Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Raw for Oct 4th 2010- Highlights

We opened Nexus at the ring, calling out Jon Cena.  Cena lost at last night's ppv and had to join Nexus.
  • This turned into a match between Cena/Tarver vs Mark Henry/Evan Bourne.  Cena refused to tag in and left his partner to be demolished by Henry.  Henry/Bourne got the win.
  • Husky Harris and Michel McGillicutty looks to being the newest members of Nexus... or are they?  Either way all I can say is ... HUSKY HARRIS!!!!!
  • Divas match between Alicia Fox and Natalya.   Natalya won with the sharpshooter
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus.  The white knight got a little bit on the edgy side after having lost last night at the ppv and barreled into Bryan with repeated knees to the face.  The ref called a dq on Sheamus. 
  • Diva tag match between the Bella twins and Laycool.  The twins pulled their typical switcher-oo on them and got the win. 
  • A 20 man over the top battle royal.   I totally want to say with cheese.  Wade Barrett won by cheating.  It had come down to Barrett/Cena/Sheamus  and after they got the white knight out, Barrett forced Cena to bow down.