Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pssstt... Riley what's in the case?

Since it's the holidays, I thought I would post something light.

I made a comment last week about how Bore-Spore Alex Riley was still carrying around the old red beat in Money in the Bank briefcase that had belonged to the Miz.   Well as of the Christmas Eve episode of Smackdown,  Riley was carrying a brand new silver briefcase of his very own.
I want to know what's in it. 

I know when Riley started out, his main gimmick was "The Varsity Villain."   BUT cause I'm who I am, I think my Bore-Spore is actually a secret geeky-nerd.  
Yes indeed I do.   So I think, like all good little geeky-nerds, what he's got in the shinny silver case is in fact 100% geek approved. 

Item #1 - An autographed photo of William Shattner. 

Item #2- A mixed CD of old 80's heavy metal bands

Item #3- A well worn copy of  Save the Assistants by Lilit Marcus

Item #4- Empty mini bottles of whiskey that you get on flights (oh come on it was a ready made joke)

Item #5-A rejected design for an Alex Riley tee that simply says "Bore-Spore" in a blood red splatter on an off white that reminds you of those old Hammer horror films on the front and A-Rye on the back

Well, that's what I think he's got in that shinny new case.

Anyways, hope everyone has a safe New Year.  See you all in 2011

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Views on WWE NXT for the week of Dec 22th 2010

We had the wheel barrow race this week, with the added weight of the Eagle. 

  • Johnny Curtis - he started off too quick on the draw insert dirty joke here but was given a second shot and ran it in 13.0 seconds
  • Jacob Novak - 12.8 seconds
  • Brodus Clay - 13.8 seconds with the Eagle falling out
  • Coner O'Brian  - 12.7 seconds
  • Bryon Saxton - 12.5 seconds
  • Derrick Bateman - 12.5 seconds
This lead to a tie breaker between Saxton and Bateman. 
  • Bryon Saxton - 13.1 seconds dropping the Eagle
  • Derrick Bateman - 12.0 seconds again causing the Eagle to fall out.   Bateman got the win
Todd Grisham played the part of Heel Master and all I have to say is... DO IT AGAIN!  Heel looks hot on Grisham

First match of the night was between Jacob Novak and Johnny Curtis.  Note* Because of an injury R-Truth who had been Curtis' Pro has been replaced it seems by JTG*
Novak got the win with a cheap shot.

We then went into a round of Hot Seat Trivia
  • Johnny Curtis had 4 points 
  • Jacob Novak had 10 points
  • Brodus Clay had 2 points 
  • Coner O'Brian had 2 points
  • Bryon Saxton had 6 points 
  • Derrick Bateman had 9 points 
Even though Novak had more right answers Bateman got the win because of the fact each time one Rookie got a wrong answer he was eliminated from the Trivia Game and the next Rookie standing in line got to start with a fresh topic.

Second match was a mixed match = Brodus Clay/Maryse/DiBiase vs Chris Masters/Bryon Saxton/Natalya    
Saxton got the pin for his team.

Voting starts I think next week (?) for who fans want to see removed from the show.   I am going on record saying the Two Rookies I want to see win season 4 are   = Johnny Curtis and Coner O'Brian. 

The Rookie I want to see tossed from the show cause I think he's crap is Derrick Bateman

Program note *  Canadian viewers - The Score will be airing next week's episode on Dec 29th 2010 at 7pm

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Views on WWE NXT for the week of Dec 15th 2010

Yes I know I'm still a week behind.

We opened with a... karaoke challenge.   That's my kind of challenge. 
#1-Conor O'Brian  went first and had to sing Sheamus' song.   Oh MY!  my ears are bleeding.  Dude, more Cher less Axl Rose.

#2- Derrick Bateman sang Miz's song. All I have to say is that Tom Araya is not exactly sweating or anything.

#3- Jacob Novak sang Dolph Ziggler's song.  Cats are covering their ears right now. 

