Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raw for Oct 25th 2010

We open with the fact Smackdown won on the ppv Bragging Rights, as Nexus takes to the ring. Cena and Ortunga are the tag champs.

Match #1 is a tag match between Nexus members.  Barrett forces Ortunga to lay down letting Slater and Gabrelle win the belts.

Match #2 we see Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan in a return match from the ppv. Bryan won.

Match #3 Miz vs R-Truth. Miz won

Match #4 Sheamus vs Santino with Santino winning.

Main Event of the night was John Cena vs Randy Orton. Cena got the win with a Nexus dq. 

Your match of the night .... Ziggler vs Bryan.
Ziggler went for a go behind, getting Bryan to the mat.  Bryan then tried for a leg lock but as unable to secure it. Both men to their feet, Bryan off the ropes with a shoulder block on Ziggler then a stomp to the face of Ziggler. He followed this up with a hard kick to the gut. Bryan went for what at first was looking like the sharpshooter but was quickly turned into a surfboard. He smoothly in midmove made it a modified chin lock. Ziggler managed to get out of it but Bryan delivered a forearm to the jaw or so I believe as the camera had moved to CMPunk at ringside. Ziggler came back with an elbow to the back of the neck knocking Bryan to the mat, he quickly followed up with a small package but this only gave him a two count. Ziggler then with a side headlock as the two struggled to their feet. Ziggler in total control to this point, as he went off the ropes, letting Bryan leap frog over him; delivering a drop kick on Ziggler. Bryan then went for a cover in the corner but only managed a near fall. Ziggler fought out and gave him a stomp followed with a hard punch. Bryan returned the favour with a head scissors take down tossing Ziggler out of the ring before unleashing a fabulous suicide dive. Back in the ring and both men are trading blows. Ziggler tossed Bryan off the ropes  only to get a clothesline from Bryan for his trouble. Ziggler then in the corner as Bryan can charging at him landing a double drop kick, once again going for a cover but still only getting a near fall. Bryan then added a series of rapid fire kicks before landing another beauty of a roundhouse on Ziggler.  Back in the corner for Ziggler who received a forearm shot then a hurricanrana from Bryan, which Ziggler was masterfully able to turn into a roll up.  Still only getting a two count. Ziggler went for his trademark sleeper hold, but Bryan countered it, only to walk into a super kick. Ziggler once again for a cover, but still only a near fall. Ziggler then attempted his trademark zigzag but missed letting Bryan go for another roll up which Ziggler somehow reversed. At this point they started to trade blows again from the mat, Bryan ending up in the corner where upon Ziggler used a scoopslam suplex. Ziggler again tried his sleeper but they were too close to the ropes and Bryan was able to slip out of it slapping on his lebell lock for the win.

CMPunk came out to ringside for this match, to sit on mic.  I have to say, Punk went up a few levels in my eyes by his commentary.  And I am loving Punk's hair.

Monday, October 25, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 21st 2010

originally posted on my main blog on Oct 25th 2010
We open with Hardy flat out saying "f*ck you" to the company and the fans.  Like that's a shocker Eh? Moving into the rest of Fortune backing that up. 

Cut to camera 2 Bishoff addressing the fans.  In black and white. Nice! This went into a recap of the last year as far as Bishoff's crew coming into the company. 

Cut to camera 1 again, and we have Beer Money Inc giving their thoughts on the take over. 

Cut to camera 3, Abyss giving his take on the whole LSD trip... sorry I mean the instructions for his part in the take over.  

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talking about how this is the best thing for the company and the industry.  Yet a billion fans are complaining with the storyline.

Cut to camera 5, Hardy talking about being the coolest... you know what I think of that crap so moving on...

Fade up from break and we have a recap from this last summer with the whole EV2 crap.  Yeah I'm still not impressed.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian talking about the summer story.  Kaz needs to ton down the gestures, was he reading from a teleprompter?  

Cut to camera... oh hell I couldn't keep up.  Hardy... oh blah blah blah shut up.  At lest swing the camera back to James Storm, he's at lest nice to look at. 

I loved loved loved the black and white.  I thought that made it feel little more rock n roll and less reality tv.  Made me think of the movie/mocumentary Hard Core Logo which is always a plus.  
As far as tech goes,  there was some digital issues at times, made people look like their faces were melting off,  but if there is a way to fix it please try. 
And you really should remove Dixie's name from the credits if you want the fans to buy it more solidly. Just saying. 

