Sunday, February 23, 2014

loved and hated about Elmination Chamber

Pre-show: was the Rhodes Brothers vs Ryback/Curtis Axel.   Cody got the pin.

Match#1: Big E vs Swagger for the Intercontinental title.  Big E got the pin and kept his belt

Match#2: Usos vs New Age Outlaws for the Tag Titles. Outlaws got the pin and kept their belts

Match#3: Titus O'Neil vs Darren Young.  Titus got the pin.

Match#4 : Shield vs Wyatts. Bray got the pin over Reigns.  Damn it! 
This was a really nice length, at 30 minutes, and had some amazingly brilliant moves by Seth Rollins. There was one point where I was literally wondering how he still had a leg when he flipped and landed on his feet after being thrown off the top turnbuckle. Dean Ambrose was sent off into the crowd by Bray Wyatt at one point as well, and seemed to get lost out in the darkness, while Rollins was put through the announce booth. This left Roman Reigns alone in the ring and the victim of all three Wyatts. 
This match was definitely worth the money for the pay-per-view. (I'm going to have to get the dvd just for this match!) None of the Shield were left standing, which sucks, and more then once all of them looked vomit worthy. As much as I screamed at the tv when Reigns got pinned, I still loved this match. Listening to the crowd throughout the whole time going back and forth with their chants, half for the Shield, half for the Wyatts; you could tell in the first few seconds this was going to be something to remember. (they hadn't even entered the ring yet when the crowd started to chant "this is awesome" )
The very beginning of this match, all six men were just slamming each other with punches, kicks, Ambrose twitching like a little kid off his meds with Rollins having to tell him to settle down, handfuls of blonde streaked hair nearly became a trophy for Luke Harper more then once as he continued to toss Rollins around by it. 
I do believe - no pun intended- that this was the first ppv loss for the Shield as a group? I'm eager to see what kind of feud will be embraced now because of this? As I've stated in my last post, I would love to see Ambrose vs Bray over the next few weeks, as well as more 3 on 3 matches come about between these teams.  
I know Reigns is being given the spotlight for a WWE Heavyweight title match in the coming months, but I have said it before and will say it again, Seth Rollins should be given the spotlight for the chance as well. The fact he had the NXT title should be carrying more weight on the topic than it has been.

Match #5: women's didn't watch

Match#6: Batista vs Del Rio. He got it with a pin.

Main Event: Chamber match - Cena vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Orton vs Bryan vs Sheamus
Sheamus and Cesaro started it, next in was Bryan, next in was Christian, next Cena then Orton.
First elimination was Sheamus by Christian
Second elimination Christian by Bryan
Third elimination was Cesaro by Cena - That sucked massive-
Then the Wyatts  popped into the chamber causing chaos. This led to Cena being eliminated by Orton. This is like the third time in a row over the last few weeks the Wyatts have helped Orton.
This left Bryan and Orton in a one on one match  Kane came out, but got a few kicks to the face for his trouble. Both Orton and Bryan had a bunch of near falls before Kane helped once more giving Orton the chance to get a second RKO on Byran for the win. 
Orton kept his title. Damn it!

I loved that Cesaro was in the main event, I hate the fact he was eliminated, he was my pick for this match.
I loved that the Wyatts had some extra air time, but hate the fact they helped Orton.

For me, the two best matches were the Shield vs Wyatts and the main event. Good to see Cesaro being given the spotlight. I would have liked to see some NXT guys have had a match.

Till next time,
Love Ardeth Blood.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pre-Elimination Chamber thoughts

This weekend is WWE's ppv the Elimination Chamber.  Usually, this is one of two ppvs that I sit out just on the fact that I personally can't afford every ppv.    BUT...I'm weaker then I like to admit and because two of my favourite teams The Shield and the Wyatt Family, are not just in it but in a match against each other.... here's what I think about this weekend's ppv.

Del Rio vs Batista.... My vote is for Del Rio all the way. This is who I want to win.  Who I think the winner will be sadly is Batista. Sill pissed the Shield never got rid of him...

Curtis Axel/Ryback vs the Rhodes Brothers.   I think the Rhodes Brothers will get this, and it will finally smarten Curtis Axel up and have him toss Ryback. That's what I hope happens in this pre-show match.

New Age Outlaws vs the Usos... for the Tag Team titles.  Usos all the way! It's about time they had the gold.

Darren Young vs Titus O'Neil... I would like to see this be Young's big overthrow, but I think the direction this will be taken is O'Neil getting the win.

Swagger vs Big E for the Intercontinental...I don't care. If it's a clean match, then I'd like to see Swagger get this, if Zeb finds a way to help him cheat, I could see this being a dq and Big E keeping it. In fact, whomever gets this belt should have to face Roman Reigns Monday on Raw for it.  That's what I want.

World Heavyweight match with Sheamus, Cena, Orton, Christian, Cesaro, Bryan.   I know everyone is expecting this to be Bryan's big date. But, my vote, my money is on Cesaro. The second he was announced as one of the guys in this match, my little zombied brain started to see all sorts of possible storylines for him with that title leading up to Wrestlemaina.  He's going to shock a few people here.

The Shield vs the Wyatts... Oh My God!   Do I even have to say it....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHIELD!    I know that creative is ready to snap them apart like legos on a playground, but I'm not ready for that just yet. Well, I'm not. This match is the only reason I'm even considering getting this ppv.  The Wyatts vs the Shield.  The Shield vs the Wyatts. Whatever way you say it, it's got instant classic written all over it. Will the chamber be enough to ground Seth Rollins from some of his more cruiser weight style moves? How much blood can Dean Ambrose create with the cage walls?  I'm assuming it would be in a cage? If I'm wrong... then we'll go with this little fantasy....the idea of Roman Reigns hitting not one, not two, but all three of the Wyatts with his flying-reclining dropkick, the submissions that Rollins will be able to pull out of thin air or the pockets of his combat pants will they be enough to stun the already not-quite there Rowan into a tap? Will Ambrose be slippery enough when it counts to get out of the gator-roll that's dizzied up all of Harper's victims in the past? 
Recently, on both Raw and Smackdown, when the six have faced to faced in the darkness of the arena, Reigns and Bray have taken the leading roles for their sides, but with this match, I'm eager to see what kind of chaos Bray and Ambrose can create. That's got potential to be a massive side feud if the Shield can keep the fur from flying before Wrestlemaina.
I want the Shield still the Shield going into Wrestlemaina. I want to see what kind of story can be built from more Wyatts vs Shield matches over the next month leading into WM. My dream match would be for this to turn into a 2 out of 3 falls submissions match...(I know I know I can't leave that alone.)   Oh, what would happen if Rollins pulls a pair of shears/scissors out of his pockets and off with their beards? And if it's not in a cage, will Ambrose take a chill-out in the middle of it to join the announce booth on headset, causing Reigns to growl? There's so many little things that could happen here. With these six characters in that ring, it's a writer's morbid candyland. (Okay this writer's morbid candyland.) 

I'll catch you on the B-side of the ppv.
love Ardeth Blood