#4-Brodus Clay sang Cody Rhodes.  He sort of spoke it and not even tried to sing it.

#5- Johnny Curtis  sang Randy Orton's song. The crowd went nuts when that was announced. Um dude, just cause you're singing Orton's theme does not mean you need to pretend to be him, though I'm sure your little snake dance on the canvas took some energy.  At lest he didn't take himself so damned seriously as a few of the other guys did. 

#6- Byron Saxton sang HBK's song.  He's got a voice.  Too bad they gave him that song. It was the wrong key but... the dancing was not needed.

I have a feeling there are alot of Pantera fans in that list of Rookies.   Bryon Saxton won this one.

We had a tag team match,   Chris Masters/Bryon Saxton vs DiBiase/Brodus Clay.   Ironically, DiBiase was looking decent in this match.  Maybe DiBiase has been reading what fans have been saying and actually gone back to training?  DiBiase got the win for his team.

The obstacle course was the second challenge. It was worth 2 points. 
  • Jacob Novak  ran it in 37.9 seconds
  • Byron Saxton ran it in 1.02 minute
  • Conor O'Brian ran it in 42.7 seconds
  • Derrick Bateman ran it in 5.7 seconds
  • Johnny Curtis ran it in 34.8 seconds  and was disqualified  for falling off the beam
  • Brodus Clay was also disqualified for tossing the stuff around and putting his hands on the ref
Johnny Curtis was given a second chance and ran it in 31.4 seconds and won it getting 2 immunity points.

We then had a match between Albert Del Rio vs Derrick Bateman.  Alberto Del Rio won with his cross armbreaker.

Okay, I have to say this,  I like the idea of Dolph Ziggler being unsettled over the idea of Jacob Novak hanging around Vicky.   I just wish Vicky would get a new necklace.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I thought about TNA Reaction for Dec 16th 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Dec 20th 2010

Cut to camera 1, Hardy talking about how he's the "thing" in TNA

Cut to camera 2, A.J. Styles talking about how Fortune is not to be trifled with.

Cut to camera 3, Mr. Anderson saying that he feels much the way many of us fans feel.  Me at the top of that list.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles saying how he can switch it up to meet anybody else's style of wrestling.

Cut to camera 4, Robert Roode giving a soundbite on getting the belts back.

Cut then to camera 5, Rayne saying how her team will get the women's gold.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian declaring himself the next X-Champ ... who now that I have started to actually type out his name instead of calling him simply Kaz, has started to refer to himself as just Kaz.   And they say us women change our minds all the time.  DUDE!

Cut back to camera 1, Hardy proving he should not be allowed to talk.

Cut back to camera 3, Mr. Anderson discussing the state of the talent in all of the business in every company.

Cut to camera 7, Matt Morgan the evil druid talking about how he has not lost his focus even with all the bulldren that is being pumped around him.  Morgan, dreamboards are good, but mindmovies work slightly faster. 

Cut back to camera 3 again, Mr. Anderson down playing his skull injury.  They keep showing the footage of him being sewn up, and dude it looked like you had another mouth or something you were split so much.

Cut back to camera 7, Morgan again saying that he'll do whatever he needs to; to get to the title.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles again talking about himself. Leaning into the camera to close the gap making it feel like a very intimate secret was a nice touch.

Cut to camera 8, Douglas Williams side of the story.  It went back and forth for a few minutes between Williams and Styles.

Cut to camera 9, MotorCityMachine Guns! and Chris Sabin is talking about Beer Money Inc seeing the tape of the interview and how they're not letting their emotions get the better of them. (I know I need to take his advice but ... na)  Then Alex Shelley basically said the same thing in a newly designed soup cereal bowl. Then he listed off all the crap ends of the business they've had to endure to get to the top. Wow no wonder he never has time to eat with all the flights and driving.  

Cut back to camera 4, Beer Money Inc making a comment about the belts again, James Storm saying he does not want a repeat of last summer's feud but to put a lid on things with the MMG.