This episode of Reaction got a C+

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for Oct 22nd 2010

Team Raw was on the show this week to help promote the ppv this weekend, Bragging Rights. 
 The first match of the night was a 6 man tag, Team Raw (Jackson, Miz, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio)  Team Smackdown ended up getting the win 

Second match of the night, Jack Swagger vs Santino with Swagger getting the win. 

Match number three gave us Ablerto Del Rio vs John Morrison.  Alberto Del Rio won.

Match four, Edge vs CM Punk. This ended up being a dq because Miz and his Bore-Spore Alex Riley got involved. This then lead to each member of both Teams coming into the ring one by one using their finishing moves on each other, coming full circle with Edge spearing Punk. 

The main event was Kane vs Randy Orton in a champion vs champion match.  Orton managed to secure a win with the help of a distraction from Undertaker.  Undertaker then came from under the ring pulling a screaming Kane down through a rip in the canvas, disappearing into the darkness. 

And your match of the night.... Morrison vs Del Rio. 
They started with a collar tie up, Morrison in the corner, Del Rio landing a high knee to his chest. Del Rio then with a hard punch before slamming Morrison face first into the top turnbuckle. He followed this up with a snapmare. Morrison finally got into the match with a baseball slide catching Del Rio off guard before using a double leg take down. Morrison then proceeded to attack Del Rio with a series of punches and a running knee to the jaw of Del Rio. Morrison went for a cover at this point but only got a two count. Del Rio managed to get things turned around to his favour with a simple trip up, sending Morrison face first again into the ring post. Del Rio added a back breaker before slapping on a modified camel clutch on Morrison. Morrison was able to fight out of this, but found himself tossed across the ring. Now in the corner, Del Rio was able to kick Morrison in the spine, setting him up for a side suplex. Del Rio went for another cover, but once again only got a two count. He continued to work on the spine of Morrison for the next few minutes, managing again to put Morrison in a camel clutch move. Again, Morrison fought out of it, getting Del Rio in a roll up but only landing himself a near fall. Del Rio went charging at Morrison, missing and landed on his neck in the corner stunning himself and giving Morrison a breather. Del Rio then walked right into a series of short clotheslines from Morrison.  Morrison then used his scissors kick. From out of nowhere, Del Rio slapped on a Northern Lights suplex going for another pin but only getting a two count. This was followed up by a series of shoulder blocks in the corner, setting up for an enzuigiri that missed as Morrison ducked. Del Rio landed himself hard on the mat giving Morrison the chance to ready himself for starship pain. Del Rio got his knees up just as Morrison made contact. Both back to their feet, and in one smooth swing, Del Rio used a standing roll over turning it into a cross arm breaker submission forcing Morrison to tap out.

It will be interesting to see what kind of new feuds will develop after this week's ppv. Honestly, I've seen enough of Undertaker and am personally hoping that Kane manages to bury him. The wild card will be the new guy Tyler Reks, whom really has not impressed me at all. And Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan... that's got the potential to be something big, if they bring Bryan over to Smackdown after Bragging Rights.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 21st 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Oct 23rd 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it really late last night.

We opened with a flashback of the last few weeks.  A new season, with new opening credits which I hate more then the last one.  Editing crew, I do not see how you can make me happy with the credits if you keep going in that direction. Actually, while I was watching this set of opening credits (which is all the Immortals/Fortune)  I was hit with the notion of there being an "episode" credits, letting you know who would be the focus that episode... am I wrong on that? Or have you just changed the credits to piss me off?

More talk that takes us to the fifteen minute mark (this is on iTunes Canada which does not have commercials, so we are talking closer to the 25 minute mark) before we get to a match.   The first match was Amazing Red vs Robbie.... Robbie won.   Okay he's got skills, he would not be in TNA if he didn't,  but please drop the gimmick.

Mick Foley was doing a book signing, and I thought it was interesting the way they brought Brian Kendrick in there as a fan, asking ... well asking the sort of stuff I would ask if it had been me.  The scary part of Kendrick,  I get what he's going on about.  Kendrick ... Intenders for the Higher Good? Thought I'd ask.

Fortune, please, stop it with the stupid drinking game. That's older then Flair is.  Dude, I don't even drink fruity girly drinks.

James Storm, mocking RVD.... dude good one. I do believe Mr. Storm got the line of the night "STD, or DVD or whatever his name is..."

