Sunday, June 29, 2014

Loved hated Money in the Bank 2014

Match #1- Usos vs Wyatt Family.   Usos got the win, and managed to keep the tag team titles.

Match #2- women's match didnt' watch

Match #3- Sandow vs Adam Rose.  Rose got the win.

Match #4- The number one contenders ladder match. Barrett was originally meant to be part of this, but wasn't because of an arm injury. This left Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Swagger, RVD.  Mid-way, Ambrose DDTed someone (think it was Swagger) off the ladder and dislocated his left shoulder. It looked like he was going to be out of the rest of the match. But, Ambrose returned, just in time to have Kane run out messing it up for him. Rollins got the case. 

Match #5- Curtis Axel/ Ryback vs Rhodes Brothers aka Dust Busters. Cody aka Stardust got the win.

Match #6- Rusev vs Big E.   Rusev got the win by tap out.

Match #7- second women's match didn't watch.

Main Event- Heavyweight ladder match.  Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Cesaro and Roman Reigns.  Well, Cena got this one yet again. Boo.

I would have liked to have seen more of Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Was really expecting Rollins to come down at the end and keep Reigns from winning, but Kane and Orton seemed to have that job.

I keep waiting for this new character of Cody Rhodes to say "moonglorious" as a nod to Violent J's space character wrestler...

There were gaps for me tonight. Too many commercials and backstage stuff.  I loved the promo they gave Dean Ambrose though earlier in the night.

love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pre-Thoughts Money in the Bank 2014

It's a Thursday, and I thought I'd come in here and give my thoughts about next week's ppv while I had the chance.

As of right now (7:30pm EST) there are three matches listed for the ppv next week.  Usos vs Wyatts for the tag team belts, the Heavyweight ladder match for the title, and the normal ladder match for the number one contender.

I hate to say it, but I think the Usos' run at being tag team champs is going to come to an end.  The Wyatts are going to wrap this one up in a dirty black torn grass stained ribbon.

The Heavyweight ladder match, which at this point is listed as having Cesaro, Cena, Sheamus, Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Orton and Roman Reigns.  This could go either way, anyone's trophy.  Of course I want Reigns to get this no question about it, but for the sake of the storyline, I think it's going to go to either Cena or Orton.  I would love to say that Cesaro is going to get this, but no matter how great he is, or how much he deserves it, I can't see creative letting it go to him that easily with Cena and Orton in the match.  And let's face it, letting Reigns have it right out of the box, would be too easy. Unless, they plan on pulling the same sort of storyline they have been for the last year with Daniel Bryan, letting him have it and taking it from him etc.

The traditional number one contenders match. At this moment, Seth Rollins is the only one listed as being in this match.  So who do I see being added to it?  Adam Rose (still hate that rock star gimmick please go back to being Leo Kruger) Dolph Ziggler, Barrett, Sandow, Curtis Axel and Sin Cara.
Do I think that Rollins will win? Yes, of course, if Dean Ambrose doesn't disrupt the match.

To be honest, I was really expecting to see a singles match between Rollins and Ambrose, given the feud they have started with them.  But then again, I'm still hoping that this storyline ends up being that the Shield is setting up to destroy The Authority from the inside out, and that they never truly broke up.
If by chance, creative refuses to write me my happy ending, then they can at lest give both Reigns and Rollins the wins for their matches, forcing them to then have to battle each other. I have been saying for awhile now that I want to see that Heavyweight title on Rollins. (I also want to see him dye his hair one colour, too.)
So where does this leave Ambrose if he's not entered into the ladder match?  Some would argue because he had been part of last year's match that turn about is fair play, but damn it Janet! I want to see all three of the Shield on the ppv.  (I don't care I'm not ready for this split, not too mention the questionable choice of new shirt Ambrose has picked for his "latest" ring gear. Yeah, I'm not digging the hustler undershirt)

And just because it did not happen at the last ppv, I want to see a ladder match for Brad Maddox giving him a chance to win back his job. Against anyone. Kane, Bo Dallas, Zack Ryder, anyone. I am just not liking the lack of Maddox. Storyline or real life, doesn't matter, I want to see him back on this ppv.  I'm greedy that way.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, June 1, 2014

loved hated Payback 2014

Match #1- Sheamus vs Cesaro.  This was for the United States Title.  Sheamus managed to win and keep his title.

Match #2- Rhodes Brothers vs Axel/Ryback.  Ryback pinned Cody for the win. Cody then walked off seeming like he was done with tag teaming.

Match #3- Rusev vs Big E.  Rusev got this by making Big E tap

Match #4- Kofi vs Bo Dallas... not really. Kane came out and beat Kofi, I think before the bell even rang, keeping the match from actually happening. But not from Bo grabbing the mic.

Match #5- RVD vs Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett won, keeping his title.  I just wish he'd trim that beard just an inch.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring with his wife, and she refused to let him hand over the title, quitting before she could be fired.

Match #6- Cena vs Wyatt. This was the last man standing match.  It had a decent length clocking in at 30 minutes. Cena got this one by trapping Bray Wyatt in an equipment box like a coffin.

Match#7- women's match -  didn't watch. Like Wyatt, I had a coffin break.

Main Event- No Holds Barred Elimination match, Shield vs Evolution.  This is the only reason I got the ppv. Chaos right off the bat, with Dean Ambrose ending up in the pit, where he instantly ran his fingers through his hair. Um dude, fixing it means from front to back smoothing down not back to front messing it up.  Seth Rollins climbed to the top of the wide screen, and jumped onto everyone, which did trump his dive from last ppv, but did in deed nearly kill him. I was waiting for him to puke on everyone but he didn't. Roman Reigns had his shirt ripped off to the joy and cheers of all straight women and gay men over the world. Nice! Much better to see the welts and cuts on his body from the brutal hits by steel chairs, stairs and wooden sticks. 
Batista was the first to be eliminated by Rollins, 
Orton then was eliminated by Ambrose,  and wait for it
Triple H was eliminated by Reigns.   
Shield won standing  tall, okay limping hunched over in pain, but you get the idea.

So for me, the main event was a highlight, it rang in at 45 minutes, going right to the last minute for the scheduled time. Have I mentioned yet this week how much I love the Shield...just let me say in case I forgot....I love the Shield!

till later
love Ardeth Blood