Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Views on WWE NXT for the week of Aug 19th

There were two eliminations this week.  One right off at the start and one at the end.
Percy Watson was eliminated right off the top.

They had the rookies do a promo where Kaval decided to make a dig at the other company TNA.
I'm sure that got a bit of backlash for him from fans.

The second elimination at the end of the show was Husky Harris.  I'm not happy.  Not happy at all.  I really thought he'd make it to the end.  Surprisingly enough,  though the freak out of the week was not him as it's been the trend of the eliminated rookie to do, but his pro Cody Rhodes.  So I'm thinking,  we'll soon see run ins and tagging by Rhodes/Harris soon.  Husky Harris should have a contract anyway we all know that.