You know I have a rule about not talking about the Knock Outs unless I have to, but dude, today I have to.  What the freal was that with Love and what's her handle... Winter?   Are we setting up for a Hallowe'en meltdown?  Is she suppose to be a stalker? or a ghost? or what have you?  (the rest of the Beautiful People left the room and Love started talking to someone in the mirror, only she poofed when the girls came back)  All I have to say to the writing crew on this one is what kind of drugs are you on and why aren't you sharing?

Pope vs A.J. Styles in a street fight.  Even though the rest of Fortune was banned, it was a no dq and Abyss came out to help Styles win.

 Beer Money Inc vs Sabu/RVD...BMI won.

Kaz vs Mr. Anderson in an Ultimate X match. Anderson was one armed for this one, and Kaz had all of Fortune on his side.  Kaz got the X for the win. That was the main event for the night.
The show closed out though with Bishoff/Flair in a car getting attacked by Kurt Angle. That is a much more fitting ending, as many of us were having issues with the carry over that was happening from Impact to Reaction.

I did not feel there was a match of the night, though Kaz vs Mr. Anderson had seemed like it might have been, it was just lacking.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!   well, sort of.  Team 3D cut a promo stating why they are asking for one last match with the Guns! at the next ppv.  Then we see the Guns! hanging around backstage with Sky, the interviewer trying to get Chris Sabin to talk only ending up causing a distraction for Generation Me to attack them.  Sky pulled one right out of my playbook smearing food in the face of the blonde GenMe ... Jeremy... while Alex Shelley resorted to hair pulling.   Hair pulling. You read that right, which just adds to the whole idea that those two teenagers need to cut those greasy looking ponytails. Please, please make your next major match against GenMe a hair match... please Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley.
While I am on this topic, can I ask the stupidest wrestling question I have ever thought to ask... if Team 3D retire with a win over the Guns! what happens to the belts?  Do they get redesigned and the Guns! get new ones?  Would the tag titles be considered empty and a whole tournament have to start?  (oh hush I haven't had coffee yet)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raw for Oct 18th 2010

We open with Theodore Long from Smackdown syaing he's taking over Raw this week, then the "Anonymous GM" emailed with a threat.  This is all of course setting up for the ppv this weekend Bragging Rights.

First match  Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre vs Hart Dynasty.    Rhodes/McIntyre won this one.

Second match of the night, Goldust vs Zack Ryder.  Goldust won

Third match of the night, John Cena/Randy Orton vs Husky Harris/Micheal McGillicuty.  Orton/Cena won this one.

Vicky came out with Dolph Ziggler, and Vicky was in this fabulous black dress but the ankle strapped shoes have to go.  They really chop up your legs.

Main Event was set to be Big Show vs Miz in a captain vs captain match but it soon was turned into a battle royal with team Smackdown getting the win.  During this, Hornswaggle was beating the crap out of announcer Michel Cole with a flag pole then stole his headset. 

And your match of the night.... Orton/Cena vs Husky Harris/Micheal McGillicuty.
Cena and McGillicuty started this one with a collar tie up, Cena pounding McGillicuty to the mat.  He then cornered McGillicuty with a series of punches before charging shoulder first at McGillicuty. Cena then tossed him from one corner of the ring to the other before delivering a fisherman's suplex. Orton then tagged in delivering a drop kick on McGillicuty. Cena tagged back in as they double teamed McGillicuty. Cena then with another series of punches but walked into a standing drop kick from McGillicuty who finally got some headway in this match. Husky Harris tagged in with a series of hard punches of his own to Cena's jaw, setting Cena up in the corner for his tank-splash. Harris went for a cover but only got a two count. McGillicuty tagged back in delivering a few stomps to Cena before giving Cena a flying whiplash from the second turnbuckle. He went for a cover but again only got a near fall. Harris tagged back in going off the ropes with another flying shoulder tackle on Cena. He went for a cover here too, but Cena kicked out. Harris managed to get Cena in the middle of the ring in a submission move, but Cena fought to get to his feet. Harris with a knee to the spine of Cena staggering him enough to slap a scoop slam on Cena. Harris went for a running splash but Cena rolled out and tagged in Orton. McGillicuty also tagged in, running right into a few clotheslines from Orton, as Orton out of nowhere got him up in a scoop slam. Orton then with his trademark second rope DDT on McGillicuty just as Harris ran into the ring. Cena caught Harris midmove and put him into the attitude adjustment, giving Orton the chance to RKO McGillicuty for the win.

