Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raw for Oct 11th 2010-Hightlights

I used screen capture for this post

We open with John Cena in the ring complaining about having to join the Nexus.  The Miz and his sponge Alex Riley came out to ring thank god, (yes I just said I was happy to see the mouth and the bore-spore) saying that the Miz is going to captain team Raw at the next ppv.  Then to the ring was Wade Barrett with his bad Jughead-Jones comic book hairdo yammering on about how Cena needs to back him for the belt at the ppv.

Next up, Ted DiBiase vs R-Truth.  What the hell is Truth singing? Dude I get that you needed a new song after like the last two years and all but... anyways, R-Truth won. 

John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd.  Morrison won.

Then we're taken backstage to where the Nexus is hanging around trying to get Husky Harris and Micheal McGillicuty to talk.

 Santino vs Zack Ryder.  Santino won.

Justin Gabriel vs Randy Orton.  This is a joke right?  Orton won.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.  Sheamus won.

Evan Bourne vs CM Punk.  Punk won.

Miz vs Cena.  Husky Harris and Micheal McGillicuty did a run in after the Bore-Spore Alex Riley was forced to tap out of this no dq match.  I thought it was little odd all three men from season 2 of NXT were dressed the same.  Miz won and will now be the captain of team Raw at the ppv in two weeks.

And your match of the night... Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.  
Daniel Bryan made a running start at Sheamus, with a high knee to the jaw staggering him backwards. He followed this up with a series of forearms to the face and neck of Sheamus, who was trapped in the corner. But it did not last long, as Sheamus powered out with a heavy shove that sent Bryan flying across the ring. Sheamus then went for a wild clothesline but was caught in an armbar (lebel lock?) but made it to the ropes breaking the hold. Sheamus rolled out of the ring then but Bryan came back at him with a baseball slide kick. Bryan tried to follow that up with a crossbody block, but was caught in midair by Sheamus who went charging towards the ring post with Bryan on his shoulder.  Bryan slithered out of his grasp and sent Sheamus back first to the steel post with a drop kick.  Both men back in the ring now, and Bryan went for a cover, only getting a one count. Bryan looked as if he was going to send Sheamus across the ring with an Irish whip (no pun intended) but Sheamus turned it around on him, with Bryan using his own speed to jump off the top turnbuckle. Bryan then bounced off the ropes to land right into an Irish curse backbreaker, following it up with putting Bryan face first into the turnbuckle.  He then delivered a few knees to the chest of Bryan. Sheamus took him to the middle of the ring for an extreme short clothesline going for a cover but only getting a two count. Sheamus then tossed Bryan across the ring before landing another kick between his shoulderblades. Sheamus continued with a few fists to the chest of Bryan like a meat tenderizer before putting him into a submissions stretch. Bryan fought back with a few stiff kicks to the jaw of Sheamus forcing him to break the hold. Both men then went off the ropes, Sheamus going for one of his punts but missed as Bryan ducked then landed a flying clothesline body block combo on Sheamus.  Another round of hard kicks from Bryan to the shoulder and chest of Sheamus knocking him to the mat. Bryan went for a cover but only got a two count. Bryan went to the top turnbuckle and landed a perfect missile drop kick on Sheamus. It only got him another two count. He was going for a boston crap but was tossed off by Sheamus. The white knight then with a clothesline that turned Bryan inside out. Sheamus then with another series of knees to the face of Bryan, before going for his high cross, but Bryan managed to turn it into a roll up.  Only got a two count. Sheamus then with his rogue kick and got the pin. 
This is why I very very rarely use a screen capture for the RAW/Smackdown posts, because I have to hold my laptop up to the tv screen to get a photo.  and yes, that is the Score-scoreboard running on the bottom of the photo