Cut back to camera 9, Alex Shelley saying that it's not how you get to the top, but how you manage to stay or get back to the top that really counts. Isn't that what Storm just said in his part about his team?

Cut back to camera 5, more talking on the women's tag belts.

Cut back to camera 6, and Kazarian... Kaz... Kazarian... the KazzyKatman... talking about how Styles is in the same boat as him needing to grab gold.

Cut to camera 10, Generation Me, the one with the long greasy hair Max talking about how they are going to end up having to fight each other for the X-belt.

Cut back to camera 6 again and Kaz reminding the fans that he helped to create the division.

Cut to camera 11, Jay Lethal talking about how he's ready to defend the X-belt.

The last two minutes was just a wrap up of soundbites.    Dude, I am officially going on record saying after the comment GenMe made, I want Kaz to kick Max's stupid little ass five ways to Sunday. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I Would Like To See in TNA In 2011

#1- A.J. Styles leave Fortune and go back to being Face getting back the TNA belt. (the old design that Eric Young has at the moment)

#2- Give Eric Young a real chance at the belt.  I have no idea why he has not properly held that belt yet or had the chance to be even a number one contender.

#3- Loss Hardy altogether. Just toss him down the sewer.

#4- Bring J.B.  on the announce team with Tazz and toss Mike Tennay.

#5- Jesse Neal needs a chance at the X-Division belt. Keep him in his tag team, but let him have a shot much the way Alex Shelley was given his in 2009.  It would be interesting to have a small feud with Neal and Jay Lethal for the X Belt.

#6- Kaz needs to turn on Styles. That would be an interesting feud for a couple of months.

#7- Give Chris Sabin a shot at the TV title.  Let him stay in his tag team, but let him feud as the Heel against Douglas Williams.  Just to give a bit of dimension to things.  (done in a "best of 5" style) I can't remember the last time Sabin was truly a Heel.

#8-  Alex Shelley needs to feud for a while with Shannon Moore.  This could lead to many great styled matches, as well as building on the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Ink Inc. plots.  Again, keeping them both in their respective tag teams but adding an edge of flavour to the soup so to speak. I think if that was done in a "best of 5" type of feud like what we saw MMG vs Beer Money Inc. last summer it would work well for close to three months or so, giving just a fresh twist instead of just the same old same old feuds. Which would be a great appetizer for a MMG vs Ink Inc. feud (yes I had to get the Alex Shelley food references in there)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I would like to see happen with WWE in 2011

#1- I'd love to see Wade Barrett turn Face.  Not too soon, but maybe after 2011 Summer Slam.  Maybe pit him against the Bore-Spore Alex Riley.  Barrett, as I said in an earlier post,  has skills on top of skills. This is the guy to watch and get fully behind in the next few years. If WWE wants to continue to make movies they should consider Wade Barrett as their next big star for that. And I do not mean just action films. Something tells me that he could easily cross over into dramatic or even comedic roles. (The next Vin Diesel maybe or even Clive Owen. No I am not exaggerating here, I think he's got what it takes for leading man material)

#2- CM Punk take over the announce booth with Josh Mathews. Totally get rid of Cole and King. We need the young voices and new attitudes on the mic.  Guys who can bring a serious tone to the matches -as in actually calling moves- and a comical note as well.

#3- Bore-Spore Alex Riley turning on Miz for the belt and getting it.  Again, not too soon, but in 2011 otherwise it might not make sense. Riley has a ton of talent (I never said he was not skilled, I said he had a bad gimmick and had yet to endear himself to the fans and that was last summer) and is clearly headed for a major push in the next few months.  And in case no one's noticed, I've been calling him the Bore-Spore Alex Riley for months, as in dude, you've got my attention enough to earn an internet nic name from me. I rarely do that.

#4- More Sheamus.  Simply put.