Monday, October 18, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 14th 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Oct 18th 2010

Only 4 days late, but who's counting... oh wait the fans are who watch it on the Spike website.
                  (yes, I have my snotty-bitch hat on right now, do not take it personal my Spudguns)

We open with the RVD vs Mr. Anderson match that was started on the tail end of that night's Impact. Hardy came out and used RVD as a weapon on the shoulder of Mr. Anderson.  Either that was the real deal or Anderson has become a better actor.

Cut to camera two, we see Pope talking about how the dren bucket is overflowing now that the take over has happened.

Cut to camera three, Jeff Jarrett saying no one is going to judge him for what he's doing... MEMO: the fans are judging you, in case you haven't been reading the comments on the internet... as a storyline this is boring, and if it's semi-real life then it's in poor taste doing it as a storyline.

Cut to camera four, A.J. Styles and the rest of Fortune talking about how they joined up with the douchbags... I mean Immortals...

Cut to camera five, RVD talking about how he feels on the betrayal by Hardy.  I keep my circle to a minimum of just the people who read this blog

Cut to camera six, Mr. Anderson's reaction (all puns intended) to getting his arm mangled.

And then there was a "coming up next" for Jay Lethal saying after the commercial, but the show ended without the Jay Lethal segment... EDITING CREW  did you freal up?

This week's episode of Reaction gets a D-

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for October 15th 2010

This week's show was all about the qualifying matches for Team Smackdown for the next ppv.

Okay, seriously now who do I have to bribe and with what to get someone to rip Micheal Cole's vocal cords out with a fork?  Maybe Big Show could sit on him and kill him,  or Kane could just bury him alive or something.  Please Please toss Cole to the wolves.

Round One was Rey Mystero vs Cody Rhodes.  Mystero won

Round Two was Jack Swagger vs MVP.  Swagger won.

Round Three was Alberto del Rio vs Chris Masters.  Del Rio won.  Ablerto ! I am begging you, please please check yourself. Those tights are a bit on the small side and you were sort of hanging out at one point in the match. Better yet, get long tights  please.

Round Four was Edge vs Dolph Ziggler.   Edge won

Round Five was Big Show vs Kaval.  In this case, Kaval only had to survive for 5 minutes in the ring with BS. Which he did even taking a brutal beating.  Then out of nowhere, this new guy Tyler Reks walked out and challenged Kaval for his spot on Team Smackdown.  Kaval lost and now Tyler Reks has his spot.

Round Six was Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston. Kofi won.

Normally, I would give you a match of the night (okay normally in the last few weeks I've been giving you a match of the night) but I didn't feel there really was one for this episode.  However, I will say Kaval was wrestler of the night. He survived being tossed around by BS for 5 minutes, even having him stand on his chest at one point, then had the crap knocked off him by Tyler Reks.
I hate to say this; but I think we need to take Kaval in as much as possible, because he seems to be only being used as Jobber-Man, which is a waste of Kaval's skill and knowledge. Kaval has what it takes to own the ring if they would just see fit to put him against someone worthy.  I'd like to see Kaval in a feud with Dolph Ziggler if he's to stay on Smackdown, and if you decide to push him onto Raw, then maybe get him going against Daniel Bryan. 

TNA Reaction for Oct 7th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on Oct 16th 2010

Only a week late but hey, it's up and just maybe we'll see this week's before next week this time on the Spike website. 

We pick up in the middle of the battle royal. {First half run down here} And Alex Shelley got tossed by Abyss (well that's what you get Mr. Shelley for trying to do sliced bread during a battle royal...toasted)
Samoa Joe was tossed by Abyss.
Robert Roode was tossed by Abyss
James Storm was tossed by Abyss
Tommy Dreamer was tossed by Abyss
A.J. Styles was tossed by Abyss
Hardy was tossed by Abyss
RVD joined the battle royal as the last man in then was tossed by Abyss sort of... RVD went running at him and Abyss ducked sending RVD flying -Abyss then was sort of eliminated by RVD as that was all happening, as they both were a tangle of bodies
Mr. Anderson was tossed by Kurt Angle - Angle wins.

