Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rumble Loved Hated 2015

Spudguns! Got your coffee? Right on... let's get to making weird and pointless comments about our favourite wrestlers shall we.

The pre-show: Loved the Corey Graves factor, hated that Paul Heyman wasn't there! Would have been a million times better if it were just Graves/Heyman doing the pre-show commentary.
So Canada, we finally got the Network online. What do I have to say about it? Well, we'll have to this point, you could only get the Network in Canada through selected cable companies, and my city wasn't one of them. And I've been very vocal on that. But tonight, as usual, I'm catching the ppv on tv, cause I'm just not sure the Network has anything to grab me other then the ppvs...
There was too much chit-chatter-chat on the pre-show for me. They could have easily used that first twenty minutes for a match instead of having all the talking.  That's been my biggest hate about the pre-show for the last year or so. Not fitting in as many matches as possible.
We finally got around to the pre-show match  The New Day vs Rose/Cesaro/Kidd.  I really don't care for the threesome of New Day. I loved Woods back few years ago when he was in the other company under the other name, but I'm just not caring for the gimmicks/characters his been given here.  Kidd got the pin.

Since I'm in here, I think they pulled out the storyline of the Authority returning too soon. It should have been held on ice till Wrestlemaina. I would have written it so that they arrived back during the mania ppv, and just pull the rug out from under whomever the big winner tonight is in the battle royal. Obviously, creative thinks differently then I do.

Match #1- Outlaws vs Ascension  I'm all about the Ascension. Connor got the pin, giving Ascension their first major note. Wicked...

Match #2- Tag Team titles match Miz/Sandow vs Usos.  Usos got the pin, keeping hold tight of their titles. And here we have the first real stitches in the voodoo doll as Sandow wasn't there to save Miz.

Going to go backward a moment here, and mention the opening credits for the ppv...all the close ups of the wrestlers declaring they were the one to win...yeah Ambrose's hair; anyone else just want to scream at him to get a haircut or at the very lest slick it back like he used to in Shield? Can't be the only one who thinks it's just a little too curly to be that middle length. I mean, he's looking more and more like Chris Sabin every time he's on tv...hail sabin! Dean Ambrose's hair is like a demonic creature all it's own there...
Speaking of demonic hairdos, why doesn't Bray Wyatt just walk out to a King Diamond cd? Like say "Abigail"? I'm sure he's run through about five copies by now...what? I'm not the only old metal head who remembers that cd reading this. The whole rocking chair thing in all the creepy videos...

Match#3- women's match, didn't watch wrote the above hair thing.

Having all the wrestlers pitch their place made sense but still felt like a time suck.

Match#4-Cena vs Brock vs Seth Rollins for the heavyweight title. My money is solidly on Rollins. Brock got the pin on Rollins. Damn it! So he's still the champion. Damn it!  The jump Rollins had during his one massive flying elbow bit earlier in the match, was stunning. Just breathtaking to watch. I've said it before, there isn't anyone else in the company who can pull off the moves Seth Rollins does and make them look so effortless. Rollins looked pretty done in at the end of this one, dizzy vomit worthy and shaky.

Main Event- "*" equals "surprise entry"

