Friday, July 30, 2010

My views on NXT for the week of July 29th 2010

I think we have finally hit the end of the "giants" in wrestling.

Eli Cottonwood was eliminated from the second season of NXT.   About time too.
Being bigger then the rest of the wrestlers does not mean better.  

I was very impressed with the match this week between Husky Harris and Kaval.   These two could work wonders in either a long term feud or even as a tag team.  We need to bring Husky Harris up in the rankings as he's got more talent then  half of the rookies this season, and last season for that matter. (and I still think he's hot)

I predict the next cut will be Lucky Cannon. 

But this makes me question the reality of WWE really listening to the fans with their eliminations.  It seemed like the poll didn't change much from the first one few weeks ago.  The few fan sites I've been to and the fan forums around the internet have been rumbling with a distaste for Alex Reily.   So if the fans do not really care for him, how is he still in 3rd place?   Even with the Pros votes, shouldn't he have been down lower in the ranks?