Friday, June 25, 2010

My Thougths on TNA Impact for June 24th 2010

Originally posted on my blog  on June 25th 2010
I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada had it this morning.  I guess they love me again this week. 

  1. It was good to see that the LSD finally wore off from Abyss, as he gave everyone a piece of his mind.  Good to see.  
  2. I still think the Flair/Lethal feud is just blah.  Now, they are trying to make it "personal"  by having had Flair attack Lethal's brother.   Done, seen it,  moving on. 
  3. RAVEN!!!!!!!!!! he came back!
  4. Quote of the night goes to Kaz for his comment about A. J. Styles getting an action figure of himself  "You take little AJ and go play with yourself"
  5. And OH MY GOD! SABIN GOT A HAIR CUT!  And he shaved. Beauty. (damn can't call him a werewolf now then can I?)   The MotorCityMachine Guns! were on commentary for the finals of the tag team tournament between Ink Inc and Beer Money Inc.  BMI  won and will be facing the MMG at the next ppv in a few weeks.     And Mr. Shelley, the grey tee shirt... didn't you just finish blogging about how you wear black all the time?  (I guess Mr. Shelley heard me say grey is my favourite colour on a man.)  I guess this means it's time for a new shirt to be unveiled as last time Mr. Shelley started wearing the MMG black tee, the grey one was introduced.  (Which might have been added already I have no idea, I never check the TNA store.)  


Friday, June 18, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 17th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on June 18th 2010

iTunes Canada had it this afternoon, but I had other things to do. And guess what, we're going back to the original point of this column, not a review but my reactions to the show. That's what made this column what it was and I really miss doing it that way. So, maybe next week I'll return you to the review/commentary posts you have all gotten so used to ... maybe.

We open with flashbacks of the ppv that happened this past weekend. Tommy Dreamer is now a part of TNA. Whoa, the end really is near isn't it? I used to love Dreamer back in the day, but if you're going to bring him in, bring back Raven and dig up Joel Gertner cause if we're going to pretend to be ECW then just bring in the elements that made it worth watching on tv every week. Dreamer/Raven/Gertner/Corino.

We then see that the tag belts have been stripped from the Band and Scott Hall has been fired. For the first time we are hearing that the MotorCityMachine Guns! are indeed inline for them. They will be going next month in the ppv against whomever it is that wins this new tag tournament. First smart thing TNA has done in months.
  • Nash/Young vs Ink Inc. This was just blah. Ink Inc. won and move on in the tournament. I have no idea what those two guys are thinking with that whole get up.
  • Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. Joe won with a cheat from Matt Morgan.
  • Doug Williams vs Max Buck. Williams won. Then Kendrick came down to the ring in what can only be described as the worst tee shirt choice that guy has ever made on tv.
  • Beer Money Inc. vs Team3D. Beer Money won. They will go against Ink Inc. next week
  • Desmond Wolfe vs Jay Lethal. They spent more time with the camera on Dreamer in the crowd then the match.
  • New top ten ranking for the TNA belt. 10- Kurt Angle - 9 Desmond Wolfe - 8 The Pope -7 Jay Lethal - 6 Samoa Joe -5 Sting- 4 A. J. Styles -and there is a mess of the top three, Abyss/Anderson/Hardy. There's a shocker for ya eh?
  • Abyss went totally psycho tonight too.
I was not happy at all with the show this week, I thought it really sucked. I don't care for all the backstage crap you keep doing, it's of no interest to me at all. Nor do I care for any kind of hardcore stuff. Which is why a return to ECW is truly of no interest to me either.
This has been like a month since the MotorCityMachine Guns! have been on air last. Where are they???
Can we move on with the whole Flair/Lethal feud already. I'm just not feeling it. Lethal vs Styles makes sense, but not Lethal vs Flair it's just tired. Flair really needs to shave that damned hair off too. You look ridiculous old man.
Now I know we're in summer showing but, you don't have a lot of other shows on right now to take viewers away, so just drop the tired old crap and give us something fresh and new and worth watching. I want to be wowed. I want to actually tune into wrestling over the next few weeks and actually be glued to my screen. I want to not be bored enough to stop the show fifteen minutes in to clean the toilet. Yes, I stopped the show for a while, cleaned the bathroom and you know what, I forgot I had been watching the show and instead of coming back to the computer to finish watching it right away, I went and watched a movie for two hours. (Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2 -what can I say I love the chin) that's how boring Impact was this week.