We cut to camera 2 and Tommy Dreamer shows us his broken wrist... dude!  I did not need to see that (I'm going to have nightmare flashbacks of my own broken parts all night now)

Cut to camera 3 which is footage of Hogan getting surgery.  This episode is a living nightmare for me.

Cut to camera 4 which is Kurt Angle talking about having just won the battle royal. Then he confronted Mr. Anderson.

Well, I hate to admit it, but Reaction has gotten better over the last few weeks. I did not think it would even last this long when it first started few months ago, but it's gotten to a decent level.

My big complaint has more to do with the stability of the video on the website. It tends to stall alot and crash the whole site on me.  I know I'm not the only one who is having issues trying to watch the shows on the Spike website. But there are so many of us who can only see the show on the Spike site.
I understand having the last match of Impact carry over to Reaction, keeps people watching. But, once again, for those of us who do not have any other means of seeing the shows, it's a pain in the arse to have to wait sometimes all week between seeing Impact and seeing Reaction.  So editing crew/website person  please please be faster with the uploads every week.

The Live Reaction gets a C+ 

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 14th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on Oct 15th 2010
I still have not seen last week's Reaction, as it's still not up on the Spike website.

We open with the results of the "They"  and it's just Bishoff and that old goatlick. I think if they had taken my suggestion and gone with JCW or Freddy Krueger it would have been better. I mean imagine all the nightmare like stuff they could have done with a storyline like that... to music too. (anyone else feel like listening to ICP's Let's Go All The Way?)

You put the belt on that piece of crud?
I want the belt on A.J. Styles damn it!
Wow Dixie said sh*t on air.  Nice.

Are we watching wrestling or gang wars?  Angle's skull looked like it was crushed in when he got sent into the wall.  It's these episodes where script bleeds into real that I have a hard time swallowing.

Finally, a match... Abyss vs Samoa Joe
Abyss took a swing at Joe but missed, Joe coming right back at him with a series of slugs, backing Abyss into the corner. Abyss surprised him with a high knee to the jaw, then sent Joe into the corner himself. Abyss charged at him, but Joe moved out of the way, giving Abyss a kick to the skull rocking him. Joe then with a few boots to the neck and face of Abyss before bouncing off the ropes with yet another kick to the face of Abyss.  Abyss fell to the mat and Joe delivered a senton  backsplash. Joe followed it up with another series of punches but Abyss fought out of it with a simple choke slam. Abyss then got out of the ring to grab a chair, which gave Joe enough time to get a running start for a suicide dive.  Abyss then picked up the timekeepers bell and slapped Joe with it.  This was thrown out as a dq.
Oh Samoa Joe has a bloody towel... could we be seeing yet another old storyline about to be repeated...

Why the frealing hoofers are we seeing Hardy doing his impression of Raven?  If we're going to do the Raven thing, can't Raven just do the Raven thing?

Pope vs Fortune.  Um yeah that's little more then a handi capper don't you think?   Douglas Williams took the start point, with a collar tie up on Pope.  Pope ended up in the corner, Williams going for a punch but was blocked, Pope delivering one himself. He fought Williams out of the corner and into the middle of the ring where Williams turned it around with a high knee. Williams then with an upper cut before going off the ropes with a shoulder block sending Pope to the mat. Pope back to his feet and delivered a flying cross body to Williams then a series of elbows to the skull of Williams. Pope went for a cover but did not even get a one count.  Kaz tagged in to be greeted by a large overhead body drop.  Pope then followed up with an inverted atomic drop, then went off the ropes with a flying forearm knocking Kaz over. A.J. Styles tagged in.  Styles walked right into a kick to the gut and a hard chop, letting Pope set him up for his smooth slide. Pope then got attacked outside the ring by Matt Morgan the evil druid and Flair. They rolled him back into the ring, letting Styles go for a cover but Styles wasn't ready. Robert Roode then tagged in with a kick to Pope's side. Roode then planted Pope facefirst into the top turnbuckle, continuing to deliver chops. Pope fought out with a few forearms but was taken to his knees by one high placed knee from Roode. James Storm tagged in for a double team suplex on him. Storm then with one solid opened palm to the face of Pope. Kaz tagged back in, setting Pope up for a springboard drop kick. Kaz went for a cover but only got a two count. Kaz then sent Pope into the corner, but Pope turned it around slapping each member of Fortune with forearms knocking most of them off the apron. Kaz broke it up with a rake to the eyes. Styles was going for a cheat shot springboard, but Pope moved. Styles then went for his paylay but missed and got Kaz instead. Pope went for a roll up on Kaz but only got a two count. BMI came in with a double team move giving Kaz a chance to get the cover for a win.

