Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fastlane 2015 pre-thoughts?

"Oh NOW they post some matches! After I've blogged!"   I was editing a tarot video for a project and half of it was me jumping up and down to adjust the camera, took the still dropped it in here cause I didn't know what else to do with it...well it is my good side...

Okay so yesterday I was ready to have this chat but there was nothing to chat about, now we have a couple of title matches... Usos vs Kidd/Cesaro, Rusev vs Cena, Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett.

Usos vs Kidd/Cesaro for the Tag Team Titles... what do I think?  Usos have this wrapped up. Easily the Usos win. Unless, Miz sends Sandow out to arse jack someone...just saying.

Cena vs Rusev for the U.S. Title. Has Cena had this title before or will this be his first time holding it?

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan for the #1 contenders spot at WM...huh. Fans last year were upset that Reigns didn't win the Rumble, and this year they were upset he did. I don't get that? Does that make sense to you my lovely Spudguns!  Well bloody hell, what does it matter when we all know that Seth Rollins is going to cash his case in last second on whomever...Reigns. I think Roman Reigns is going to be standing tall at Fastlane, and then either get smashed with a curbstomp or just maybe I'll finally get my wish and the Shield will start to regroup...I still believe...

Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title. What do I think on that...there will be blood from one of them, and there will be elbow drops, there will most likely be a chair or table or barbed wire. Someone will wear black and Ambrose will cut a fabulous promo before hitting Barrett with a plate of fish and chips. I'm giving this a title change and saying Ambrose gets the win.

See ya after the ppv...
love Ardeth Blood

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