Raw for June 14th 2010 -Highlights

Originally posted on my blog on June 18th 2010

I've had a crap week, between the blogger issues, the power outages from the heat (two just this week and that makes 3 in the last month I see how my summer is going to be) and a flu like thing going around our city, so I'm only now getting to this week's shows.

We open with our newest Heels/Faces 7 of the 8 NXT guys from season one. So I see this will be the big storyline for the summer. Bored Now.

  • We then went into a sample Fatal 4Way match for the United States Championship - RTurth vs John Morrison vs Zack Ryder vs Miz. The Miz pined R-Truth for the belt.
  • Jericho vs Bourne. Evan Bourne won with his airbourne.
  • There was some sort of comedy routine with Big Show and some dude vs DiBiasi and Virgal. BS and the guest host (waste of time) won by pinning Virgal.
  • Regal vs Santino with Kozlov as special ref. Santino won with a handful of tights.
  • Edge/Sheamus vs Cena/Orton. Now you just went off and ruined the match for me. It was suppose to have been Orton vs Sheamus which would have been killer in my book and the only reason I suffer through this company. But you made it a tag team match which just ruined the vibe for me.
Sheamus and Cena started with a collar tie up. Sheamus turning it into a side head lock, before Cena countered it with a chickenwing, then a choke hold, where upon Cena used a snapmare take down on Sheamus. Sheamus managed to get to the ropes to break the hold, then Cena with a go behind slapping on a full nelson, again Sheamus on the ropes breaking the hold. Cena back to working on the shoulder of Sheamus with an armbar/wristlock, as Randy Orton tagged in. Orton with a few punches to the jaw of Sheamus before once again going for a side headlock take down. Sheamus managed to fight out of it, backing Orton into the corner and landing a few high knees. Edge then tagged in with some stomping on Orton. Orton then with a neckbreaker hangman. He was then getting into his shapeshifting, setting up for an RKO but Edge countered and rolled out of the ring. Cena now tagged in, with punches to Edge before giving him an irish whip across the ring and a fisherman's suplex. Cena then with a clothesline on Edge. Edge fell out of the ring, but Cena got too close and Edge used the top rope for a quick hangman. Sheamus tagged in, stomping on Cena. They traded blows for a moment, but Cena was down on the mat Sheamus got a near fall. Sheamus then with a running high knee on the jaw of Cena before stepping on his neck. Edge tagged back in, with a hard elbow to the back of the neck of Cena. Cena then with a suplex on Edge, but Edge rolled out of the ring and tagged in Sheamus, who came in and began stomping again on Cena. He followed this with an elbow drop, then tangled Cena in the ropes and delivered a nice chop to the chest. Cena fell out of the ring, and Sheamus then tossed him hard into the rails then back in the ring, Sheamus for a cover but only got a two count. Sheamus then with a running clothesline almost taking Cena's head off, still only a two count. Sheamus then started to work on the arm of Cena with a submission move. Cena fought out of it, but Sheamus got a rear naked choke on him in the middle of the ring. Cena somehow got to his feet with Sheamus still hanging onto the move, they ended up back on the mat for another cover only a two count. Edge tagged in with a few stomps on Cena. Edge with a hangman style powerbomb, then charged for Cena but Cena moved. Sheamus and Orton both tagged in, Orton with a few clotheslines on Sheamus and a scoop slam. Sheamus had gotten to the ring apron but Orton started his shapeshifting again, then kicked Sheamus so that Sheamus landed on the second rope. This was for his hangmaned DDT. Edge then ran in and got RKOed, giving Sheamus time to get up and deliver a double axehandle to Orton's face. He followed it up with his backbreaker on the knee (Irish Curse) only got a near fall. Sheamus with a few knees to Orton, then started to work on his shoulder, Orton tried to fight it couldn't. Another cover by Sheamus but again only a two count. Edge tagged back in, with a series of punches to the back of Orton's neck. Orton then with punches and elbows to both Sheamus and Edge as he fought his way out of their corner, but it was countered by a drop toe hold by Edge. Edge then delivered another hard forearm to Orton's head. Orton did manage to give him a clothesline before tagging in Cena. Cena with a series of flying shoulder blocks....then the cameras turned to the NXT guys ripping the place up in back.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NXT - Season 2