Last match Mr. Anderson vs RVD.  Main event equals half on Impact half on Reaction. 

So at the time of this posting, I am still waiting for Reaction from last week (the Oct 7th 2010 episode) to be posted on the Spike website.
Where the hell were the MMG?  You aired a pointless skit with the Shore and did not even have a promo for MMG. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raw for Oct 11th 2010-Hightlights

I used screen capture for this post

We open with John Cena in the ring complaining about having to join the Nexus.  The Miz and his sponge Alex Riley came out to ring thank god, (yes I just said I was happy to see the mouth and the bore-spore) saying that the Miz is going to captain team Raw at the next ppv.  Then to the ring was Wade Barrett with his bad Jughead-Jones comic book hairdo yammering on about how Cena needs to back him for the belt at the ppv.

Next up, Ted DiBiase vs R-Truth.  What the hell is Truth singing? Dude I get that you needed a new song after like the last two years and all but... anyways, R-Truth won. 

John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd.  Morrison won.

Then we're taken backstage to where the Nexus is hanging around trying to get Husky Harris and Micheal McGillicuty to talk.

 Santino vs Zack Ryder.  Santino won.

Justin Gabriel vs Randy Orton.  This is a joke right?  Orton won.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.  Sheamus won.

Evan Bourne vs CM Punk.  Punk won.

Miz vs Cena.  Husky Harris and Micheal McGillicuty did a run in after the Bore-Spore Alex Riley was forced to tap out of this no dq match.  I thought it was little odd all three men from season 2 of NXT were dressed the same.  Miz won and will now be the captain of team Raw at the ppv in two weeks.

And your match of the night... Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.  
Daniel Bryan made a running start at Sheamus, with a high knee to the jaw staggering him backwards. He followed this up with a series of forearms to the face and neck of Sheamus, who was trapped in the corner. But it did not last long, as Sheamus powered out with a heavy shove that sent Bryan flying across the ring. Sheamus then went for a wild clothesline but was caught in an armbar (lebel lock?) but made it to the ropes breaking the hold. Sheamus rolled out of the ring then but Bryan came back at him with a baseball slide kick. Bryan tried to follow that up with a crossbody block, but was caught in midair by Sheamus who went charging towards the ring post with Bryan on his shoulder.  Bryan slithered out of his grasp and sent Sheamus back first to the steel post with a drop kick.  Both men back in the ring now, and Bryan went for a cover, only getting a one count. Bryan looked as if he was going to send Sheamus across the ring with an Irish whip (no pun intended) but Sheamus turned it around on him, with Bryan using his own speed to jump off the top turnbuckle. Bryan then bounced off the ropes to land right into an Irish curse backbreaker, following it up with putting Bryan face first into the turnbuckle.  He then delivered a few knees to the chest of Bryan. Sheamus took him to the middle of the ring for an extreme short clothesline going for a cover but only getting a two count. Sheamus then tossed Bryan across the ring before landing another kick between his shoulderblades. Sheamus continued with a few fists to the chest of Bryan like a meat tenderizer before putting him into a submissions stretch. Bryan fought back with a few stiff kicks to the jaw of Sheamus forcing him to break the hold. Both men then went off the ropes, Sheamus going for one of his punts but missed as Bryan ducked then landed a flying clothesline body block combo on Sheamus.  Another round of hard kicks from Bryan to the shoulder and chest of Sheamus knocking him to the mat. Bryan went for a cover but only got a two count. Bryan went to the top turnbuckle and landed a perfect missile drop kick on Sheamus. It only got him another two count. He was going for a boston crap but was tossed off by Sheamus. The white knight then with a clothesline that turned Bryan inside out. Sheamus then with another series of knees to the face of Bryan, before going for his high cross, but Bryan managed to turn it into a roll up.  Only got a two count. Sheamus then with his rogue kick and got the pin. 
This is why I very very rarely use a screen capture for the RAW/Smackdown posts, because I have to hold my laptop up to the tv screen to get a photo.  and yes, that is the Score-scoreboard running on the bottom of the photo

Mic check

Why on earth do I still read a few of the major spoiler sheets every so often?  I disagree with everything the one has to say. 
Which do I disagree with most you ask,  TBR.   They just did a post on announcers in WWE.   Talking about who they liked and who they can't stand. 

