Friday, August 13, 2010

My views on NXT for the week of Aug 13th 2010

I said the other that Lucky Cannon should be the next to go, and thank god he was.

I found the match between John Morrison and the Miz to be good but long.  We've seen them feuding now for what 3years?  Don't get me wrong, always a good match but just a little on the tired side. 

Kaval performed at his usual top effort.

Husky Harris, looking good through most of it, as usaul. I was a bit disappointed that he did not win the punching bag challenge. 

So next week's show will have a double elimination.  Here's what I think should happen.    I think that Alex Rilley and Percey Watson need to hit the trail. 
Let's face it,  Kaval will be the ultimate winner of this season of NXT, we're really looking for the runner up so to speak.   And I am thinking the top three guys should look like this 
2- Husky Harris
3- Micheal McGillicuty

I'm going on talent here people.  In ring skills, and promo skills.   So far Percey Watson has not impressed me at all, he's come off as a very silly over the top gimmick that is lacking in actual  ring performance. 
Alex Rilley could be fabulous,  but he's become a spounge and is doing nothing but mimicking Miz.   Come back in 6 months when you both have a new gimmick.