Sunday, May 17, 2015

sunday may 17th 2015

Unofficial ppv thoughts.  Payback just ended.  I have to say, I almost didn't order it tonight, and in fact, skipped the pre-show all together. I was literally the last five minutes before the ppv started when I ordered it.

And to be honest, barely even looked up from my writing until the main event happened. So, basically, I just shelled out $50 for the last half hour of the whole thing.

What did I think about the main event for the heavyweight title? Well, we had Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Orton vs Dean Ambrose. My three favourite werewolves in one sitting. I liked that part. What I was expecting, was either Rollins retaining the title, or Orton winning it. And of course, the Shield getting back together.

So, the Shield had about 90seconds of being back together, before turning on each other. I clapped, screamed and nearly jumped out of my seat...okay actually did jump to my feet for a brief few seconds until the high was stolen. Damn you!  I will never be happy until they are back together for real.

Seth Rollins won. Yes!!! 

I just could not, would not, will not be happy with that belt around anyone else's waist for a really long time. I think I would have stopped watching everything completely if Ambrose had won.  Can't believe I'm saying that because how much I dig him?  Well, to steal Reign's catch phrase- believe that.
Reigns with the title, makes a bit of sense. Bit soon, but I'm sure by this time next year he'll be carrying it. But, to heavyweight Ambrose...I'm not digging that at all. Unless the dude is down to his last few months on contract...then I could see slapping the heavyweight on him, but till then...I know I'm evil and make little sense considering how often I say he's my favourite.
But, I can't make myself any clearer. Dean Ambrose right now as of this date in time, with the heavyweight title would be just a gimmick. Doesn't belong on him at lest not now.

Again, I was really hoping to see the Shield back together for real tonight, given it was a year ago that they fell apart.  Keep thinking that the storyline will be that they did it on purpose, to get gold on one of them, and that they were ripping Triple H down from inside out.
Keep thinking about that long ago promo Seth Rollins did when he first turned a year ago when they-Orton and Triple- said "Welcome to the dark side."  and Rollins said "I never left."  Always thought creative was sneaking in that the Shield were tricking everyone...oh well.

Till next time,
Love Ardeth Blood

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