Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for Oct 22nd 2010

Team Raw was on the show this week to help promote the ppv this weekend, Bragging Rights. 
 The first match of the night was a 6 man tag, Team Raw (Jackson, Miz, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio)  Team Smackdown ended up getting the win 

Second match of the night, Jack Swagger vs Santino with Swagger getting the win. 

Match number three gave us Ablerto Del Rio vs John Morrison.  Alberto Del Rio won.

Match four, Edge vs CM Punk. This ended up being a dq because Miz and his Bore-Spore Alex Riley got involved. This then lead to each member of both Teams coming into the ring one by one using their finishing moves on each other, coming full circle with Edge spearing Punk. 

The main event was Kane vs Randy Orton in a champion vs champion match.  Orton managed to secure a win with the help of a distraction from Undertaker.  Undertaker then came from under the ring pulling a screaming Kane down through a rip in the canvas, disappearing into the darkness. 

And your match of the night.... Morrison vs Del Rio. 
They started with a collar tie up, Morrison in the corner, Del Rio landing a high knee to his chest. Del Rio then with a hard punch before slamming Morrison face first into the top turnbuckle. He followed this up with a snapmare. Morrison finally got into the match with a baseball slide catching Del Rio off guard before using a double leg take down. Morrison then proceeded to attack Del Rio with a series of punches and a running knee to the jaw of Del Rio. Morrison went for a cover at this point but only got a two count. Del Rio managed to get things turned around to his favour with a simple trip up, sending Morrison face first again into the ring post. Del Rio added a back breaker before slapping on a modified camel clutch on Morrison. Morrison was able to fight out of this, but found himself tossed across the ring. Now in the corner, Del Rio was able to kick Morrison in the spine, setting him up for a side suplex. Del Rio went for another cover, but once again only got a two count. He continued to work on the spine of Morrison for the next few minutes, managing again to put Morrison in a camel clutch move. Again, Morrison fought out of it, getting Del Rio in a roll up but only landing himself a near fall. Del Rio went charging at Morrison, missing and landed on his neck in the corner stunning himself and giving Morrison a breather. Del Rio then walked right into a series of short clotheslines from Morrison.  Morrison then used his scissors kick. From out of nowhere, Del Rio slapped on a Northern Lights suplex going for another pin but only getting a two count. This was followed up by a series of shoulder blocks in the corner, setting up for an enzuigiri that missed as Morrison ducked. Del Rio landed himself hard on the mat giving Morrison the chance to ready himself for starship pain. Del Rio got his knees up just as Morrison made contact. Both back to their feet, and in one smooth swing, Del Rio used a standing roll over turning it into a cross arm breaker submission forcing Morrison to tap out.

It will be interesting to see what kind of new feuds will develop after this week's ppv. Honestly, I've seen enough of Undertaker and am personally hoping that Kane manages to bury him. The wild card will be the new guy Tyler Reks, whom really has not impressed me at all. And Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan... that's got the potential to be something big, if they bring Bryan over to Smackdown after Bragging Rights.