 #1-Miz (1st tossed by Bully Ray)
 #2- RTruth (2nd tossed by Bully Ray)
* #3-Bully Ray aka back as Bubba Ray Duddley (3rd tossed by Wyatt?)
#4- Luke Harper (4th tossed by Wyatt)
#5-Bray Wyatt (24th tossed by Kane/Show)
#6-Curtis Axel but didn't really make it to the ring because his spot was hijacked by Erick Rowan
*#7- Boogieman (5th tossed by Wyatt)
#8-Sin Cara (6th tossed by Wyatt)
#9- Zack Ryder (7th tossed by Wyatt)
 #10- Daniel Bryan (11th tossed by Wyatt)
#11- Fandango (9th tossed by Rusev)
#12-Tyson Kidd (8th tossed by Bryan)
#13-Star Dust (15th to be tossed by Reigns)
*#14-DDP (10th tossed by Rusev)
#15-Rusev (28th tossed by Reigns)
#16-Gold Dust (14th to be tossed by Reigns)
#17- Kofi Kingston (13th to be tossed by Rusev)
#18-Adam Rose (12th to be tossed by Rusev)
#19-Roman Reigns
#20-Big E(18th tossed by Rusev)
#21-Sandow (16th to be tossed by Rusev)
#22- Swagger (20th by Big Show)
#23-Ryback (19th by Kane)
#24-Kane (26th tossed by Reigns)
#25-Dean Ambrose (25th tossed by Kane/Show)
#26-Titus O'Neil (17th tossed by Reigns/Ambrose)
#27-Bad News Barrett (21st tossed by Ziggler)
#28-Cesaro (22nd by Ziggler)
#29-Big Show (27th by Reigns)
#30-Dolph Ziggler (23rd tossed by Kane/Show)

I did not see the elimination of Daniel Bryan coming, I thought he was set to win this. The crowd chanted for Bryan for pretty much the rest of the match.  And this is the part where I point out Rowan wasn't an official ticket and Axel never made it in, so that spot was technically still available.
But that didn't happen, instead the Rock showed up and helped give a distraction for Reigns to win. I'm surprised the crowd booed Roman Reigns, and chanted for Rusev. That's like backwards land or something.
I think I got everyone straight on their tossed out order and by whom. If I missed someone or got the order wrong, forgive my lacking.

Okay, that's my thoughts tonight.
Till next time
Love Ardeth Blood

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pre-thoughts Rumble 2015

It's a Monday morning, tonight's Raw is yet to air, and the website has three matches listed at this point for the ppv this coming weekend.

That's enough, good, leave it there!

You have a three hour timeslot, and that sounds about right for this particular pay-per-view.

A) The tag team titles match between Usos and Miz/Sandow.  That could be given a decent 30-45 minutes.

B) The heavyweight title match with Cena vs Brock vs Seth Rollins. This should be a solid hour. No questions asked.

C) 30 man over the top battle royal. This should take us to the last two minutes of the scheduled time. Should be the star attraction.

So what do I think about all this?   The Usos will end up keeping their titles because Sandow is finally going to break away from Miz.

Rollins, Rollins, Rollins! They more then hinted last week on the show that if he doesn't win straight up, he's going to cash in. I say keep it! Keep it for Wrestlemaina. But I think Seth Rollins is going to win straight up, and totally steal the show. The dude is like a god or something, the amount of punishment he seems to be able to take and still pull off all those cruiser weight moves out of nowhere. I don't think there is anyone else in the company (can't say business right now because we know there's a whole generation of guys who trained with him back in the independents) who can pull off the stunts he can and make it look effortless.

The main event. It's going to come down to Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. I'd love to say Reigns, but now with Bryan locked in the match...I don't think any other surprise entries, or any of the already announced ones will be able to hold out.
I'm really really really hoping that Brad Maddox finds away to sneak in even for a few minutes...

And all this leads me to say, we've been given a glimpse at the start of what I hope happens before the end of 2015; the reforming of the Shield. No, I haven't given up on the idea, specially with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns partnering up last few weeks....against Seth Rollins. The three of them in the ring together is pure chemistry. Thunder bolts and lighting chemistry.  So my big prediction for 2015 is that once some gold is around Rollins's waist, and possibly the tag titles on Ambrose/Reigns, we will see the triad return. Black clad crows of the apocalypse come to save the souls of the common viewers...don't mind me, I was researching Celtic/Irish mythology...carry on...
Creative sneaked a few bits into one of Rollins' first promos almost a year ago; after turning that just makes me think they originally were only going to have him Triple H's sidekick for a short while, exposing a cunning plan to get gold and reveal he'd never turned on Ambrose/Reigns at all. Creative needs to go over their notes and think about that storyline.

Okay I'll be back after the ppv...