Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random wrestling thoughts

Dear Ardeth:  You being a self proclaimed wrestling psychic, you would of course know why Smackdown sucks dog balls lately? And who should we the fans be loving next?
Sincerely Michael Cole's evil twin 

Dear evil twin:  I have gazed into the looking glass and seen that the main reason Smackdown is blowing up chunks lately, is that they keep having an hour's worth of Raw Rewind and under an hour's worth of matches. And as far as who the next big crush should be, go with the new announce booth dude. 

Well, obviously not a real letter, I haven't gotten an Ask-Ardeth email in about four years, but I thought that it would be a good way to introduce the topic at hand, and have some fun.

Smackdown has been the superior show for the last few years, but lately, it's just fallen under the wheels man. I don't know if the whole anniversary thing has gotten the creative team sitting back taking a nap, or what the deal is, but spending half the episode every week now just replaying full matches from Raw, not a good way to keep the ratings.  Bad move.

Smackdown doesn't really have a solid "lead" right now either. I get that the roster for the main shows has dropped by half in the last few months, and all the wrestlers are doing triple the work, but the storylines are starting to show the wear and tear.

I saw what looks like a glimmer of a decent story/lead with Adam Rose this week on Smackdown (the November 7th 2014 episode)  Now, for anyone who's been reading my stuff in the last year and a half, knows that when he was doing the Leo Kruger character, didn't say much and just got the job done; I was loving every second of him. But, personally I just don't like this Adam Rose character.  I've also stated that I'm hoping it ends up being a split personality storyline and that he brings back that wild hunter side. He can start by getting rid of the bunny and the lame extras. (Oh yeah I'm the biggest lemon drop out there.)  Leo Kruger/Adam Rose is better than the gimmick he's in, and would make for a solid "lead" for Smackdown every week.

And I still don't understand why Corey Graves and Tyler Breeze haven't been bumped up to Smackdown yet?  What's the hold up?

I'm wondering if going back to the format of having separate "rosters" and "stories" for Raw and Smackdown would help for awhile? Even just till Wrestlemaina next spring?

Anyways, my Spudguns! that's my thoughts for today on the topic of Smackdown.
Love Ardeth Blood.

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