Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I loved and hated about ....

The Night of Champions 2013

preshow- round one was 3MB vs Tons of Funk....My prediction was 3MB making round one, but I was wrong. Tons of Funk (I hate that name) got the round.

Round two- Tons of Funk vs Real Americans... it went to Real Americans

Round three-Real Americans vs went to the Real Americans...

Round four- Real Americans vs Prime Time Players... it went to Prime Time Players.  This means that the Prime Time Players will go against Shield members  Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns
I really thought it was going to come down to the Usos vs Shield. When I saw them get tossed by the Real Americans, my mind was like "oh okay."  The Prime Time Players getting the spot sort of threw me.  

First match of the main show-  Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. Set as a last minute match.  My money was on Axel.   And I picked right, Curtis Axel managed to get the pin and keep his title.

Second match- women's match...didn't watch.

Third match- RVD vs Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.  RVD got the win on a dq but Del Rio kept his title.

Fourth match- Fandango vs Miz.  The Miz got the win with the figure four causing Fandango to tap.

Fifth match-Curtis Axel with Heyman vs CM Punk.   Axel tapped out, forcing Heyman to have to get into the ring.  and Ryback came out to save Heyman, giving Heyman the win for his half of the match.  
Hated Ryback getting in there. Would have liked to see it be cleanly done.

Shield me!

Sixth match- Shield member Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler for the United States title.  Ambrose kept his belt, and did it clean! Ha-ha! Love it.

Seventh match- Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs the Prime Time Players for the Tag Team titles.  Rollins/Reigns got the win, cleanly and kept their titles.  Very very happy. Love it love it!

Main Event- Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.  Well, Bryan got the win with a pin off of a hard flying knee, and a quick count.
I was glad to see Bryan get the win and the title.  And by my count, this was the only title change of the night.

till later
love Ardeth Blood

Monday, September 9, 2013

What I would love to see at WWE's...

Night of Champions 2013

This post came about because of a few things.  A) other fans on GetGlue being pissed about the state of some of their former favourites becoming heels   B) I love the Shield    C) my family complaining that "it's not fair" what's going on in the CM Punk/Heyman storyline right now    D) I love the Shield    E) would love to see some more NXT guys get a push and    F) I love the Shield.

Okay, so here's what I'd love to see happen at the ppv this weekend

The NXT titles should be in the mix. I know NXT is taped a few weeks in advance, so as of the last episode I saw on tv (week of Friday Sept 6th) Graves/Neville were the Tag Champs, and Bo Dallas was the NXT champ. So going on that information, I would love to see a number one contenders match for the NXT Tag titles, and Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger with the winner going against Antonio Cesaro for the number one contender's spot for the NXT title.

... The Shield at the time of this posting (5:30pm EST Monday about three hours before tonight's Raw)  do not have a match scheduled at the ppv.  Which is fine. I like those pieces of shinny on them. But... I would love to see... Dean Ambrose take on Damien Sandow for his Money in the Bank case, which should have been Ambrose's to begin with in my frealing opinion.   
I think there should be a number one contenders match for the Tag Team belts.  I think I've said this before.  OR better yet in a non-title match, have the Shield's Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns go against the Wyatt Family... or have all three members of the Shield vs the three members of the Wyatt Family in a six man 2/3 falls submission match....yeah, I still want to see the Shield in a 2/3 falls submission match  and will keep asking till I see it.
Here's a thought, Seth Rollins vs CM Punk in a number one contender's match for Curtis Axel's Intercontinental Championship... that would rock! Or wouldn't the World Heavyweight Championship look spiffy on Roman Reigns? Maybe he should go up against Del Rio for that title?  Which of course would mean that Ambrose would basically have to turn on current WWE Champion Randy Orton to take his title. 

Seriously, Night of Champions ppv,  if Daniel Bryan manages to win over Orton, Seth Rollins could easily score over him...I believe.

For the WWE title...I think Bryan will defeat Orton. Right before the Shield turn on Orton.
For the World Heavyweight title... I think Del Rio will keep his title.
For the Intercontinental title... I think Punk will win, via a dq giving him a chance to destroy Heyman but Axel keeping the title.

So to recap, I want the Shield to keep their belts for another few months, until Survivor Series, and for NXT to get a push, and for the Shield to turn on Randy Orton/Triple H.

till later
Love Ardeth Blood