What I would like to see happen as far as Raw's new announce team goes is this... Regal and Matthews.  Yeah, I think that would make for a fresh sounding team. Regal would make a fabulous Heel/Colour Commentator and Matthews would make a fabulous Face.

I also think that Todd Grisham is holding his own better then some.  Him and Matt Striker should firmly have Smackdown.

As far as having a few "guests" on the mic, I would love to hear Sheamus pull up a headset every so often.  

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 7th 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Oct 12th 2010 
I had wanted to wait til after seeing Reaction but, it's still not posted on the official Spike website, so I will have to split this up into two posts.

We open with Abyss dragging Dixie around as if she were a pet.  Then Bishoff, Sting, Pope and Nash take to the ring.  We are directed to the screen for video footage of Hogan having back surgery. Okay, I have to say... why? Why do we need to see a real operation?
Then we go into a Knock Out's match for the rights to own the Beautiful People title/music. Tazz was making a dig at that which is just what I was thinking. Love and Sky won the rights.
Ric Flair vs Mick Foley in a last man standing match, looser kisses the winner's ass.  All I have to say to this one was, thank god Fortune and EV2 came out before we needed to see that.  What is it about old guys in the business wanting to drop their drawers on air? Foley won the match, but only after much blood and thumbtacks.   Now, I was asked why do I still watch if I don't like the blood and violence?  Oh I have no issue with blood at all, (I'm an old movie creature feature fan and a girl, I deal with blood all the time no issues with blood) I just think you need to stop raping Shakespeare and come up with some new feuds and storylines.
Eric Young/Orlando Jordan vs Ink Inc.  I'm loving Eric Young as the nerdy screwball. I'm just waiting for him to come out in glasses and a sweater vest.  But dude, what's up with the wonderwoman bird on your tights? Young/Jordan won sort of.
Okay who the hell are these two morons who came out .... the Shore... and why are they on my screen? The crowd booed them the whole time and I see why.  Please go away and never come back.  I have to say, as someone who does not have cable or follow gossip columns, I had no clue who they were suppose to be, had to call back up and ask my sister, which means that anyone over the age of 28 won't get the joke.
And the battle royal which is what everyone tuned in for.  Too bad it got cut in half and the rest is on Reaction, of which I have not seen yet as it's not available on iTunes Canada, and I have to wait for the Spike website to post it.  Which is going to make doing reviews now a pain in the arse.
The half of the battle royal that was on Impact went like this....

Number in the battle
  1. Mr. Anderson
  2. Kurt Angle
  3. Jeff Hardy
  4. A.J. Styles
  5. Douglas Williams
  6. Sabu
  7. Max Buck
  8. Chris Sabin
  9. Tommy Dreamer
  10. Jay Lethal
  11. Jeff Jarrett
  12. Pope
  13. Robert Roode
  14. Sting
  15. Jeremy Buck
  16. Raven
  17. Kaz
  18. Stevie Richards
  19. Abyss
  20. Nash
  21. Matt Morgan 
  22. Samoa Joe
  23. James Storm
  24. Alex Shelley
  25. Rhino
Sabin came out to a chant of MotorCity,  and did anyone else notice the ICP's HatchetMan logo on Sabu's tights?
No one was eliminated until Abyss got to the ring.  Then eliminations went like this...
  1. Douglas Williams was tossed by Abyss
  2. Sabu was tossed by Abyss
  3. Jay Lethal was tossed by Abyss
  4. Stevie Richards was tossed by Abyss
  5. Chris Sabin was tossed by Abyss
  6. Raven was tossed by Abyss
  7. Sting was tossed by Abyss
  8. Nash was tossed by Abyss
  9. Matt Morgan was tossed by Abyss
  10. Jeremy Buck was tossed by Abyss
  11. Max Buck was tossed by Abyss
  12. Kaz was tossed by Abyss
  13. Rhino was tossed by Abyss
  14. Jeff Jarrett was tossed by Abyss
  15. Pope was tossed by Abyss
All the eliminations on Impact happened by Abyss.   I'll have the rest of this as soon as Reaction is available to me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Smackdown for Oct 8th 2010- Highlights

