Saturday, October 9, 2010

Smackdown for Oct 8th 2010- Highlights

Why the hell is Michel Cole on Smackdown? Dude, haven't we seen eough of him on Raw or is it just he's the best Heel going in the company right now and they want to overexpose him and make us sick?
I love Edge's trenchcoat, and yes it's a Canadian who's cleaning out the toybox of stupidity.
The first match of the night was Edge vs Swagger.  Edge won
Second of the night was a Diva's match; Layla vs Kelly Kelly. Layla won.
The comedy styling of Big Show... I hate to say it but I like that storyline. But the DudeBusters blow goat get rid of them.
Could someone please kill Cody Rhodes.  
Match three of the night, was Rhodes/McIntyre vs Kaval/Kofi Kingston. Rhodes/McIntyre won keeping their tag belts.
Match four was MVP vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler won.
Main Event was Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio. Mysterio won.

and your match of the night.... MVP vs Dolph Ziggler
They started with a collar tie up, Ziggler in the corner. MVP then gave him an irish whip sending him across the ring before slamming Ziggler to the mat face first. MVP then bounced off the ropes with a knee to the back of Ziggler's skull. MVP went for a cover but only got a two count. He then delivered a suplex going for a second cover. Still only getting a two count. Ziggler got back into this match with an upper cut landing MVP on his back, he followed it with a few stomps and a flying drop elbow. Ziggler went for a cover but only got a two count. He then choked out MVP on the bottom rope. Ziggler, distracted got out of the ring, MVP then getting a chance to deliver a baseball slide kick to the back of Ziggler, sending him halfway up the ramp. Back in the ring, Ziggler got a submission stretch on MVP in the middle of the mat. He went for a cover but only got a two count. Ziggler then added insult to injury with a standing hangman neckbreaker going for another cover. Once again, only getting a two count. Ziggler slapped on a fireman's throw then swiftly into a camel clutch. MVP broke the hold delivering a few punches getting Ziggler to back up . Ziggler attacked with a sleeperhold but was shaken off. MVP then came at him with a roll up, but only got a near fall. Ziggler answered this with a semi-scissors stomp on the neck of MVP going for a pin, but only got a two. He used a half nelson for another two count before putting MVP in a chinlock. MVP fought out. Ziggler back with a few hard forearms to the back of MVP's neck and off the ropes but was caught midmove as MVP slapped a belly to belly overhead suplex on him. MVP backed it up with a few hard punches and a short clothesline. Ziggler then off the ropes only to get slammed facefirst to the mat, but MVP once again only managed a two count. MVP gave Ziggler another overhead suplex (I believe they called it an ExplodicThrow?) MVP got another two count. Ziggler got out of it and used a jawbreaker following it up with a series of stomps to the neck and shoulder of MVP. Both went off the ropes, with MVP landing a large boot to the face of Ziggler. MVP was going for another vertical suplex but Ziggler wormed out of it and turned it into a sleeperhold. MVP broke this by sending Ziggler backwards into the corner then used a sidetoss. MVP was going for his trademark balling but was distracted giving Ziggler the chance to use his trademark zigzag for the win.