#5- Albeto Del Rio needs a belt, any belt will do.  The dude has the talent to make many of the other guys of lesser skill look good. I have high hopes that he stays Heel for a few more years.  If he was paired against Randy Orton for a half year we could see some outstanding work.  Could you just maybe change the colour of your uber-short shorts?  Black looks good on everyone.

#6- The tag belts are still ugly fix them.

#7- Tyson Kidd. Let's feud him with John Morrison for a few months. The two of them are both such sound wrestlers that we would be treated to all sorts of styled matches.

#8- Cody Rhodes needs to drop the gimmick. Seriously just drop the damned gimmick.

#9- Husky Harris and McGillicutty need to be given a serious push.  Tag them together away from Nexus and let them shine.  The tag team division at the moment is on life support, and this would give the tag division an over due boost.

#10- Shave the uni-brow off of Santino.  I don't care how many comedy routines he does just loose the damned eyebrow.  Better yet, loose the clown act and just wrestle. 


My Views on TNA Reaction for Dec 9th 2010

Originally posted on my main blog on Dec 16th 2010

For the person who asked if I was going to do a TNA review again here you go....

Cut to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about how and why he chose to be the ref for Morgan at the ppv. Letting everyone know how he feels about Bishoff's latest mucking around.

Cut to camera 2, and we have Morgan talking about how Bishoff is screwing around with the matches.

Cut back to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about the state of his health.

Cut to camera 3, Devon talking about how Brother Ray has disrespected him and the history of Team 3D.

Cut to camera 4, Brother Ray's response to what Devon had said.

Cut back to camera 3, Devon again with his side of the story.  The cameras went back and forth between the two of them for the majority of the segment.

Cut to camera 5, James Storm talking about having made it back to the number one contenders spot for the tag belts.   Okay my Spudguns,  you all know I love James Storm but I'm going on record right now asking what the hell is he going on about?  Talking about Gunner and Murphy being as good as Beer Money Inc?  Dude you lost me on that conversation.

Cut to camera 6, Murphy talking about how the MotorCityMachine Guns! took the nightsticks and used them before Gunner and Murphy could.  Was I the only one who laughed at that part of the match cause.... okay so I've got a evil side too.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm continues on about the MMG and that particular match and how he does not agree with what the MMG did.

Cut to camera 7, Chris Sabin talking about the match and then we saw Alex Shelley spit. dude.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm talking about his social life. Um okay...

Cut back to camera 7, Alex Shelley talking about how they are only seen in one way as X-Division guys.  Well, isn't that what you two made your calling card?  Am I completely wrong or are you two guys one of the main reasons the division is so strong? 

Cut to camera 8, Mickie James and Tara feud being recapped.

Cut to camera 9. Pope talking about the fans. And his new direction.

Cut to camera 10, Douglas Williams talking about his win over A.J. Styles for the belt.

Cut to camera 11, A. J. Styles giving his side of the story and admitting that it was little embarrassing that he lost to his own move.  The next few minutes went back and forth between Styles and Williams talking about their feud/the Fortune feud.

The last few minutes of the show was a wrap up with quick soundbites from everyone and seeing Jeff Jarrett have a small freak out.

Raw for Dec 13th 2010-Highlights

This was the Slammys.   A very god damned painful waste of time. I really do not see the point of doing an award show every year, can't you just do them up in a special edition of the WWE Magazine and not waste my life.

Where do I start.... CM Punk saying "chillax"  Oh my god! The last time I heard someone said chillax, they were a drunk 20 year old girl with rings in her face and green hair.  Punk, please don't say it again, please.

Next on my chopping block would be David Arquette.  Dude, you were funny for about 90minutes back in 1992 as Benny in the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie and I can see that on dvd. This reminder that Arquette once held the WCW title for a day was just sad. And what was with the Corey Feldman wannabe voice you were doing? 

Wade Barrett... I see you still haven't gotten over your desire to be Jughead Jones.  Come on, I know I'm not the only one out there who wants to see some lift in that hairdo.  I'd also like to see what the tattoo on his shoulder is, why can we never get a close up on that?  In a few years time, when Barrett finally goes Face it's going to be the biggest turn ever.  Dude's got talent. I could totally see Wade Barrett being movie material, not just action flicks either. He had a match against Big Show. Which BS won by count out.