NXT just started here in Canada, with the second season of the show. (no we did not have the first season)

Um... er yeah. Senshi is now going by the name of Kaval. And what can I say, other then they paired him up with a couple of divas. Most likely because they are the same height.
They introduced him as the "rookie you have been waiting for" which is pretty much true. Alot of fans tuned in just for him.

The question is will we continue to ?

What did I think of this show, well it had two matches that were less then mediocre and way too many already known stars as rookies. It also seems like they have already decided to have 7 out of the 8 rookies as heels. I guess they feel too many faces came out of their last season. Which given all of the rookies from season one did a beat down on Cena they must feel all 8 men were faces.
Speaking of which, they spent over half the hour recapping that beat down from last Monday night.

My thoughts on this are still in the air. If they actually bother to have more matches in the next episode, then I will do a full on review.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 10th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on June 11th 2010

iTunes Canada had it for download early today. Yay!

We open with... DEJA VU!!!! from like a month ago with Jay Lethal dressed as Flair. WHY? WHY?WHY?WHY? WHY JAY LETHAL WHY?
I'm not trying to be cute here either I really hate the idea of the constant rip offs. Well, lest the stupid earrings of Styles are not taking up his whole ear any more.

Kendrick I still hate his music it still sucks vs Homicide. My money is on Homicide. They started with a collar tie up Kendrick backed up into the corner, Homicide punched him a few times then decided to try ripping his mask off... wait sorry he's not wearing one, but Homicide was tearing at Kendrick's face as if he were trying to pull a mask off with Kendrick draped over the ropes. Back to the center of the ring and more hard forearms from Homicide, and once again ripping at his face. Kendrick battled out with tree chops and a couple of hard forearms of his own. Homicide turned it around again going for his gringo-killer (spelling check anyone?) but it was blocked as Kendrick pushed him into the corner. Homicide with a back elbow sending Kendrick across the ring. Homicide then used a T-Bone suplex but only got a two count before he started to stomp on Kendrick in the corner. Homicide delivered a slam but still only got a two count. Kendrick came back at him with a kick to the knee and a punch to the back of the skull. Homicide then was tossed face first into the turnbuckle, with Kendrick continuing to deliver forearms. Homicide got the upper hand once more sending Kendrick face first this time into the turnbuckle before using a snapmare take over. Homicide then removed the tape from his arm choking out kendrick before Kendrick managed to get in a enzuigiri to the skull of Homicide. Then a few hits to the face while on the ramp okay guys not so close with the camera when on the ramp we could see kendrick cradling the back of Homicide's skull Kendrick then with a kick to the face of Homicide getting the pin for the win. BOO

Matt Morgan the evil druid (and yes he was wearing the robe again so I can still call him that) and Hernandez vs the Band... or so it was advertised. Hernandez just ended up destroying Morgan. Eric Young came down to the ring and covered an already tied up Morgan, as in tied up to a medical board. Mr. Young, I totally love you but dude SHAVE! that facial scruff just looks bad on you.

Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red. They started with a collar tie up that went right into a side headlock by Kurt. Red slithered out, but was caught by a running shoulder block. Red then with a leap frog over Kurt and a hip toss. Nice. Red backed it up with a spinning headscissors, but both men on their feet. Go behind by Kurt but was countered by Red with a drop down. Kurt then delivered a belly to belly suplex and a European UpperCut. But Red countered the next move with getting out of the way letting Kurt take himself down out of the ring. Red on the ring apron used a mule kick and a hurricanrana. Back in the ring and Red springboards off the ropes but Kurt moved, then sliced Red with a wicked clothesline. Kurt was going for one of his trademark finsihers, but Red turned it into a DDT. Red then used a kick to the side of the skull before going again for a springboard, with another DDT style move. Kurt then with an overhead suplex, going for a second when Red turned it into an armdrag mid move. Red continued on the attack with a spinning heel kick, then a mini-hurricanrana from the mat followed by a standing moonsault. Only got him a two count. Red then off the top turnbuckle with his triple corkscrew but missed. Kurt finally managed to get the angle slam on him after numbers false starts through out the match, for the win.

8man tag. Beer Money Inc/Wolfe/Styles vs Lethal/Abyss/Hardy/Anderson. Impossible to walk in this muck... I hate calling these. Styles won with a styles clash on Lethal.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dream Matches for a night of TNA

originally posted on my blog on June 10th 2010

So I'm sitting here thinking while I have my second cup of coffee this morning, about the fact that TNA Impact has already started to Rape Shakespeare from just the other year (the whole A.J. Styles vs Kaz for Flair's approval was done much fresher in late 2006-2007 when it was Austin Aries and Alex Shelley trying to get Nash's approval) and thinking about the other company this past week having done a 3 hour fan choice; and thinking "I would not let other TNA fans do that as everyone but me is a frealnik who has no imagination".

No I don't play well with others, you just figuring that out now?

So my point being, I was thinking if I were planning even one episode of TNA Impact, it would look like this

  • Open with A.J. Styles vs Jay Lethal in a 35 minute best 2 out of 3 falls match. Everyone barred from ringside so that there could be no interruptions.
  • Desmond Wolfe vs Eric Young in a 20 minute submissions match. Again no one allowed at ringside so that there could be no interruptions.
  • Beer Money Inc vs LAX in a tag team match 20 minute time limit. Pin or submission only.
  • Main Event MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Amazing Red and Kaz in a 30 minute match. Once again no one allowed at ringside so that there could be no interruptions. Give a chance to show off the X-Division properly. (someone do my math have I gone over a 2hour time limit?)
No filler, no crap, no backstage bulldren. Straight up 4 quality matches by these guys. That would be my dream episode. With JB and Taz doing commentary.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raw for June 7th 2010-3hour Fans Choice

Originally posted on my blog on June 8th 2010

We open with an angry Randy Orton demanding a match with Edge. From what I understand Randy Orton really did hurt his shoulder, so giving him a one armed match with Edge was an interesting idea. ... Edge went for a clothesline but missed, then went for a kick but missed that too. Orton used his good arm and got a clothesline on Edge sending him to the mat, then stomped on him. Edge landed on his back -on his arm as his one arm was tied behind him so you know that has got to hurt. Orton went for an RKO with his good arm but was unable to make the move work, meanwhile, Edge used a shoulder block sending him down to the mat. Edge then untied himself, the ref throwing out the match.

Jericho vs Big Show in a body slam challenge. Jericho slapped BS, who then headbutted him. Jericho then in the corner where he received a few chops. Jericho tried for a slam but got elbowed for his trouble. BS with another headbutt to the crown of Jericho. Jericho rolled out of the ring but was manhandled by BS before using the ropes as a helper, dropping to the floor again sending BS's arm across the top rope. Jericho then started to work on the arms of the BS with a few kicks, before doing a drop kick on him. Jericho then to the top ropes for a double axe handle but was swatted out of the way by BS. Jericho was then body slammed hard on the mat giving the win to BS. Who wasn't finished, as he put a submission on Jericho, then threw Jericho over the top rope. This was the other two choices for the match.

