Monday, April 28, 2014

pre-thoughts of Extreme Rules

We've got another WWE ppv this weekend. So that means, it's time for me to come in and blah blah blah some bat droppings into your ear, on your shoulder and let it all splat on the tip of your shoe.
At the time of this posting (8:30 pm on Monday, Raw just started) this is what's right now on the schedule.

Cena vs Bray Wyatt, Shield vs Evolution, Bryan vs Kane, Big E vs either Barrett or RVD, and R-Truth/Woods vs Rusev, 

Okay, so I had enough to say, none of which was nice, last month for the whole Wrestlemaina 30 situation pre-and post. And I'm not going to apologize for it either. It just didn't feel like it lived up to what it was designed to be.
Extreme Rules now is the beginning of the "new season" so to speak, and will pretty much pave the way for the storylines for the next five months.

What do I think will happen?  I think Cena will get the win, Bryan will keep the title, RVD will loose to Big E, and Rusev will smash.

What do I want to happen?  I want Bray Wyatt to clean house, for Bryan to dig something up to overcome Kane, for Bad News Barrett to win the I.C. championship, and for Woods to not only get the pin over Rusev but to dump Truth.

Notice I didn't even deal with the Shield match yet...okay, so this can go either way. Really depends on how far they want to take the story and if it's just a stop gap for Orton before putting him back in the title run? 
If this is just a stop gap for Orton, then yes the Shield will mop the floor with Evolution, giving them the boost they deserve.  If it's a storyline they plan on turning into something for the summer, then Evolution will leave my favourites fangless.
Obviously, I want the Shield to win. Last month I said the match they had them in was a waste of the Shield's time, and I still feel this to be true having them against Evolution. Mostly because I don't care for anyone in Evolution. Though I am dripping with coffee flavoured anticipation on the idea of Roman Reigns pulverizing Batista.
Granted, this is still the same storyline, as it's my favourite demonic superheroes (like a demonic version of Spider Man, Superman and Batman) against yet more members of Triple H's background noise.
I have said more then once that I love the Shield like this, against everyone else. Biting, clawing and snarling their way through everyone.

Okay, till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loved and Hated WM30

Pre-show: The first hour sucked, just blew dog my usual examples just won't work tonight for that just was ugh.

The 2nd hour...I have no idea given I live in Canada, and we didn't get the second hour. How rude. However, there was a pretty purple logo flashing at me for ten minutes on the WWE website before it was shut off, music sucked....I really frealing hate Eminem...
Anyways, this is a major HATED IT, simply because those of us outside of the U.S.A., did NOT get to see the Fatal Four Way match for the Tag Team Titles.  Which sort of pisses me off, given this was one of two matches that I had wanted to see.

Have I mentioned yet this week how much I really hate Hogan?  He was the reason I stopped watching TNA for a while there, but I digress...
For me, this opening 20 minutes was a waste. I would have liked to have seen the tag match here instead of all that talking.

Match #1- Triple H vs Daniel Bryan for the #1 contenders spot later in the night.  Oh my god, what the hell was Stephanie wearing? Did she raid Vickie's closet? Lest her hair was out of her face.  Daniel Bryan got the win. This was a decent length match, at about 40 minutes. Then Triple H smashed Bryan's shoulder with a chair against the post.

Match #2- Shield vs New Age Outlaws/Kane. This was less then four minutes...dude, really? The Shield came out with a semi-new look, masks and no shirts under their vests...nice! Shield won, just wish they had had more air time, given this was the main reason I ordered the ppv.  I loved that they won, I hated that it was a blink of an eye match. That was like a tease more then a match.

Match #3- Battle Royal- Brad Maddox was in there...dude, didn't even see him in there till he was tossed out.  I couldn't tell who was in this one, there was just too many bodies crammed into the space. Cesaro got Big Show up by himself over the ropes and won the first Andre the Giant battle royal. I'm uber impressed.

Match #4- Cena vs Bray Wyatt- The Wyatts came out to the live band that sings their It was interesting to see the crowd swaying and singing for Bray. I guess, if Bray Wyatt ever decides to stop being a wrestler, he could teach horr-oga (horror film yoga) Cena got this one.

Match #5- Undertaker vs Brock.  Brock won. I don't care for either of them, but it was about time to see someone beat Undertaker.

Match #6- womens match...didn't watch.

Main Event- Orton vs Batista vs Bryan.  Orton came out to a live band who sings his theme. Bryan got the win with a tap out, and got the belt.
Honestly, I thought they were going to continue with the "Tommy Dreamer" storyline for god knows how long. Sort of glad they decided to just give him the win.

So, for me this wasn't half as good as it should have been. Lots of wasted time, and slightly pissed off that the tag team match wasn't aired in Canada, and that the Shield match was so damned short. Loved the skeleton-wolf masks though.

Till next time
love Ardeth Blood.