Back to Punk. He won the Despicable Me award. And he was happy about it...odd. Punk, love the short hair hate the beard. Shave your jaw. Two weeks ago when the haircut was fresh it was a hot look, this week it just looked dirty.

Kofi Kingston/Daniel Bryan. vs Dolph Ziggler/DiBiase.  Kofi got the win over Ziggler.  I thought that DiBiase had been the legal man? Did I miss a tag? I'm really tired of the feud between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.  It's gone on for long enough.

Mark Henry vs Cody Rhodes.  The Jekyll and Hyde thing Rhodes has is as tired as that stubby nose of his.  Rhodes won.

Back to Wade Barrett... he came out when a slammy was won by Cena and took the award headed to the ring and teased the audience for a few minutes. Then Cena made his way through the crowd to the ring. Nexus surrounded the ring and Barrett rehired Cena. Then hit Cena with a chair.

Why is the Bore-Spore Alex Riley carrying around Miz's used Money in the Bank Briefcase?  You know there is a dirty dirty joke in here....
Miz had a match against Rey Mysterio.  Alberto Del Rio came out to the ring disrupting the match helping Miz get the win.
I actually feel sorry slightly for Bore-Spore Alex Riley having to carry the dead meat weight of Arquette in their handicap match.  They went up against Randy Orton.  I actually do remember David Arquette in his wrestling movie Ready to Rumble and I have to say I wish I didn't as it is the single bad movie that has tainted all wrestling films that have followed in the last decade. (The Wrestler  finally fixed that bad mojo) The Bore-Spore Alex Riley was holding up really well against Randy Orton in this one, I'll have a few things to say about him in another post later.  Orton won this match but ended up getting a face full of the briefcase.

The return of Christian was a sweet touch. Giving Edge the award for killing the computer few weeks ago was brilliant!

Sheamus came out in the King of the Ring black robe with his Herne the Hunter (The Green Man, Odin, Cernunnos, Pan, Bacchus, etc) crown and wand, looking like he was having a blast.  He had a match against John Morrison.   Now, I've adjusted the controls on my tv screen but does Morrison look a little off colour to anyone else?  There seems to be an unnatural tint of orange to him. I'm guessing it's the fake-bake that most of the guys douse themselves in.  This was a double dq as they both hit the ref.

Edge went up against Jack Swagger.  Edge got the win with his spear.

The Quote of the year.... went to the large piece of crap Cole.  I was hoping that CM Punk would have gotten it for the diet soda line the other week.
Seriously,  CM Punk what would it cost me to have you rip Cole's vocal cords out through his nose with a fork?
Superstar of the year went to Cena.  How predictable. Cena then went against Otunga.   Cena got the win with a submission.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Views on WWE NXT for the week of Dec 8th 2010

This was episode #1 of season 4 (yes I am a full week behind on stuff- deal)

I have one thing to say about this season... Johnny Curtis!

The other thing I have to say about this season is that the choice of Pros is better then they've had in the past seasons.  Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio were a brilliant choice of Pros. These three superstars should have their own show between the three of them. That would be a two hour show I would kill to see.

  • Johnny Curtis.  Hush now, stand there look pretty but don't talk. 
  • Brodus Clay had a decent skill for the mic. 
  • Byron Saxton -The Rock called and wants his image back-
  • Jacob Novak... toss him off the show. 
  • Derrick Bateman, I have an issue with men named Derrick (Derek) in general and that hair... dude what the hell is that growing out of your skull? Welcome to the Wrestling Fashion Police, is all I have to say on that for the moment. 
  • Conor O'Brian  Funny, very funny. Very strong on the mic, there is a certain sense of personality with him that you haven't seen in a long while. 
Having a match between Daniel Bryan/Derrick Bateman  vs Del Rio/Conor O'Brian  felt a little icky.  Del Rio/O'Brian got the win.

