Sunday, October 6, 2013

Loved and Hated about ...

WWE's Battleground.

Pre-show- Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler.   Ziggler got the win after Sandow tweaked his knee. It was a good match, just a bit short for my tastes. Then again, I always find the pre-show matches to be a bit on the short side. A half hour show and the majority of it is recaps of the past week/month and about 9 minutes is a match. I would have at lest 25 minutes of that half hour for a match.

Pay-per-view Proper-

first match-  RVD vs Del Rio for the Heavyweight title. This is a hardcore match. Everyone was talking about how this was designed for RVD, but think about it, that just means Del Rio had 20 years of RVD footage to study. 
Del Rio got the win by a submissions move, and kept his title.  I loved that.

second match- Great Khali/Santino vs Real Americans.  (added since my last post few days ago) And it went to the Real Americans. Thanks to Cesaro. Who, I think was the only decent wrestler in that match.Why isn't Cesaro in title feuds?

third match- Curtis Axel vs R-Truth for the Intercontinental title. I originally thought this was a non-title, seems it's a title match.  Axel won, keeping his title.  Yeah.

fourth match- women's match...I took a bathroom break didn't watch.

fifth match- Rhodes Family vs Shield.  This is the reason I got the ppv.   Have to say, the little kid that molested Dean Ambrose as they were coming to the ring, that had me laughing. I've admitted that I was torn on this, as everyone knows that I love the Shield, but I really wanted to see the Rhodes win. I also really really really want the Shield to turn on Orton and the bosses.
The Rhodes Family got the win. They won their jobs back. Good match. Now, if Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose would just listen to my begging and turn on everyone then I would be really happy. 

The Brad Maddox...always good to see him get some airtime. Someone give him a character on Bold and the Beautiful, please!  Even for like one episode...

sixth match- Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt (added since my last post few days ago) I love the Wyatts.
After doing his impression of Linda Blair in the Exorcist and crawling upside-down, Wyatt got the pin. Seriously, I looked up from my coffee cup and was like what the hoofers was that? when I saw him doing that crawl. Dude, that takes skill.

seventh match-  CM Punk vs Ryback.  Punk got the win with a low blow. Glad Punk got the win, with any means necessary.

main event- Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the WWE title.  And no one won.  Big Show came out and punched both guys and the ref and the second ref. 

Not happy with that ending.

Love Ardeth Blood.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pre-Thinking Battleground

So the brand new WWE pay-per-view, Battleground is this weekend. I said I'd come in and give some thoughts on it before hand, my usual predictions.  So here goes.

Pre-show- Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow... I'm not too sure I have much to say on this?  It on the surface seems like a really strange feud to me.  On the surface.  But the pre-show is free everywhere which means people who might not buy the ppv will be able to at lest tune in online to this match. Really really great exposure for both men. And given Ziggler is in the main storylines currently, and Sandow is the only money in the bank holder, this could be an excellent 5minutes of air for both.  I'm giving this to Sandow.

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth.  This is a non-title match, which means R-Truth is where we should be thinking to put our money.  But I'm personally cheering for Axel simply because I think he's a better wrestler. And he's got Heyman in his corner to add weight to the pun intended.

World Heavyweight champ Del Rio vs RVD in a hardcore match.  Ugh, personally, I want to see Del Rio win this. I'm voting Del Rio.

CM Punk vs Ryback.  You know I'm torn on this one. I want Punk to win it by any means necessary, but with Heyman as the main ingredient in this cocktail, things are going to get spilled on the floor.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the WWE title.  I think by now 98% of the fans want Bryan to get it and keep it.

Rhodes Family vs Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns the current Tag Team Champions.  I think this is what 97% of fans will be getting the ppv for. I think.   Given that at the time of this posting, (two days before the ppv) the third Shield member Dean Ambrose and current United States Champion is to be assumed in the Shield's corner, and does not have a match himself, I see it breaking down to a 6 man elimination or something.  Would be nice to finally see that 2/3 falls submission match for the Shield I keep begging for... And as much as I love the Shield, and I do love the Shield, I think everyone and their dog's grandmother wants to see the Rhodes Family get the win. Though, me personally, I always want to see the Shield win, this is one time I have to vote for the other team.
Think of the feud it could lead to on Smackdown between the Shield and the Rhodes Family after this ppv...that would stir up the pot in the tag division wouldn't it?

okay, that's my thoughts on this Friday morning before a new launched ppv.
love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two pay-per-views in One month

Bad idea.

Basically, unless you are such a die hard that you get every ppv every month for everything, be it the WWE or TNA or ROH or MMA or UFC or what have you, the majority of fans will have to choose one ppv this month for WWE.

Battleground vs Hell in a Cell.

That right there sounds like a ppv in itself, doesn't it?

I came in here ready to rant I really did. But as I type this now, I'm not sure I even care?   I remember a time when you had 3 ppvs in a year and they were EVENTS!  Now, things just seem so watered down.

Anyways, that's my thoughts on it this morning. I'll be back later in the week with my usual "what I hope happens at the ppv". 

love Ardeth Blood