Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear TNA.... Another Open Letter

Dear TNA:

I just visited the voting area for the top contenders for the belt.  
No, I did not vote.    I did not vote because you have got to be kidding me on the choices. 
Who the hell wants to see the same old same old and the only new name you put in there is Rob Terry.... that's a bloody joke right?
You say you are listening to the fans,  really? No I mean really?   Are you reading the comments the other fans are leaving on the official Spike website cause every one of them feels the same way I do.  Betrayed, Disgusted, Let Down, and Ignored. 
You know who you SHOULD HAVE PUT ON THE VOTING LIST  Eric Young! damn it!
So that is my vote for the next number one contender.  Eric Young.  

Signed Ardeth Blood