Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thunder Bay was rocked by GNW

All Photos Copyright Kimberly Hulst '2010

From a late start (has any wrestling in this city ever started on time?) to a bad fan climbing the turnbuckles, to Nash sending Hannibal through a table, the night was wicked!

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat, everyone was there to see one man and one man only, VAMPIRO!!!!!
I'll give you the run down to the best of my ringing ears and splitting headache
I was in between the press pit and the wheel chair corner, which at first was no issue at all, but by the time Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner came out, dude, I could not see at all. Everyone and their dog's grandmother were then standing in front of me, and I was front row.
    1. Chaz Lovely vs (I didn't catch his name as the microphone sucked!) Chaz Lovely won with a neckbreaker -YAY!!!!! Oh I feel some profile love coming on Mr. Lovely
    2. The Sex Symbol vs Genius. The Sex Symbol won with a gorgeous moonsault. That was his first match of the night by the by.
    3. Honky Tonk Man vs (I think it was the Shocker? again didn't catch his name) Honky Tonk Man won with .... I didn't see as the large wall of fat men were suddenly in front of me.
    4. VAMPIRO vs Vinny something ... Vampiro won with his trademark and might I add BEAUTY nail in the coffin. Was there any doubt?
    5. Handi cap match between a masked team I think were called the Japan Assassins ??? with The Sex Symbol vs Scott Steiner. Steiner made extreme quick work of the masked men and then had a decent match with the Sex Symbol... or so I am guessing as I was pushed out of the way by a wall of fat drunk men. Steiner did make him tap out.
    6. Terry Funk was the special ref in this one between Kevin Nash and Hannibal. Once again, I was pushed as the entire building decided to cram themselves in the 5 feet between me and the ring. Hannibal was put through a table and Kevin Nash walked out to the Wolf Pack theme. Wonder if he'll make it to the ppv tomorrow in Orlando on time?