Monday, January 21, 2013

What I would like to see in WWE...

The Royal Rumble is like a week away.  Roughly, as I think it's this weekend actually.  And this is what I'd like to see happen...even though it looks as if I won't be able to actually get the ppv... but anyways.

1.  If Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger are not yet part of the ppv,  they should be.  Either as members of the 30 man rumble or as a tag team for part of a #1 contenders match for the tag belts.   Actually, I'd love to see Leo Kruger get the rumble. That would prove to be interesting.

2. The Shield will start to break apart I think after the rumble. I'd still like to see Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as a two man tag team.  Honestly, I'm not thrilled with Dean Ambrose, being in the group. As a fan, to me the dynamic is off.

3. Speaking of Rollins,  I was fairly pissed off when I saw that he lost the NXT belt so soon.  And to Big E... seriously? Are the writers on crack?  Give Rollins back the NXT belt.

4. Bo Dallas vs anyone else with long hair in a hair vs hair match.  I have no idea who told the wrestling industry that long hair on a man over the age of 15 was cool or hot or what have you, but really now, hair cuts please.

5. And that brings me to Wade Barrett.  I would love to see him ... or should I say hear him... do commentary for a few episodes of Smackdown.  Just for the hell of it.

till later
Love Ardeth Blood

Friday, January 18, 2013

Did anyone else hear about this?

Wade Barrett is going to be in a movie. With Dominic Cooper. 
I'm digging on this information. If anyone might remember one of my many babblings few years ago, (this post)  I said I could totally see him becoming a lead in movies.
I've also commented elsewhere on the internet that I happen to think he looks very much like another hot British actor, Richard Armitage.  Hands up if you agree with me.

While I'm posting... Speaking of Wade Barrett, and I'm digging on the haircut and beard.  I putting it in writing that I think he'll have the World Heavyweight Championship before the end of 2013. Hopefully by the summer.

-love Ardeth Blood