Sunday, January 26, 2014

loved hated on Royal Rumble 2014

Pre show- Rhodes Brothers vs New Age Outlaws for the tag titles.... New Age Outlaws won getting the titles.

Match #1 Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt.... Wyatt won.

Match #2 Big Show vs Brock... Brock won with a cheap shot

Match#3 Cena vs Orton for the WWE Heavyweight title... Orton won with a run in  from the Wyatt family, he keeps the title.

30 man over top battle...
#1 CM Punk = #27 to be tossed by Kane
#2 Seth Rollins= #26 to be tossed by Roman Reigns
#3 Damion Sandow= #1 to be tossed by Punk
#4 Cody Rhodes = #11 to be tossed by Goldust
#5 Kane = # 2 to be tossed by Punk
#6 Alexander Rusivo = #3 by everyone
#7 Swagger= #6 to be tossed by Kevin Nash
#8 Kofi= #7 to be tossed by Roman Reigns
#9 Jimmy Uso = #5 to be tossed by Dean Ambrose
#10 Goldust= #12 to be tossed by Reigns
#11 Dean Ambrose= #25 to be tossed by Reigns
#12 Dolph Ziggler= #8 to be tossed by Reigns
#13 R-Truth= #4 to be tossed by Ambrose
#14 Kevin Nash= #9 to be tossed by Reigns
#15 Roman Reigns= # 29 to be tossed by Batista
#16 Khali =# 10 to be tossed by all of Shield
#17 Sheamus= # 28 to be tossed by Reigns
#18 Miz= # 16 to be tossed by Luke Harper
#19 Fandango = # 13 to be tossed by El Torito
#20 El Torito= #14 to be tossed by Reigns
#21 Cesaro= # 24 to be tossed by Reigns
#22 Luke Harper =#23 to be tossed by Reigns
#23 Jey Uso= #17 to be tossed by Luke Harper
#24 JBL= #15 to be tossed by Reigns
#25 Erick Rowan= #18 to be tossed by Batista
#26 Ryback= #19 to be tossed by Batista
#27 Del Rio= #20 to be tossed by Batista
#28 Batista
#29 Big E= #21 to be tossed by Sheamus
#30 Mysterio = #22 to be tossed by Seth Rollins

Batista won.   

Well, what I liked tonight was that there was not any crap.  It was straight up matches and a Shield promo, Orton promo.  All the matches had great length.
What I hated was that Seth Rollins lost. 

Roman Reigns tossed both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as well as Cesaro at the same time, so other people might have numbered it different then I did if you are comparing.
I am fairly sure, I managed to keep everyone else straight as far as who tossed case you are comparing.

One of the better ppvs I've seen in years.
Till later, love
Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pre-Royal Rumble Thoughts

And this is the part in the month where I tell you what I hope to see at the ppv this weekend.

It's a Wednesday morning, just after 9am EST where I am, and at the time of this post, there are 20 of the 30 wrestlers announced for the big main event.

CM Punk, Batista, Del Rio, Big E, Miz, R-Truth, Woods, Kofi, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Mysterio, Fandango, Jimmy Uso, Jay Uso, Sandow, Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose.

What I would love to see happen here is this: Leo Kruger and Corey Graves from NXT become part of the 30, and in the end Seth Rollins standing tall as the last man.  That would be my script were I writing it. 
Some of you might remember, Leo Kruger as the wild card was my pick last year, but he was kept out of that wild card spot by Bo Dallas. I still think that was a mistake.

Why am I pushing Seth Rollins: He's that damned good! The fact he was the first NXT champ should carry more weight then it did. I personally don't think that the writers used that to their advantage properly at all. There should have been more fuss about that tidbit.

Think of how great it would be to have Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemaina! Dude, that would be a match!  I mean M-A-T-C-H, with a capital everything. Totally a dream match, you know with 2 out of 3 pin falls, submissions style.  Just think of the storylines that could build from something like that.

Also at this point in time in life, we have Orton vs Cena for the title, the Rhodes brothers vs the New Age Outlaws for the tag titles, Big Show vs Brock, and Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt.

I want to see Orton win his title match. Big Show defeat Brock. I'm at a toss up on the Bryan vs Wyatt match, I think letting Wyatt win could lead to some major storylines in the coming few months. Some fans think it's dragged already, but this is one instance where it could use a boost for at lest another two months, maybe three. And as for the tag titles... I want the Rhodes to keep them just long enough to loose them back to the Shield. The Shield doing a run in and cause a DQ works for me.

So that's my thoughts on this weekends upcoming ppv over coffee. Catch up after the ppv.
Love Ardeth Blood.    

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I hope to see in 2014

I hope to see in WWE... in this year...

1) Seth Rollins with a singles title, like say the Intercontinental Championship.

2) The Shield destroy Batista thirty seconds after he arrives forcing him to leave again.

3) NXT go to two hours.

4) Leo Kruger winning the NXT title

5) Dean Ambrose punch out JBL, letting Ambrose take over the commentary booth for a full two hours of Smackdown...And Seth Rollins scaring Micheal Cole into giving him his seat as well.

6) Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to win back their Tag Titles

7) Brad Maddox getting a half hour straight of air time.

What I'd like to see in TNA in 2014...

The return of the MotorCityMachine Guns! 

Love Ardeth Blood