Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raw for Oct 25th 2010

We open with the fact Smackdown won on the ppv Bragging Rights, as Nexus takes to the ring. Cena and Ortunga are the tag champs.

Match #1 is a tag match between Nexus members.  Barrett forces Ortunga to lay down letting Slater and Gabrelle win the belts.

Match #2 we see Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan in a return match from the ppv. Bryan won.

Match #3 Miz vs R-Truth. Miz won

Match #4 Sheamus vs Santino with Santino winning.

Main Event of the night was John Cena vs Randy Orton. Cena got the win with a Nexus dq. 

Your match of the night .... Ziggler vs Bryan.
Ziggler went for a go behind, getting Bryan to the mat.  Bryan then tried for a leg lock but as unable to secure it. Both men to their feet, Bryan off the ropes with a shoulder block on Ziggler then a stomp to the face of Ziggler. He followed this up with a hard kick to the gut. Bryan went for what at first was looking like the sharpshooter but was quickly turned into a surfboard. He smoothly in midmove made it a modified chin lock. Ziggler managed to get out of it but Bryan delivered a forearm to the jaw or so I believe as the camera had moved to CMPunk at ringside. Ziggler came back with an elbow to the back of the neck knocking Bryan to the mat, he quickly followed up with a small package but this only gave him a two count. Ziggler then with a side headlock as the two struggled to their feet. Ziggler in total control to this point, as he went off the ropes, letting Bryan leap frog over him; delivering a drop kick on Ziggler. Bryan then went for a cover in the corner but only managed a near fall. Ziggler fought out and gave him a stomp followed with a hard punch. Bryan returned the favour with a head scissors take down tossing Ziggler out of the ring before unleashing a fabulous suicide dive. Back in the ring and both men are trading blows. Ziggler tossed Bryan off the ropes  only to get a clothesline from Bryan for his trouble. Ziggler then in the corner as Bryan can charging at him landing a double drop kick, once again going for a cover but still only getting a near fall. Bryan then added a series of rapid fire kicks before landing another beauty of a roundhouse on Ziggler.  Back in the corner for Ziggler who received a forearm shot then a hurricanrana from Bryan, which Ziggler was masterfully able to turn into a roll up.  Still only getting a two count. Ziggler went for his trademark sleeper hold, but Bryan countered it, only to walk into a super kick. Ziggler once again for a cover, but still only a near fall. Ziggler then attempted his trademark zigzag but missed letting Bryan go for another roll up which Ziggler somehow reversed. At this point they started to trade blows again from the mat, Bryan ending up in the corner where upon Ziggler used a scoopslam suplex. Ziggler again tried his sleeper but they were too close to the ropes and Bryan was able to slip out of it slapping on his lebell lock for the win.

CMPunk came out to ringside for this match, to sit on mic.  I have to say, Punk went up a few levels in my eyes by his commentary.  And I am loving Punk's hair.