Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Survivor Series Love Hated

Spudguns! it's your favourite fang-girl with the results to tonight's ppv all covered in coffee stains and cherry pie um just go with it...

Pre-show:First off...Alex Riley needs to lay off the tanning. Dude...hate.
Justin Gabriel vs Fandango...I like the skeleton bottoms and gloves Gabriel was wearing... Fandango got the pin.
Really, really, really sick of the whole stunt double crap. Get over it!
The return of Wade it! Good to see him back.  The idea he might be the new boss is a rocking good one.
I don't know about anyone else, but watching the preshow on the WWE website, it kept freezing up on me tonight. 
Cesaro came to the ring, to monolog, and Swagger then came out. Short match, but I'm glad they decided to put a second match in the pre-show. You've got the time, use it properly. Swagger got the win.

I'm really hoping that win or loose for Seth Rollins, he trims the beard. Hot hot guy, but the lumberjack/jesus christ look is starting to wear on my nerves.  

Match #1- Tag Team fatal four way.  Usos vs Dust Busters vs Miz/Sandow vs Los Matadores.
I liked the Papa Shango comment...good times with the vodun, try some red brick powder and holy water there Sandow or call a Grimm...loved the fact the crowd went nuts for Sandow. He was a favourite of mine for a long time, until he started dressing up in stupid costumes every week, then I sort of gave up on him...Sandow got the pin, winning the tag belts for him and Miz

Match #2-women's match...made coffee checked emails didn't watch

Match #3-Dean Ambrose vs Wyatt. I'm surprised this was as early in the night as it was. I was thinking this would have been just before the main event, given how big both stars are. Ambrose was biting at one point, but got smashed a few times right off his feet. That was followed up by both men giving running clotheslines outside the ring, barely making the 9 count back in. Ambrose's version of the exorcist was funny.  The announce booth were talking about them not being normal...theyy are both normal damn it! Normal to me... There were many many near falls for both men, and a good fifteen minutes before Wyatt used the stairs turning this into a bit of a hardcore scene.  But, it was Ambrose who used a chair and got himself dq, giving Wyatt the win.
Ambrose then dragged out all the tables, ladders and chairs from the arena, prelude to a rematch next month I'm guessing...I'm disappointed there was no barbed wire damn it!

Then Rollins came on camera and what do you know, the beard was trimmed. That's it, Rollins must be peeking at my script... chapter six scene fourteen.

Match #4-Adam Rose/Bunny vs Slater/Titus  and the Bunny got the pin...hunt the bunny, kill the bunny, make stew out of the bunny... anyone else feel like listening to Once More With Feeling from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show... bunnies it must be bunnies or maybe midgets....

And then Roman Reigns was on...sssshhh he's just standing there looking seriously serious, back in black. Did he borrow Dean Ambrose's jacket and hoodie? He gave notice that he's got about three weeks left before he's due back in ring...hum...I've said it once before elsewhere, I don't think that man is capable of having a bad hair day. I keep expecting to walk into a book store and see his photo on covers of romance novels or something...just saying...

Match #5- another women's match....bathroom break

And just as I thought a half hour ago, Ambrose vs Wyatt rematch at TLC next month.

Main Event...Team Cena : Cena/Ryback/Big Show/Ziggler/Erick Rowan  vs Team Authority : Seth Rollins/Rusev/Luke Harper/Mark Henry/Kane. 
Mark Henry was the first eliminated in the first 30 seconds. Making it 5 on 4
Oddly, Rollins took a lot of punishment during the beginning of this match. I thought they would keep him on the side till the very end.
Ryback was the second to be eliminated.  This made it 4 on 4.
Anyone bother to notice that other then Rusev, everyone else in this match has been beat by Seth Rollins...just pointing out...
Rusev was the third to be eliminated by a count out. This makes it 4 on 3.  I found the santa claus and clown in the first row to be disturbing....I don't like either...
Erick Rowan was fourth eliminated.  This made it 3 on 3. Show turned on Cena...
Cena was fifth to be eliminated...This made it 2 on officially.  But Show walked away. Leaving it down to 1 on 3.  Cena being eliminated, I didn't see that coming.
So this leaves Dolph Ziggler the only one left on Cena's Team. We're down to Kane/Rollins/Harper on Team Authority.
Kane was sixth to be eliminated. This made it 1 on 2.  And Harper suicide dive through the ropes at lightening
Harper was seventh to be eliminated. Making it 1 on 1.  Rollins vs Ziggler...I wanted that! Actually, I want anything that puts Rollins in the spotlight.  And Seth Rollins was more then planted hard into the mat, how is that boy alive? I swear he's got magick powers to live through some of the hits he takes.
Triple H pulled the ref out just as Ziggler was about to get the win...then Mercury and Noble gave Ziggler the five minute beat down, only he fought out of it.  Triple H took out the second ref...Ziggler should have won twice in the span of a minute and a half.  And just as a third ref was called out by Triple H,  Sting came out.  Blah, so not a fan of his...which if you've read my TNA posts over the years, you'd know that. I always preferred Vampiro... Well, at lest Sting will be an improvement over some of the other that have been kicking around...
Ziggler got the win with the help of Sting...shocker for ya eh?

Okay, so I had hoped - in my last post- that it would come down in the end to Rollins vs Ziggler, and glad to see the creative team thought that was a smashing idea.  I'm guessing this means that Sting is now the authority...could be an interesting move, to see who might get a push and who might get snuffed off the tv? Question, do they teach how to scream yourself horse in wrestling school?

Okay, that about covers it on my end.
Till next time, love Ardeth Blood.

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