The Hart Dynasty vs a mystery tag team which the fans chose as Hornswaggle and Khali. I'm not even going to cover that. The Hart Dynasty won.

Santino vs Kozlov in a dance off.... oh my god why the freal am I here tonight? Kozlov won...

Divas match .... battle royal....Maryse won.

Sheamus vs Kane... finally something worth my time! They started with Kane giving Sheamus a hard knee to the chest, then an uppercut before tossing Sheamus out of the ring into the rails. Sheamus tried to fight back but was just over powered. I never thought I'd say that back in the ring, and Sheamus took the legs out from under Kane as Kane was climbing the ropes. He followed it with a few punches to the back of Kane before using a running stumbling powerslam on Kane going for the cover. Only a two count. Sheamus then with a running double axe handle to Kane's skull. This was followed with a submission hold, both men in the center of the ring, Kane delivering a boot to the temple of Sheamus. Sheamus got to his feet again only to get whipped into the corner and a running clothesline from Kane, before Kane used a sidewalk slam on him. Basement dropkick from Kane going for the cover on Sheamus but only a two count. Kane to the top rope with another clothesline, setting up for his choke slam; but Sheamus countered twice. Sheamus then with a wicked looking backbreaker on Kane. Sweet! Sheamus then tossed out of the ring hard hitting his skull on the floor. Back in the ring and another choke slam from Kane, and Sheamus rolls out of the ring. He chose to be counted out letting Kane win this one.

RTruth/Morrison vs a mystery tag team. Miz and Zack Ryder. can I just go to sleep now? I just can't talk about this... Miz and Ryder won. I just don't understand why the keep trying to partner up Miz. Let Miz just be a singles wrestler.

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy. Hardy started with a leg take down and punches. Running clothesline sending Drew out of the ring and over the announce booth then into the rails. Face first then into the ring post then Hardy tossed him back into the ring. Drew with a stiff kick to Hardy , then charged at Hardy but missed getting a shoulder full of ring post. Hardy with a twist of fate for the win.

Cena vs CM Punk. They started with a collar tie up, Cena going then for the new mask that Punk has been wearing since shaving his head. But missed. Punk then with kicks to Cena and a side headlock, before Cena managed to worm out of it and go off the ropes with a hard shoulder block to Punk. Cena then with a arm bar which he turned into a flip by grabbing the back of Punk's skull and rolling him over his shoulder (if there is a real name for this move please let me know) Then put a chin lock on Punk. Punk countered with an arm bar of his own, but that was countered by Cena with leg scissors. Cena once again went for the mask but Punk rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring and Punk was using knees to the chest of Cena getting him in the corner, then used a short drop kick to the back of the skull of Cena before getting a submission move on Cena. Cena battled out and was heading for his STF but was too close to the ropes, letting Punk break the hold. Cena used a bulldog on Punk. Punk then slapped a chin lock/choke hold on Cena. This was followed by a DDT from Punk. Cena then tossed out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Punk started to work on the lower back of Cena with kicks. Cena battled out with punches and flying forearms setting up for his finishing move but was distracted by the rookies. The ref got punched by one of the rookies as they beat down Punk and Gallows outside the ring before a total beat down on Cena and the announce team. They tore up the ring literally.

I guess it's time for a new set designer. So class, today's lesson is that the ring is made of three layers like a sandwich. Wood, foam and the canvas covering.

Some of the choices they offered the fans were just stupid ideas.

NXT to Score

It seems that the Score in Canada will be getting the second season of WWE's NXT starting this week (Thursday June 10th 2010)

I'll do my best to do review highlights of this show.

