Tuesday, May 27, 2014

pre thoughts Payback

So this weekend, we have the ppv Payback. Which at this point in time, has a line up of...  The Shield vs Evolution again, Barrett vs RVD again, Hornswaggle vs Torito again, Cena vs Wyatt again, Sheamus vs Cesaro... I get that this is called payback, but...

First off, let me talk about yesterday's Monday Night Raw.  Very unhappy about the idea of Brad Maddox being "fired" as Raw GM.
So let's look at it from my point of view, and my point of view my lovely Spudguns! always has a bit of magic mirror quality to it.   Let's say this is for real and not storyline. That would be a sad thing in deed, if Brad Maddox is no longer with the company, but my magic mirror has an alternate reality and I think it's a perfect launching pad for bringing Mr. Maddox into the ring or as a commentator full time. He's a wrestler, he's proven he's a good ref, and I've heard him do commentary on NXT...so my magic mirror says...at the ppv on Sunday Mr. Maddox will be given a chance to "win his job back" in a match with Kane.  A ladder match with a contract hanging over it.

I have gone on record stating that I hate the Adam Rose gimmick. I loved him as Leo Kruger, a ruthless no-nonsense character. I'm really hoping that in the end, this bad rockstar crap turns out to be a split personality or something. But, in the mean time, this lemon-drop would like to see Rose vs Swagger in a hair vs mustache match at the ppv. If Rose wins, Zeb has to shave or at the very lest cut his mustache.

Speaking of someone who needs a haircut...Bo Dallas. I get the gimmick is meant to be both up lifting with the stay positive no matter what and totally annoying because he refuses to listen. I think he's an excellent wrestler, I just want to see him cut his hair soon. Those who didn't watch NXT for the last year, might not realize that they brought him up a year and a half ago for a short month long feud with Barrett and didn't seem to grab people's attention, and therefore was dumped back down to NXT where he suddenly became this...whatever he's suppose to be. I am mentioning him because I think he'll be tossed in as a surprise match.

Now, for the "official" listing...Cena will get the win this time around. He will be the last man standing, which I'm sure will put him firmly in the top three spots for the Number One contenders place behind Orton and...hhmmm not sure who the third would be now?
Sheamus will lose to Cesaro...this might be what the creative have planed, which would put Sheamus as the third in the running for Bryan's soon to be empty title. Though personally, I think a month long tournament should be the thing to do. Imagine Bryan's title on Seth Rollins...
Barrett vs RVD. Tough call. I'm a Barrett fan 100%, so of course I want the beautiful Brit to win.
Hornswaggle vs El Torito...I'm not even concerned with it, given it's only going to be available if you live in the United States and only on the Network. Being a Canadian, I'm little pissed off still that the pre-show is only available that way. You frealing call me when the Network becomes available in Canada then we'll talk.

And finally, the Shield vs Evolution.  Shield will win. Why do I say that, because Orton can't and won't stay out of the title hunt much longer. That, and I just love the Shield.
A no holds barred match.  This is asking for my magic mirror to look deep into the darkness and say firmly that I worship their shadows. (anyone else remember the tv show Lexx? and the line "I worship his shadow" ?)
The question is, how can they top Rollins' dive from the balcony from last ppv? I mean that in all seriousness. How can the Shield present any kind of new moves into the match that's that impressive without killing themselves in the process?  I was beyond impressed and wondering if they were alive after that last ppv.  Seth Rollins not only proved he should be in a title hunt, he's set the bar so high for himself now, that I don't even think he can sky dive over it?
And can I say how much I loved last week when Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns took over the announce booth on Raw. I do believe that the only time we the tv fans ever get proper moves called in a match anymore, is when Ambrose has the headset on. We need more of that.

So that's my thoughts this Tuesday evening before a ppv.
Catch you after Payback
love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Extreme Rules loves and hates

Let me once again complain about the fact that if you are outside of the United States, like I am, you miss out on the Pre-Show now.  The pre-show tonight was listed as having the WeeLC match between Hornswaggle and El Torito.
Not getting to see the pre-show anymore since it was taken to the Network is a hate. 

Match #1- RVD vs Cesaro Vs Swagger. This was a triple threat elimination match.
RVD eliminated Swagger with a pinfall.
Cesaro eliminated RVD with a pinfall, winning the match.

Match#2- Rusev vs Woods/Truth.
Woods was taken out of the match right off the bat before the bell, leaving this to be a singles match. Rusev then got the win by a tap out.

Match#3- Barrett vs Big E.  This was for the Intercontinental Championship.
Barrett had to survive a tournament over the last few weeks to get to this match, and he got the pin becoming the I.C. champ once more.

Match#4- Evolution vs Shield.
Roman Reigns got the win over Batista with a spear, giving this to the Shield. But, the cost was both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose getting crushed from a very ECW like move, when Rollins dove off the balcony onto Triple H, Orton and his own partner Ambrose. (wasn't that something New Jack did way back in the day?) 
This was a great length match, at roughly 25 minutes, with a lot of suicide dives from Rollins, and more then a few times it looked like Ambrose was about to pass out, while Reigns had a few moments of his own where it seemed he was toaster caked. There was an impressive run on the table tops by Ambrose, which I honestly thought he was going to trip as he ran from the one announce booth to the second one and then leaped over the guard rail into the pit. 

Match #5- Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a steel cage.
After many attempts to get out of the cage, it looked like Cena was about to make it out, when the lights went off and a creepy little kid appeared lip syncing into a microphone a slowed down version of Wyatt's song.  Children are creepy by default.... This gave Wyatt the chance to knock out Cena and escape the cage himself for the win. 

Match #6- women's match. I didn't pay attention.

Match #7-  The Main Event, Daniel Bryan vs Kane for the Heavyweight title.
This was an Extreme Rules match. 
At one point, Bryan had Kane out in the back of the building, and used a forklift to bring him back in to the ring. Impressive.
Kane brought out the tables and fire cans, but he himself ended up going through it. This gave Bryan a chance to get the win and keep his title.

You would think by this point, the announce team would just come out and sit hunched over a small bon fire or something instead of using the booth on a ppv, given every single time their booth get's flattened.
And by now, you know with me It's All About The Shield! So their win was a loved moment.

Till later
love Ardeth Blood