Johnny Curtis vs Jacob Novak.  Johnny Curtis got the win.  Johnny Curtis proved in this match that he's got the strength, and by far has the look, but he is a slight bit on the slow side.  Dude, you need to quicken your pace a few steps.

Jacob Novak won the first round of challenges. He's safe from elimination this first round.

For whatever reason, the NXT videos both Hulu which never work in Canada AND youtube are not working in Canada.  This means, for those of us outside of the United States are missing all the extras and highlight results if we miss the show. Which is aired in Canada on the Score on Wednesday nights.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knucklehead- review

Plot: A kitchen fire burns down the orphanage where Walter lives. They have been given one week by the health inspector to rebuild the kitchen or else everyone will be turned out.  Walter is then spotted by a fight agent who sees only one thing, someone big enough to destroy the other fighters. Walter agrees to go on a short tour, the whole time being taped and becoming the biggest thing on youtube.  Not only do they have to survive the week, they soon learn that a loan shark has kidnapped one of the other orphans and in order to get him back, Walter needs to loose the biggest tournament. Will they fall under the pressure or battle their way out?

The plot is thin but it's very workable as it's a buddy movie. In one scene, you see actress Wendie Malick (who on IMDb is not credited in this film) drag Big Show around by the ear, giving her character more laughs then the rest of the cast.  Mark Feuerstein (Sex and the City, In Her Shoes, Practical Magic) , picks up the other half of the buddy end of this buddy film, carrying all the heavier dialogue. The combination is seamless as we see Big Show earn his weight in gold as a innocent pawn who proves he's more then just the big guy.
Two unlikely love stories unfold through this, one between Feuerstein's character and Mary (Melora Hardin) a former party girl turned orphanage-landlord,  and between Walter (Big Show) and a trailer park resident (Rebecca Creskoff). Which I must admit, threw me for a loop as the first few scenes make you think Walter and Mary are an item.

This did at times remind me of the Jack Black movie from few years ago, Nacho-Libra but thankfully was more thought out and a hell of alot funnier.

I really liked this film.  I have never been much of a fan of the Big Show, until he started to do comedy on Smackdown the last few months, in promotion of this film.
He's the star that WWE has been needing with their movie base. Hope there is a sequel in the works.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smackdown for Dec 3rd 2010 -Thoughts and Highlights

This was the show after the King of the Ring (that Sheamus won) and we open with Rey Mysterio talking about how he was cheated out of a shot at King of the Ring by Alberto Del Rio.  Rio then came out and got in Rey's face.

I really like Alberto Del Rio, he's got the talent and the mic skills that so many are lacking lately.  He's someone I hope stays Heel for a few years.

Match #1 Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler vs MVP/Kaval.  Ziggler got the win

Kane came out and demanded Edge to return Paul. 

Match #2 Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger. Kofi got the win.

Match #3 Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes.   Rhodes got the win.

Looks like the end of the Edge sitcom.  And the start of the Eagle sitcom. Why do we need to see some dude running around in a bird costume?   We don't and the punning was bad really bad from the announce team. 

Main Event was Kane vs Edge.  Edge won and gets to pick the stipulation at the TLC ppv next week. Which ended up being a Tables-Ladders-Chairs match itself.  Then Kane beat up a Paul look a like. And the sitcom continues.

Not the best of shows this week as there was more flash backs to last week's Raw than anything else.
I am really trying to understand why the WWE is dragging out this whole chase sitcom with Edge and Kane?  At first I was thinking that maybe Edge was slightly injured and they just needed a way to give him some air time, but he's wrestled a few times in the last few weeks so that's not the case.  Are they just trying to show off how large the backstage areas are?  Are they just getting a laugh out of seeing Kane run? 
I'm hoping there is a big pay off to this sitcom after next week. Also hoping to see Edge win the belt.