I personally am looking forward to this as according to rumours Senshi is to be one of the "rookies" this season.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 3rd 2010

Originally posted on my blog on June 4th 2010

iTunes Canada loves me again as it was available at a decent time today.

I think having Sting as the number one contender is a pointless waste of time. He shouldn't even be in the running, he needs to move aside and let the younger guys have a turn.
He was suppose to have a match with Samoa Joe but it was more a case of Joe just punching him for a while. Then Matt Morgan came down, then RVD came down... BORED NOW!!
Morgan vs RVD vs Sting vs Samoa Joe...RVD won.

Knock Outs.... um DUDE! should I be questioning this? Roxxi vs Rosie who makes me look like a stick figure. Roxxi got the win with a roll up.

A.J. Styles vs Kaz vs Jay Lethal. Styles rolled out of the ring and Lethal went for a roll up on Kaz but only got a two count. Kaz then went for a clothesline but Lethal ducked, just before going off the ropes for a crossbody on Kaz. Lethal then shoved Kaz into the corner with a few chops before delivering a hip toss and his trademark cartwheel which was cut short by Styles coming back into the ring with a running clothesline on Lethal. Styles then tossed Lethal into the far corner charging at him, but missed. Lethal then with a few punches to Styles, but Styles tossed him into the ropes where upon Lethal used a baseball slide to set up for a spinning head scissors take down. Lethal then started his lethal combination but Kaz with a drop kick broke that up. Lethal was able to somehow do a bulldog on Styles at the sametime as a clothesline on Kaz knocking both to the mat. Styles then got Lethal over the top rope, where he landed on the apron. Lethal with a shoulder block to Styles from outside in before Kaz shoved Styles out of the way and delivered a hard hangman on Lethal. Styles then with a backbreaker on Lethal. Kaz then tried to one up Styles by giving Lethal a deep arm drag and a neckbreaker combo. Kaz and Styles then started to yell at each other, giving Lethal a chance to battle out with punches to both and a drop kick to Styles. Styles though pulled out a hurricanrana from the mat, as in laying on the mat. Beauty! They yelled at each other some more, actually I like this comedy routine, very Bottom then Styles put Lethal face first into the turnbuckles. Kaz caused Styles to slip on a springboard giving Lethal the chance to shove them into the corner with a roll up on Styles for the win. That was a good match in a lets waste time and entertain the crowd sort of way.

This was good in another way, as the Heel turn on Styles just wasn't right. I think I said before I liked the idea of Styles as a Heel, but the angle they were using just didn't feel proper. I don't think I've ever felt the Heel spot on Styles as a good fit. They've been comical but I will always view Styles as a Face.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE SHAVE RIC FLAIR'S HAIR OFF! And what the hell is with the Herman Munster giggle Flair was doing? I will never be able to watch the Munsters again.

Did Robert Roode read my mind? His comment about Hardy sucking as a tag guy, he read my mind.

James Storm vs Hardy. Storm was just pounding on Hardy outside the ring before the bell, then Hardy tossed him into the rails then the stairs. Storm then with an elbow to Hardy, who answered with a clothesline. This is still all outside the ring. He then hip tossed Storm on the concert floor. Jesus, that would break your tailbone. In the ring and the bell finally sounds the start of the match, Hardy with a shoulder block from outside. Storm with a hangman DDT using the second rope on Hardy. Storm then had him on the ropes stepping on him before going out of the ring for a running boot to the face. Storm then put a chin lock on him Hardy battled out but got an elbow for his troubles. Storm then with his version of the lethal combination. Hardy used a jawbreaker on Storm before they started trading blows. This was followed by a few clotheslines from Hardy. Hardy then went for his twist of fate but was countered by Storm. Hardy then slammed him into the mat. Storm tried a top rope move but it was blocked by Hardy. BOO! Storm with the eye of the storm but only got a two count. Storm went for a chair shot but Hardy ducked and the chair hit Storm. Hardy slapped on his twist of fate before going for his swan dive thingie for the win. Hey be happy I called a Hardy match at all

