Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raw May 24th 2010 - Sort of

Hey guys, I had some issues getting to see the whole show this week so there isn't an actual review of this past Monday's Raw.

But, I will give a small run down of my thoughts on the parts I did get to see.

Batista quitting. We should be so lucky. I don't know if his contract is up, or if he's really injured or what the case is, but it's time for him to just go away. I like the idea of Bret Hart now being in charge and firing Batista. Works for me.

Bret Hart being the new general manager. You would think that this would eliminate the crappy guest host, but it seems they still want to suck the life out of us on that. Stupid.

The next ppv having a 4 way for the belt. Randy Orton, Sheamus, Edge and Cena. I actually like this idea. The feuds here could turn out to be wicked if they do them right. I'm not a fan of Cena so seeing him loose the title soon to anyone would be nice. But you know I have a soft spot for Sheamus.

Speaking of the white knight, he was looking alittle vampy this week from the bit I saw. As in wearing vampire movie body make up. Normally, you can see every red mark on him from the other guys hitting him with chops and such and from where he gets tossed into the ring post and what not, but this week you didn't see any red marks or bruises. It was almost too perfect his skin. Not that I'm complaining as you know I love a pale Irish guy.

I promise to have things back on schedule next week. Baring of course another power outage.