Sunday, February 22, 2015

What I loved/hated Fastlane 2015

Spudguns!  Can you believe it's ppv night soon?  Yes? No? Sure cause you just watched it too? Righty-ho then, this is what I have to say about it all.

Pre-show: Are they that desperate for a storyline for Seth Rollins that they are doing the talk show...really?
Stop giving Ryback a microphone...bored now.

Liked the toque Dean Ambrose wore in his promo... liked the serious note on the topic of the championship too...

I would still like to see the pre-show hosted just by Paul Heyman and Corey Graves, when you give me that then I'll start to be a bit happier with the wasted half hour. They took way too god-damned long getting to the Paul Heyman segment. Pre-shows should be either filled with matches or totally hosted by Heyman.
That a bruise on Miz's ear or just a really heavy amount of tanner?
I feel this pre-show was once again mishandled. A full hour and 50 minutes of recap when there could have been at lest a half hour match. 

Match #1-Dolph Ziggler/Erick Rowan/Ryback vs Big Show/Kane/Seth Rollins.  When will we get to see Seth Rollins in singles matches? Like serious no one else hanging around ringside singles matches? If they are setting up to have him take the heavyweight title within the year, he's got to show that he can survive without a group gimmick. The crowd stated to chant for Ziggler while Rowan was in the ring. I will always continued to be amazed by how different every city's crowds are with who they cheer for.
Rollins had an amazing neck-breaker on Rowan from the top turnbuckle. Sitting here right now, I'm saying I would love to see Seth Rollins one on one with Tyson Kidd in a 2 out of 3 falls match. I think that would be the kind of match to have people remembering how great matches used to be. Just them, everyone else banned from ringside.
Kane got the pin giving their team the win.
Randy Orton made his big return after the match to save Ziggler  from their five minute beat down. This is the next storyline for Rollins...I'll buy that for a Toonie. 

Match #2- Gold Dust vs Star Dust in a family feud match.  Gold Dust got the win with a roll up.

Match #3- Usos vs Kidd/Cesaro for the Tag Team Titles. The Usos used a wicked move that was half Samoan drop into the gates.  
Kidd got the pin getting the tag titles. 

Triple H vs this wasn't a match as much as a waste of my time. I have admitted before, that the "attitude era" was a snore for me. I didn't care when it was happening, and I care even less to hear about it now.  And Sting pointed to the WM sign...great ruin that for me already... well, at lest that match will be more interesting than dragging the Undertaker out of the dirt again...

Match #4- women's match...I didn't watch, took a bathroom break.

Match #5-Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental  title. As I predicted earlier in the week on the last post, someone wore black- actually they both did, elbow drops happened, and...the ref threw the match DQing Ambrose. That blows. I didn't predict that.
And Dean Ambrose took the title with him anyways...interesting. Sadly, the rest of my predictions didn't happen, there was no blood, no chairs/tables/barbed wire, Ambrose did not cut a fabulous promo or shove a plate of fish and chips into Barrett's face. Damn! Next week maybe... Bit disappointed on the shortness of this match, it rang in just under the 15 from intros to end, but it looks like the big move for WM.
If they go with a decent length match next time, say 30 minutes or longer, and hopefully making it a "throw back classic style" to drive the point Ambrose has been trying to make about the history of the title; this could be main event-ish.

Then Bray Wyatt pulled one over on the crowd. Cool. But seriously, can't we find someone else for Wyatt to battle next? Someone fun? Interesting even?

Match#6-  Cena vs Rusev for the United States title.  I didn't really pay attention to this one either. I made a coffee and checked emails.
Rusev got the win by submission. Keeping the title. Huh, didn't bet on that one.

Main Event-Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns for the #1 Contenders spot at WM.  Bryan was going for his surfboard on Reigns, but Reigns tossed him off...looked impressive. Reigns pulled out a few new moves, maybe he read my post from last week?  Reigns got the win on his spear!

This ppv was a bit of a let down. The Seth Rollins match was too much like everything we've seen him do lately on Smackdown and Raw, The Dean Ambrose match was too short, and The Roman Reigns match was about the only one that was thought out and made sense for the storylines.

Till later
Love Ardeth Blood

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