Roode vs Mr. Anderson. They started with a collar tie up, Roode in the corner and Anderson with a hard right. Roode then slapped on a side headlock before going off the ropes with a shoulder block. He followed with a drop elbow but missed. Anderson's turn to slap on a side headlock on Roode, then off the ropes for a shoulder block on Roode sending him down to the mat. Anderson then down on the mat beside him with a double axe handle. Roode back to his feet with a few punches before getting tripped and landing on the second rope. Anderson charged at him turning the last second to slam his back against Roodes then going for a roll up for a cover but only a near fall. Roode then with a neckbreaker on Anderson then stomped on him for a moment before raking the back of Anderson. They traded blows for a moment in the corner before Roode used a snapmare on Anderson. Roode then went for a choke out on the bottom rope. Roode then continued to work on the neck of Anderson. He managed to get out of it with a series of elbows and punches, going for his miccheck but it was countered by Roode. Anderson then with a back body drop that looked to be about 8 feet high. Roode then with a running clothesline on Anderson in the corner before tossing him to the far one for another but this one was blocked and countered by a large boot from Anderson. Anderson then with a sunset flip from the corner, but Roode dropped down on his chest for a cover and got the win.

Rob Terry/Abyss vs Wolfe/Jordan. Wolfe and Abyss started it off ... er Wolfe jumped Abyss actually. He was working on the injured arm of Abyss with kicks and punches. Jordan tagged in, with a top rope double axe handle onto the arm of Abyss. Abyss turned it around literally with a spinning back elbow sending Jordan into the corner then charged at him in a big splash. Then everything broke down outside of the ring, with Abyss going after Wolfe. Rob Terry then in the ring slamming around Jordan pinning him for the win. Okay hang on, isn't Abyss and Jordan the two legal men?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raw for May 31st 2010

Originally posted on my blog on June 3rd 2010

Seems the show started before it started. Edge was doing a five minute beat down on Evan Bourne before the opening credits.

R-Truth vs Jericho. They started with a collar tie up, leading right into a side head lock by Jericho. Jericho then with a running shoulder block knocking down Truth. Truth came back with a hip toss and a few punches before going off the ropes. Jericho was heading for a drop kick but missed, having Truth grab him by the legs turning it into a monkey flip being sent out of the ring. Truth then with a flying cross body outside of the ring to land on Jericho hard. Back in the ring, and Jericho had a chin lock in the middle of the ring. Truth battled out, then went off the ropes tackling Jericho getting him into a roll up for a cover but only got a near fall. Jericho with a kick to the back of the skull (enzuigiri = if I got the spelling right) then went for a cover but only got a two count. Jericho then was standing on Truth's back while he was draped over the second rope. He then got Truth in the corner for a moment delivering punches before using a suplex. Truth then off the ropes with a flying shoulder block knocking down Jericho before using a spinning neck scissors on Jericho. Truth then with a boot to the face but only got a two count. Jericho answered with a boot of his own then a running bulldog. Jericho went for his lionsault but missed, then got caught in a semi-facebuster, but Truth only got a near fall. Jericho with a poke to the eyes, and a large clothesline but only got a two count. Truth then with a boot to the face of Jericho and a float over from the far corner before Jericho was able to put on the walls of Jericho, but Truth countered with a small package for the win.

Bret Hart might be a legend but he never was very good at acting. I mean did anyone else see that old episode of The Immortal back in 2000... chills of ickiness.

Mixed tag Santino/Eve vs Maryse/William Regal. .... dude that's not fair, I love Regal but I just can't watch this.... Santino got the win by a interference by Kozlov that knocked Regal out. Santino got the cover by accident.