Why the hell is Michel Cole on Smackdown? Dude, haven't we seen eough of him on Raw or is it just he's the best Heel going in the company right now and they want to overexpose him and make us sick?
I love Edge's trenchcoat, and yes it's a Canadian who's cleaning out the toybox of stupidity.
The first match of the night was Edge vs Swagger.  Edge won
Second of the night was a Diva's match; Layla vs Kelly Kelly. Layla won.
The comedy styling of Big Show... I hate to say it but I like that storyline. But the DudeBusters blow goat get rid of them.
Could someone please kill Cody Rhodes.  
Match three of the night, was Rhodes/McIntyre vs Kaval/Kofi Kingston. Rhodes/McIntyre won keeping their tag belts.
Match four was MVP vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler won.
Main Event was Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio. Mysterio won.

and your match of the night.... MVP vs Dolph Ziggler
They started with a collar tie up, Ziggler in the corner. MVP then gave him an irish whip sending him across the ring before slamming Ziggler to the mat face first. MVP then bounced off the ropes with a knee to the back of Ziggler's skull. MVP went for a cover but only got a two count. He then delivered a suplex going for a second cover. Still only getting a two count. Ziggler got back into this match with an upper cut landing MVP on his back, he followed it with a few stomps and a flying drop elbow. Ziggler went for a cover but only got a two count. He then choked out MVP on the bottom rope. Ziggler, distracted got out of the ring, MVP then getting a chance to deliver a baseball slide kick to the back of Ziggler, sending him halfway up the ramp. Back in the ring, Ziggler got a submission stretch on MVP in the middle of the mat. He went for a cover but only got a two count. Ziggler then added insult to injury with a standing hangman neckbreaker going for another cover. Once again, only getting a two count. Ziggler slapped on a fireman's throw then swiftly into a camel clutch. MVP broke the hold delivering a few punches getting Ziggler to back up . Ziggler attacked with a sleeperhold but was shaken off. MVP then came at him with a roll up, but only got a near fall. Ziggler answered this with a semi-scissors stomp on the neck of MVP going for a pin, but only got a two. He used a half nelson for another two count before putting MVP in a chinlock. MVP fought out. Ziggler back with a few hard forearms to the back of MVP's neck and off the ropes but was caught midmove as MVP slapped a belly to belly overhead suplex on him. MVP backed it up with a few hard punches and a short clothesline. Ziggler then off the ropes only to get slammed facefirst to the mat, but MVP once again only managed a two count. MVP gave Ziggler another overhead suplex (I believe they called it an ExplodicThrow?) MVP got another two count. Ziggler got out of it and used a jawbreaker following it up with a series of stomps to the neck and shoulder of MVP. Both went off the ropes, with MVP landing a large boot to the face of Ziggler. MVP was going for another vertical suplex but Ziggler wormed out of it and turned it into a sleeperhold. MVP broke this by sending Ziggler backwards into the corner then used a sidetoss. MVP was going for his trademark balling but was distracted giving Ziggler the chance to use his trademark zigzag for the win.  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't adjust your screen

Hey my Spudguns!  I'm back!  It's been a few months, things had gotten a little... sticky in the crypt so to speak and I took a short break from doing the wrestling thing, but hey I'm getting slowly back into the groove of it.  I hope to up my skills over the coming months.  The next few weeks will be done in bits and fits as my "day job" of book reviews is still a heavy shelf. 

Raw for Oct 4th 2010- Highlights

We opened Nexus at the ring, calling out Jon Cena.  Cena lost at last night's ppv and had to join Nexus.
  • This turned into a match between Cena/Tarver vs Mark Henry/Evan Bourne.  Cena refused to tag in and left his partner to be demolished by Henry.  Henry/Bourne got the win.
  • Husky Harris and Michel McGillicutty looks to being the newest members of Nexus... or are they?  Either way all I can say is ... HUSKY HARRIS!!!!!
  • Divas match between Alicia Fox and Natalya.   Natalya won with the sharpshooter
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus.  The white knight got a little bit on the edgy side after having lost last night at the ppv and barreled into Bryan with repeated knees to the face.  The ref called a dq on Sheamus. 
  • Diva tag match between the Bella twins and Laycool.  The twins pulled their typical switcher-oo on them and got the win. 
  • A 20 man over the top battle royal.   I totally want to say with cheese.  Wade Barrett won by cheating.  It had come down to Barrett/Cena/Sheamus  and after they got the white knight out, Barrett forced Cena to bow down.