Sunday, July 4, 2010

What I thought about NXT for the week of June 29th 2010

I think that is the original air date?  As I mentioned before,  Canada gets it on Thursdays so it aired here on July 1st but I did not get to see it until yesterday.

Husky Harris.   Dude!  I like his style. I think this guy needs more air time.  I was more then shocked to be honest that he did not rank up higher in the poll this past week.   People, wake up and smell the coffee!  He's got the talent to head to head with more then half the so -called superstars in the company, he just needs the right push.  And he's hot(Have you seen his photos on  where he's wearing the blue shirt? Nice)  He's got what it takes to make it as a major force in the company if he's given the right angle.  The next big Heel.

I thought the tag match was less then thrilling.  It would have been better had it been 3 singles matches through out the show. 
The beer keg race.... STUPID!!!

The fan poll results... um yeah  I am not at all surprised that Kaval got the top spot, I was a fan of his before he joined WWE.  So many have tuned into NXT because of him. 

As far as my views on this season go,  Husky Harris and Kaval are where my money is.