Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for October 15th 2010

This week's show was all about the qualifying matches for Team Smackdown for the next ppv.

Okay, seriously now who do I have to bribe and with what to get someone to rip Micheal Cole's vocal cords out with a fork?  Maybe Big Show could sit on him and kill him,  or Kane could just bury him alive or something.  Please Please toss Cole to the wolves.

Round One was Rey Mystero vs Cody Rhodes.  Mystero won

Round Two was Jack Swagger vs MVP.  Swagger won.

Round Three was Alberto del Rio vs Chris Masters.  Del Rio won.  Ablerto ! I am begging you, please please check yourself. Those tights are a bit on the small side and you were sort of hanging out at one point in the match. Better yet, get long tights  please.

Round Four was Edge vs Dolph Ziggler.   Edge won

Round Five was Big Show vs Kaval.  In this case, Kaval only had to survive for 5 minutes in the ring with BS. Which he did even taking a brutal beating.  Then out of nowhere, this new guy Tyler Reks walked out and challenged Kaval for his spot on Team Smackdown.  Kaval lost and now Tyler Reks has his spot.

Round Six was Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston. Kofi won.

Normally, I would give you a match of the night (okay normally in the last few weeks I've been giving you a match of the night) but I didn't feel there really was one for this episode.  However, I will say Kaval was wrestler of the night. He survived being tossed around by BS for 5 minutes, even having him stand on his chest at one point, then had the crap knocked off him by Tyler Reks.
I hate to say this; but I think we need to take Kaval in as much as possible, because he seems to be only being used as Jobber-Man, which is a waste of Kaval's skill and knowledge. Kaval has what it takes to own the ring if they would just see fit to put him against someone worthy.  I'd like to see Kaval in a feud with Dolph Ziggler if he's to stay on Smackdown, and if you decide to push him onto Raw, then maybe get him going against Daniel Bryan.