Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random thoughts about NXT

I haven't watched NXT in about a year.  I was flipping channels and saw it was on tonight and thought I've got nothing better to do.

So this is where all the tag teams are.  And the talent it would seem in the WWE.

I'm liking the tag team Ascension.  Connor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron. (I believe as I've never seen the dude with the hair before)  They have that werewolf-demon-vampire thing happening.  Werewolves.  These two are who should be holding the tag belts.

And Seth Rollins... I'm sorry, he's still Tyler Black in my mind... was wicked. Okay, so he lost, but he looked damned good doing so. 

I liked the atmosphere of the show. It's dark, gritty and intimate.  There aren't any distractions in the way the show is presented.  Which I like.
It's the complete opposite of Raw, which I've always found to be too much. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random wrestling thoughts July 20th 2012

By now, wrestling fans have heard that the big programming issues in the US which blocked so many from seeing TNA Impact for the last two weeks, has been settled.
And for once I have to say, it did not just affect the fans in America, it affected those of us in Canada too. 
Fans finally have the show back on the air.  And it would seem just in time for the entrance of Chavo Guerrero.

All I have to say is what took TNA so damned long to bring him over?

This I think is something that will really help to boost the ratings right now, specially given it's summer.  I've always believed that Chavo's style and skill set has been better suited to TNA then it was over in WWE.

All TNA needs now to help push the X-Division once again is Joey Ryan on Impact.  Just saying, how could 87%  of the Spudguns be wrong?

-Love your favourite Professionally Outraged Wrestling Fan,  Ardeth Blood.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random wrestling thoughts July 11th 2012

It's been one of those crazy days.  Nothing has gone right at all, and for some reason everything has circled back to wrestling in different ways.

You might remember, my lovely Spudguns, that a few posts back I made my comments on the first two episodes of TNA Gut Check.  I'm not really digging that whole idea much at all.

Anyways, if you're following the whole situation, you know that after Joey Ryan was turned down, he showed up on the live show.

Good for him!

Seriously, I know that half the fans think it's an angle and half think it's the real deal.   Personally, I have no clue anymore.  I used to be able to tell when something was scripted and when it wasn't,but with the fact many wrestlers have gotten acting classes and the whole world of "reality tv stars"  line have gotten so blurred.

So real deal or scripted bit you have to check this dude out.  If he's marking out on us fans, then let him mark me with a bullseye because I'm loving what he's got going on over on his youtube.

As a fan who has been loved and hated myself by other fans and even some members of the industry, sometimes you have to just roll with it.

-Love your favourite Professionally Outraged Wrestling Fan,  Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Ideal Roster

This is the time of season that most of the wrestling companies are re-thinking contracts.
Just the last month we've seen more then a few new faces starting to show up in both of the two major companies, and a few old faces returning.

If I were in charge of doing contracts for any company, or for that matter if I ever were in the means of starting up my own company (deep sigh dreams man dreams)  I know who my top six would be.
Some you might not expect me to think to add to my dream list.

1. Alex Shelley. 

2. Chris Sabin

3. Austin Aries

Seriously, my first three choices would be no brainers. Everyone and their dog's grandmother have heard me praise those three men for the last few years.

4. Robbie E

5. Wade Barrett

6. Vampiro

Now, my other choices, some people might scratch their head over, but not if you know me or some of my favourites over the years.

I dig Robbie E.  Just not his gimmick.  I think he's a wrestler who will be having major titles in the next few years, he just needs to freshen up the image. He's beyond skilled, but let's face it, how long can his Jersey image carry?

Wade Barrett. I've been very vocal about how good I think he is.  This is a guy who can carry a company.  And he's good to listen to.  Ever a day comes that he's unable to compete he'll make one wicked commentator.

Vampiro.  Dude!  I have nothing to say for myself other then I have been a fan of his since the mid-90's.   Why isn't he in one of the major companies doing GM stuff or commentary or something? 

I know I said my top 6 when I started this post, but dude, I have to add a 7th.   Steve Corino.   Steve Corino.   Don't even make me explain myself. Plus, he's Canadian.

Not a lot of heavy-heavy weights in my list, I've always liked the X-Division and cruiser weight divisions more.

-love Ardeth Blood