Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pre-thoughts Survivor Series 2014

For anyone who forgot over the years what I look like...

Okay, so this is ppv weekend. And normally, I try to get this set of postings done much earlier then this, but I wasn't sure I was going to give up the thought patterns this time around.
Survivor Series, has always been the ppv favourite of mine, but after last year, I'm just slugging along.
And I have to admit, I'm in an area that you have to order the ppv and shell out nearly $60 Canadian for it. (no, the Network is not available where I live and honestly, from the line up of shows I'm not missing a thing. Except for NXT which no longer airs in Canada. I miss that.)

I'm a traditional-ish person. So Survivor Series traditional matches are always fun to watch. At this point in time (Thursday Nov 20th 2014 10am EST) we've got  a Tag Team Fatal 4-Way with Dust Busters, Miz/Sandow, Usos and Los Matadores.  Team Cena vs Team Authority, and Ambrose vs Wyatt.

The Fatal 4-Way... this will come down to Star Dust vs Sandow. Why do I think that? Well, it's just the craziest thing we could end up seeing. A current fan favourite in Sandow and Star Dust is just always able to deliver a sound match. And lets not forget that they were once a team. It will be interesting to see how they deal with their new alter egos when left alone. 
I know everyone expects it to come down to Usos vs Dust Busters, but that just won't be as much fun to watch.
I see Sandow getting the victory lap here. 

Team Cena vs Team Authority... I guess the big question here is, who will actually make it to the ppv on Cena's side, and not turn on him?  With Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry and Luke Harper on the Authority's side, and currently, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback on Cena's side, this is a jumbled mess.  Which is exactly what a real Survivor Series traditional match should look like.  Guys you'd never think to toss together, being added to a team. The last few years things have gotten so generic, so predictable that it was beyond boring.  This is not boring.
Now, on paper, you would expect to see the final two being Rollins and Cena. Makes sense right? I don't think it will play that way. I see it being down to Ziggler and Rollins. And I'm saying that because that would be an awesome one on one match.
I also don't see someone in this line up making it down the ramp to begin with. Big Show or Ryback will be removed somehow just as the match begins. Either Show will be given the five minute beat down by Henry and Rusev taking him out, or Ryback will turn on the team just bailing.
What do I think will happen then?  Either Orton or Roman Reigns will magically appear.  Orton makes sense given he was sent out by a few curb stomps the other week, and well Reigns returning speaks for itself. (if he's medically able yet. I might be giving his healing abilities too much too soon in real life)
Which of course, would change the last two to Rollins vs Orton OR Rollins vs Reigns. Now, that would be a spiffy one on one match. When Reigns does return, the world will go crazy for that match up.
I see Rollins being the top dog no matter what. 

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt... Months ago, I wanted to see this. Now, I really couldn't care less. Two of my personal favourite wrestlers right now, and it's leaving me wanting to roll my eyes. For me personally, they just took too long to get to this storyline. This would have been exciting back last spring, but now it's needing something.  Like...barbed wire I hope. Or tombstones and coffins or something really shacked up.
This could be an excellent 2/3 falls match, if they decide to go a more traditional route, which both men are more then capable of doing. Both are talented and skilled without having to lean on the extreme. But, since the extreme is where they seem to be planted in their characters; I can see this being a bloody fight. I feel Ambrose will be crimsoned by the end of the match.
Wyatt will have some sort of new back up. I'm still think when the Ascension crosses over to the main roster from NXT, they will align themselves with Wyatt. What better timing then to introduce them at a ppv.  I really want to give this to Dean Ambrose, but I just can't.
I see Wyatt hunched over Ambrose's broken bones like Raven used to over Dreamer's.

The bonus if WWE is smart, is giving us another traditional match with NXT guys, Cassady/Enzo/Breeze/Graves/Zayn  vs Adam Rose/Kidd/Bo Dallas/Neville/LeFort

And on the off chance that the Authority looses their jobs...I see Brad Maddox replacing them.

Till later Love Ardeth Blood
See you after the ppv.

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