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan. The match started off with both men avoiding kicks and punches. Then Bryan got Miz on the mat with a series of closed fists (illegal move ref) before slapping on an arm bar submission on him. He charged at Miz but missed getting a face full of top turnbuckle then was clotheslined from behind by Miz. The Miz nearly twisted Bryan's skull of with turn towards the cameras while delivering massive punches. Miz then with a running kick off the ropes to the skull of Bryan. Boy the announcer was pissed off telling Bryan to go back to the indies. Miz then went for a cover but only got a two count. He pushed Bryan into the corner just pounding down punch after punch on him before using a running clothesline. Miz with a double axe handle off the top rope. Bryan down on the mat. Then out of nowhere Bryan slapped a crossface on Miz in the middle of the ring, which Miz countered by rolling over, Bryan then countered that getting the win over Miz. That was an interesting idea, turning Micheal Cole into a Heel. One of the best ideas WWE has had in months.

The creative team wasted a lot of time tonight on the damned twitter crap. No one cares about Zack Ryder and that was just a large fart of time.

Edge/Sheamus vs Cena/Evan Bourne. Wow like I didn't see that coming..oh wait yeah I did. I am digging the smile on Sheamus's face when he got into the ring. I think he knew that it was going to be a decent match, cause the addition of Bourne would mean thinking quick. Edge and Cena started it off with a collar tie up and Edge delivering a knee to Cena. Edge then used a few punches to get Cena backed into the corner where he planted him face first into the turnbuckle. Cena got out and tossed Edge into the far corner, as he came off the ropes using a bulldog on Edge. Bourne tagged in, with a kick then started to work on the left shoulder of Edge with a chop and a arm bar that he turned into a take down chicken wing move. Edge battled his way out of it with a series of hard slaps to the back of Bourne's neck. Bourne then off the ropes with a running scissors take down followed by a drop kick before a spinning heel kick to the face of Edge. Edge then went out of the ring. Cena and Sheamus both tagged in, Cena with a series of punches to the face of Sheamus corning him. He then tossed Sheamus into the far corner getting ready to charge, this set up for Bourne to tag in who ran at Sheamus landing both feet firmly in his face. Damn you Bourne! Bourne then went for a cover but only got a two count. Bourne then started to work on the legs of Sheamus with tree chops (kicks) before running into Sheamus's elbow. Sheamus shoved him into the corner chest first landing a hard forearm to the back of Bourne then tagged in Edge. Edge continued to work on the upper back of Bourne with a few kicks, as Bourne fell to the mat. Edge then hung Bourne over the ring apron and landed a nicely measured kick followed by an elbow. Sheamus then tagged in with a hard stomp to the lower back now of Bourne. Sheamus slapped on his vertical suplex but Bourne wormed out of it. Bourne then went back to a tree chop which seemed to really cause an issue with Sheamus (he was clutching a little extra at his thigh and knee) But Sheamus managed to out of nowhere use his double axehandle to the side of the skull of Bourne YAY! But he only got a two count BOO! Sheamus then stood on the neck of Bourne while he tagged Edge back in. Edge then with a hard kick to the stomach of Bourne, then tossed him from corner to corner then went for a cover but only a near fall. Edge then with chinlock on Bourne in the middle of the ring. Bourne fought out with punches and an enzuigiri to the back of Edge's skull . Both Cena and Sheamus tagged in, Cena off the ropes with two flying shoulder blocks then a hard side slam on Sheamus. He then used his five knuckle shuffle before trying for his attitude adjustment but Sheamus countered getting Cena up in a slam. Sheamus went charging for Cena but he moved out of the way, sending Sheamus right into another enzuigiri from Bourne from outside of the ring, which stumbled him right into Cena for another attempt at the attitude adjustment. Edge ran in with what was suppose to be a spear but missed hitting the ring post and falling out of the ring. Bourne tagged in again with airbourne on Sheamus for the win.
You have got to be kidding me! Well that sucked.

Don't forget next week's show is a 3 hour special with an early start time.