Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another reason I do not care for WWE

Cody Rhodes.

This new gimmick of him claiming he's hot needs to end.  No one is buying it.   And for whatever reason, it's a main topic on other fan sites and review blogs.    So, Okay jumping on the Cody Bashing Wagon... oh wait, I've been doing that for over a year already.  
The dude looks like someone hit him with a shovel or one of those stupid grinding wheels for sharpening knives or something.   Is that nose for real or was it the Brad Pitt model? ( I can not stand Brad Pitt either)  cause if he paid for that nose,  he was ripped off big time. 

Another hot WWE topic seems to be Ted DiBiase.    Okay people why?   He's forgettable at best. Ugh!  No talent at all.  Stiff as a dead fish and starting to smell like one. 

I could go on for a bit but why?