Sunday, March 29, 2015

loved hated WM 2015

Spudguns! Time for my ppv commentary...

Pre-show: I always hate more then I love lately. The last few times, I've found myself at the last few minutes still undecided if I'm getting the ppvs.
Anyways, so I went to the website at 5pm for the preshow, which at two hours was going to be a drag, only to find out that if you do not have the network, you don't get the second hour. What the hell?
So no Tag Team Fatal Fourway or the Andre the Giant Battle Royal for those of us who got the ppv on tv and refuse to sign up for the network and pay $12 Canadian a month for one or two shows we want to see.  So the first hour those of us without the network got, was just recapping everything.
Preshow hated it!   And I do have to say yes, all us straight women really do hate each other. That's the only interesting thing that I heard on that pre-show first hour.

I've been a fan of wrestling since I was 5 years old. There was a few years in my twenties (1994-1998) when I didn't watch wrestling. Mostly, because I was just not watching much tv. And on the rare occasions when I did flip on the tv and watch wrestling, it was the Canadian independent shows being carried on CBC. Those were good. I miss that kind of wrestling programs. 
What I would love to see on an episode of Smackdown or Raw, is a stripped down show.  One of the best shows WWE did was few years ago when half the company were unable to get to the show because of being stuck at an airport. There was no music, no pyro, you saw a few matches that would never have otherwise happened just because that's who was in the building.  I don't know man, maybe I'm just showing my age but, I actually remember a time when "surprise run ins" were just that. No video intro or music or pyro announcing who was going to run in and give a beat down or help against one. They would literally just run in. Shocking the audience.   On a night like this, I just couldn't help but wonder...Is it just me, or is it time to get back to basics? 
Match #1- Ladder match for the Intercontinental title.  Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper vs R-Truth vs Star Dust. 
Ambrose was power bombed out of the ring into a folded ladder splitting the back of his skull open, within the first 10 minutes, leaving the match open for Ziggler and Bryan.  Bryan won.  
Well, that was sucky. Totally disappointing, as this was the only match I got the ppv for and it was over in under 20minutes.

Match #2- Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins.   Rollins had a nasty landing after having a crazy clothesline from Orton. Rollins then suicide dive on Orton sending them both flying into the announce booth.
Rollins saved the ppv in my mind; my second favourite werewolf.  The moonsault that caused him to fly backward into the booth was psycho amazing.  You would think by now, with all the high moves guys are doing lately, they would give a bit more space between the ring and the announce booth/ringside   Orton got the win.

I'm going to give a suggestion and lets see if it will come true.  Seth Rollins is going to star in the next Crow movie. after seeing that corkscrew and the running step thing he did on Orton's neck. Freal me!  Wouldn't that totally rock though? Seth Rollins as the Crow, I'd pay to see that more then once.

Match #3- There was some strange drum solo for Sting, really pointless.  Sting vs Triple H. Bathroom break.
Come out of the toilet to see the match still hasn't started, and Triple H is dressed like a cartoon character...okay then.  I've made it no secret that I'm NOT a fan of either men, but being that I was a massive WCW/TNA girl, I was hoping for Sting.
What the hell is with all the old goats? Bloody hell...yeah I hate everyone.  Triple H won.  crap!

Okay, so really feeling my age, some band I've never heard of played. And freal, I'm so damn sick of this theme song already. Hope I never have to hear it again. Which, to be honest every ppv theme makes me want to vomit after the second time I am forced to hear it repeatedly on every commercial for the ppvs.

Match #4- women's match. Coffee break.

Match#5-Cena vs Rusev for the United States title.  Cena won. Shocker for ya.

Rock came out to blah blah blah, must have a new movie to promote.

Match #6-Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker.
Zombie Scarecrow Hillbillies. A bunch of hillbilly scarecrows that he anointed that became zombies, followed him to the ring. Wyatt I mean. Zombie Scarecrow Hillbillies...zombie scarecrow hillbillies...
Undertaker won.  boo! You know Bray, maybe if you didn't play with the zombie scarecrow hillbillies you would have had time to think of a better attack...

Main Event- Roman Reigns vs Brock for the heavyweight title.  My werewolf better win damn it! Reigns was hurting, yet he was laughing...did he get his brains rattled so badly he was delirious?  At one point Reigns got suplexed right out of the ring. I stopped counting after the fourth suplex, but he took way too many.  Reigns managed to get it turned around for a moment, but Brock got the upper hand again.
Then Seth Rollins tried to cash in his case. Seth Rollins pinned Roman Reigns, and got the title. NICE! Lest one of my werewolves won!

So that's my thoughts on this month's ppv. I remember a time when WrestleMania meant something because it was the only ppv for the year. moving on...
I am still waiting for the Shield to get back together. I won't be happy with anything WWE does till that happens.  
I can't be the only one who feels that the pay-per-views have lost their groove?

Love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11th 2015

As we head into the big yearly ppv known as Wrestlemaina, I have thoughts.
I know this is a bit early in the month, given we still have two weeks and who knows what matches will be listed, I'll probably come back in before the ppv and give a full "pre-thoughts" but, at the moment I want to talk about the ladder match.

The big ladder match for the Intercontinental Title, which as of this posting, contains Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Star Dust, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Luke Harper.

I have to keep asking myself, why I shell out $50 -$60 bucks every month for what is usually only one match I actually care about? The short answer is "sir I have an addiction". 

I love the fact the Intercontinental belt is being spotlighted. I don't think it really has in a few years, and this is a fabulous way of doing so. I love that some of the guys added to the mix are a few you wouldn't expect to see given the current storylines. R-Truth has brought a sense of comedy to the otherwise dry-rub storyline that could have made it pointless. The play on words with R-Truth having the sack for "potatoes" after the past week and a half of Cole calling the plot a "game of hot potato" was brilliant.
The fact Luke Harper has done his role in perfect silence, adds a touch of urgency to the idea that this title does play a major role in the ladder - no pun intended- to getting to the heavyweight belt.
And of course, Dean Ambrose kicking it all off with his demanding that the history and respect of the title be brought up to begin with, shows that this title does MEAN something to the business; and is not just a filler spot.

So who do I think will come out ahead on this and who do I want to come out the winner?  These are two separate plotlines.
I think  it's going to end up around the waist of Dolph Ziggler. The second he was added to the chess board, my mind was locked in. It makes sense given he's been heavyweight champion before and this would elevate him to the running of number one contender after Seth Rollins cashes in. A Rollins-Ziggler feud makes so much sense for the coming year.
This would also open up a great chance to have Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper butt heads in a feud for a few months. Or Ambrose vs Star Dust.

What I want to see is Dean Ambrose come away the winner. I think if they put the Intercontinental title around that werewolf's waist, it's going to stay there for awhile. Have him beat his own title record and hold it for even two days longer then he held the U.S. title last year.  That would be a storyline, could Ambrose out Ambrose himself?  Think of all the ways that creative could throw at him to keep the title and beat his own record? The feuds he could be allowed to have with some of the mid-card guys who we rarely see, or even a title vs title match against whomever has the heavyweight belt by fall. Bring more of a pure wrestling history lesson to his storyline with each match he defends the title.

Okay my Spudguns! That's my thoughts right now on the IC Title, and I'll be back in time for the ppv.
Love Ardeth Blood