Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raw for Oct 18th 2010

We open with Theodore Long from Smackdown syaing he's taking over Raw this week, then the "Anonymous GM" emailed with a threat.  This is all of course setting up for the ppv this weekend Bragging Rights.

First match  Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre vs Hart Dynasty.    Rhodes/McIntyre won this one.

Second match of the night, Goldust vs Zack Ryder.  Goldust won

Third match of the night, John Cena/Randy Orton vs Husky Harris/Micheal McGillicuty.  Orton/Cena won this one.

Vicky came out with Dolph Ziggler, and Vicky was in this fabulous black dress but the ankle strapped shoes have to go.  They really chop up your legs.

Main Event was set to be Big Show vs Miz in a captain vs captain match but it soon was turned into a battle royal with team Smackdown getting the win.  During this, Hornswaggle was beating the crap out of announcer Michel Cole with a flag pole then stole his headset. 

And your match of the night.... Orton/Cena vs Husky Harris/Micheal McGillicuty.
Cena and McGillicuty started this one with a collar tie up, Cena pounding McGillicuty to the mat.  He then cornered McGillicuty with a series of punches before charging shoulder first at McGillicuty. Cena then tossed him from one corner of the ring to the other before delivering a fisherman's suplex. Orton then tagged in delivering a drop kick on McGillicuty. Cena tagged back in as they double teamed McGillicuty. Cena then with another series of punches but walked into a standing drop kick from McGillicuty who finally got some headway in this match. Husky Harris tagged in with a series of hard punches of his own to Cena's jaw, setting Cena up in the corner for his tank-splash. Harris went for a cover but only got a two count. McGillicuty tagged back in delivering a few stomps to Cena before giving Cena a flying whiplash from the second turnbuckle. He went for a cover but again only got a near fall. Harris tagged back in going off the ropes with another flying shoulder tackle on Cena. He went for a cover here too, but Cena kicked out. Harris managed to get Cena in the middle of the ring in a submission move, but Cena fought to get to his feet. Harris with a knee to the spine of Cena staggering him enough to slap a scoop slam on Cena. Harris went for a running splash but Cena rolled out and tagged in Orton. McGillicuty also tagged in, running right into a few clotheslines from Orton, as Orton out of nowhere got him up in a scoop slam. Orton then with his trademark second rope DDT on McGillicuty just as Harris ran into the ring. Cena caught Harris midmove and put him into the attitude adjustment, giving Orton the chance to RKO McGillicuty for the win.