn't really had a lot of luck for the guy going into the match, nor has the pre-show really been very good to begin with. The matches are never long enough.
I know they've got the pre-show listed as an hour, so I'm hoping that match is at lest a half hour.  What I'm wanting to see is Mr. Ambrose hanging onto that belt any way he has to. Take the count out, cheat, have the other members of the Shield - Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns- cause a dq, run away with the belt...dude, just the belt looks good on you.
But something tells me that we're going to see Rollins and Reigns in a sticky match themselves. As of this posting, there wasn't anything listed for the tag champs for the ppv. But, if the last few episodes of the show are any clue, I have a feeling they well be in a match against Mark Henry and Big Show. If that happens, well I can't even see cheating let alone a clean win helping them keep the belts. Not happy about the idea of them loosing yet.
I'm not ready to see the Shield deglazed  and loose their shinny.

till later
love Ardeth Blood